Chapter 451: Returning to the Capital (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 451: Returning to the Capital (2)

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Although only half a month had passed, the simple market that Chu Lian had opened in Liangzhou was already quickly developing. She predicted that, with the support of the northern border troops, they would able to create a new trade route in a year or two as long as business went well.

By then, this trade route with the barbarians would likely become the best way to supply the army with good-quality steeds.

Even if they had to hand over half of the trade route’s profits to the government, what remained was still a good amount.

Since the simple market was still in the middle of growing, Chu Lian left Manager Qin, Narisong, and Myeryen behind in Liangzhou. Once everything was stable and they found some suitable managers to take over, she would summon them to the capital.

After resting for a month, He Changdi’s wounds were getting much better. Although he still couldn’t walk normally, he could slowly move around using some crutches.

According to the doctor, He Sanlang was young and his body was in good shape. Although he had been wounded heavily this time, with enough nutrition during his recovery period, he would be able to quickly recover. After one more month, he would be able to walk normally. In two more, even riding wouldn’t pose any problems.

The troops heading to Suzhou formed a long line, winding through the snow-covered grasslands like a little dragon.

He Changi was seated in a snowboat alone with an overcast expression.

Laiyue huddled in a corner of the warm pen upon seeing how his master was in bad mood. He didn’t even dare to breathe audibly.

He Sanlang leaned against the wall of the warm pen with a book in a hand. Who knew if he managed to read any of it? Anyway, an hour had already passed but Laiyue hadn’t seen him flip the page yet.

He Sanlang suddenly put down the book and, to Laiyue, ordered, “Go and ask your Third Young Madam what’s for lunch later.”

Laiyue quickly obeyed and jumped off He Changdi’s snowboat. It wasn’t until he had gotten off and switched to a horse that Laiyue heaved a sigh of relief. He shook his head helplessly and headed towards Third Young Madam’s snowboat instead.

Right now, Sima Hui was chatting with Chu Lian. Their maidservants would interject with some jokes from time to time, so there were occasional bursts of laughter coming from within the warm pen.

When Laiyue drew close, he inwardly sighed. No wonder his young master wasn’t happy. Third Young Madam had abandoned him in a snowboat all by himself to come chat with General Sima so happily. It would be crazy if Third Young Master was pleased about this.

In a short moment, Urihan had lifted the curtain covering the entrance and jumped into the warm pen. She passed Laiyue’s words over to Chu Lian.

Chu Lian found it funny. She asked for the time and realised it was almost time for the midday meal.

She then ordered Wenlan to pass a small box of food to Urihan, who was to pass it to Laiyue outside and send it to He Changdi.

It wasn’t easy to travel to Suzhou, even with the snowboats, so they wouldn’t stop in the middle of the day, even for lunch. Thus, most of their midday meals were some dry rations. They would only make a warm meal when they stopped for the night.

Holding the small box of food, Laiyue didn’t even dare to lift the curtain of his master’s warm pen.

It was only when He Sanlang purposely coughed that Laiyue had to brace himself and enter.

As expected, he was met with He Sanlang’s fist.

That night, they finally arrived in Su City. Some of the family soldiers had already gone ahead to book their rooms for the night.

He Changdi had specially made arrangements in private. He would naturally share a room with Chu Lian when they reached the inn.

This time, before Sima Hui could stick to Chu Lian, Chu Lian had already been dragged back to their room by He Sanlang.

Upon reaching their room, the wooden door slammed shut with a bang. He Changdi threw his crutches to one side and pressed Chu Lian up against the wooden door.

His strong arms were placed on either side of her body, trapping her within his embrace.

Chu Lian was still dazed from all the movement. She felt a pinch on her soft lips, then her mouth was open to He Changdi’s plundering.

His demands were both sudden and forceful. Chu Lian couldn’t fight against him with the tiny bit of strength she had. The hands she had placed against his chest slowly turned limp and slipped down to grasp the lapels of his tunic.

Once that domineering kiss was over, the two of them panted for breath. Chu Lian was especially flushed while her almond-shaped eyes were glazed over. Her warm, fragrant breath blew over He Changdi’s chest in puffs. Although they were separated by a layer of clothing, it felt as if her breath brushed directly over his bare chest.

Chu Lian quickly covered up her burning face with one hand and frowned. She used her other hand to push forcefully at the strong arms He Sanlang had put on either side of her.

“He Changdi, let me go! Let me out!”

He Sanlang cast his eyes downwards to stare at the flushed woman in his arms. His eyes darkened but he didn’t speak, as if trying to carve this moment into his heart.

Chu Lian couldn’t push him away, but it was just too embarrassing to be in this ‘kabedon’ pose. She gulped nervously, subconsciously trying to hide from this intimacy.

She eyed the gap under his arms and prepared to squeeze herself out through that gap.

However, before she could move, He Changdi seemed to have predicted her actions. He moved his right arm so it was no longer pressed against the door. Instead, he wrapped it around her slender waist, trapping her solidly within his embrace. She wouldn’t be able to escape now.

His hand started kneading her waist gently, tickling Chu Lian and making her want to laugh. She started struggling and trying to escape, but his hand shifted downwards and landed a sound smack on her butt.

TL Note: The specific pose used here is called 'kabedon', which some of you might have heard of. XD

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