Chapter 44: Just Starve to Death (4)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 44: Just Starve to Death (4)

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Laiyue was in the middle of eating happily! He suddenly felt a chill on his back; when he turned around and saw He Changdi, he looked up and abruptly started. He hadn’t expected his master to come out at this time! He hurriedly tried to swallow the food in his mouth, but almost choked due to his urgency.

Laiyue quickly stood up and hid the bowl behind him before bowing in greeting to He Changi. “Young… Young Master.”

“Heh, I asked you to guard the door, but you’re enjoying yourself eating out here! Tell me, what kind of food has made you forget all your etiquette!”

Laiyue knew that there was no use in concealing it at this point. He cast his gaze downwards and scratched his head, “Young Master, it’s… it’s from the meal that Third Young Madam cooked. These are just some leftovers. They took pity on me and gave it to me after seeing me guarding the door here.”

Chu Lian!

Rage built up in He Sanlang’s heart. He hadn’t thought that that wicked woman would actually make her maidservants cook after he took the boxes of food away!

What made him even angrier was that her servants seemed to have cooked something even better than his meal.

He Changdi reached out his hand with a cold expression.

Laiyue looked at his master in a daze, stammering out, “Young… Young Master, what do you want?”

“Hand it over.” He Sanlang’s tone was icy cold, you could almost see the icicles forming in the air.

Laiyue didn’t dare to disobey his order, so he could only hand over the half-eaten bowl of rice to He Changdi with a sad expression.

He Changdi took the bowl and used the light of the corridor to look at it.

Although it did smell tantalising, it had been completely messed up by Laiyue. He Changdi harrumphed in disdain and gave his judgement, “Vulgar.”

Laiyue lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak. However, he was hoping for Young Master to return the bowl to him in his heart; he wasn’t done eating!

He Sanlang shoved the bowl back into Laiyue’s hands after looking at it. He turned and entered the study again.

He murmured to himself, “I was wondering what delicacies that wicked woman could have made. So it was just something like that.”

Although He Changdi said so, he smacked his lips unconsciously and gulped.

Laiyue quickly finished the remainder of the food in the bowl after taking it back, afraid that Third Young Master would come out and demand it back at any moment.

When the entire bowl of gravy-covered rice had entered Laiyue’s stomach, he couldn’t help but rub his tummy, feeling extremely satisfied.


Chu Lian was leaning against the headboard of her bed, holding onto the comedy book while thinking of what to eat the next morning.

She had glanced over the ingredients in the kitchen just now, and had actually found some flour. Making steamed pork or shrimp dumplings would be too troublesome and Senior Servant Gui surely wouldn’t let her do it herself. If it was too complicated, Xiyan and the rest wouldn’t be able to learn the recipe either. After some thought, she decided that wontons were the easiest to make.

They just had to roll the skin flat, wrap some vegetable stuffing in the skin, and boil it in a pot.

After she finished deciding, Chu Lian tossed away the book in her hands and went to sleep happily.


He Sanlang slept in the study tonight.

The next day, when He Sanlang woke up, he called Laiyue in to serve him. However, he found that Laiyue seemed a little rushed while helping him into his clothes, as if he was going to hurry somewhere.

He Changdi watched Laiyue for a moment before asking in a low voice, “Laiyue! What are you hurrying for!”

Laiyue’s hands trembled and he quickly kneeled down to apologise.

He Sanlang sat by the bed and adjusted his collar. “Tell me the reason or I’ll give you a punishment. Decide for yourself!”

Laiyue grimaced and scolded himself for being so greedy in his heart. However, Third Young Master was clearly angry by now, how could he possibly dare to hide it? “Replying Young Master, Third… Third Young Madam is instructing the maidservants to prepare breakfast in… in the kitchen.”

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