Chapter 439: Third Young Master is Here

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 439: Third Young Master is Here (2)

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When Muxiang turned around and noticed Eldest Madam standing behind her, her expression changed and she quickly shut the account book. She stood up to give her greetings. “Eldest Madam, how did you come to be here?”

He Ying had recovered her senses by now. She hid the greed in her eyes and raised her chin. “I was just taking a walk around since I was bored. Why? Are you trying to pry into my business?”

“Of course not, Eldest Madam. If Eldest Madam wishes to take a stroll, this servant will arrange for some of the brighter maidservants to accompany you. Although it’s winter, there are still some scenic areas around our estate.”

He Ying could sense that this handmaid Muxiang was more stoic and stubborn. She thought for a bit before replying, “I won’t trouble you. I’ll go over to the matriarch; continue with your task!”

Muxiang escorted Eldest Madam out before turning back to deal with the skiving maidservant guarding the door.

The little maidservant trembled and pleaded for mercy, but Muxiang’s face was contorted into a fierce expression.

Another maidservant standing off to the side couldn’t hold back her own tremors upon seeing Muxiang’s appearance.

Back in Liangzhou on the night of New Year’s Eve, the guests who had come to the He Estate were now seated together in the parlour after eating their fill at the feast. They stayed up to usher in the New Year until it was past midnight. Chu Lian then ordered the servants to bring them to some rooms to rest.

Chu Lian returned to her own little courtyard and placed all the red packets and one purse she had received that night on the table. She sat down and began to open up the red packets using the faint light of the lanterns around her.

These red packets were just like presents. The most enjoyable part was the surprise right before opening the envelopes. She hadn’t gotten any red packets in a long time back in the modern world, so she wanted to experience the delight of it again.

Meanwhile, although it was already New Year’s, He Sanlang was still pulling a long face in his room, causing the whole room to be enveloped in cold.

Laiyue stood to one side with a conflicted expression- he didn’t know whether he should sit or stand.

He rubbed his hands together and said, “Third Young Master, it’s already late. Your wounds aren’t completely healed yet, so why don’t you turn in early today?”

He Changdi didn’t look at him. Instead, he showed his palm to Laiyue and said, “Give it to me.”

Laiyue quickly pulled out a thin, exquisite wooden box out of his clothes and offered it up to his young master with both hands. “Third Young Master, it’s right here. This servant kept it close at all times. This servant didn’t dare to be careless with it.”

He Changdi took the wooden box without another word.

An idea flared to life in Laiyue’s mind and he coughed lightly. He bent over and whispered a suggestion into He Changdi’s ear. “Third Young Master, it’s a matter of course for a couple to be together. Since it’ll be the first day of the new year tomorrow, it seems like you should spend the night with Third Young Madam no matter what. Although Third Young Madam hasn’t said anything, she surely has you in mind. However, she’s still young so she’s likely a little too shy to mention anything.”

He Changdi’s handsome face finally melted a little upon hearing Laiyue’s words. His slender fingers gripped the wooden box. After a short pause, he said, “You’re right. I’ll head over to your young madam’s room tonight then!”

Laiyue was elated. When He Changdi turned his gaze away, he quickly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and heaved a sigh of relief. He thought to himself, ‘Sheesh, I’ve finally pushed this load over to Third Young Madam. Now no matter what Third Young Master’s mood turns out to be, it won’t be my problem anymore!’

It wasn’t easy to be a manservant. Not only did Laiyue have to look after his master’s daily needs, he also had to keep guessing at what his master wanted and help him out of awkward social situations. If things continued in this manner, Laiyue’s lifespan would probably be shortened by at least ten years.

Thus, Laiyue quickly ordered some servants to carry He Sanlang over to Chu Lian’s courtyard. Once they set their young master down, Laiyue made his escape.

Chu Lian was still happily opening her red packets in her room! When she heard noises from outside, she found it strange and called for her maidservants. Wenqing came running in and reported, “Third Young Madam, Third Young Master is here.”


Chu Lian gaped speechlessly. It was already so late. Why had he come over to her place instead of resting comfortably in his bed?

She set down the purse that she had been about to open- the one that Sima Hui had given her- and followed Wenqing to the outer room.

He Changdi wasn’t able to walk on his own yet, so he had been carried over to Chu Lian’s courtyard by a few of the family’s soldiers. Right now, he had been set on the hearth bed in the outer room.

He was dressed in a black fur-lined cloak that accentuated the current pallor of his handsome face. His long, narrow eyes were half-lidded and his lips were pressed together. He was lying sideways on the hearth. Due to his height, his long legs stuck out a little past the length of the hearth bed, so he had propped them up on the armrest. His slender fingers were playing with the green jade ring on his left thumb.

Chu Lian realised that He Changdi would play with the ring whenever he was in deep thought, ever since she had unwittingly given him the jade ring.

Stunned as she was by his otherworldly looks, Chu Lian stood by the door in a daze.

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