Chapter 438: Third Young Master is Here (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 438: Third Young Master is Here (1)

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“My sincerest apologies, Miss Pan. Since Third Young Madam isn’t here, we servants can’t act on our own initiative.” Although Xiyan was trying to be tactful about it, the meaning in her words was clear: the clothes that Princess Wei had given to Chu Lian couldn’t be lent to her.

Pan Nianzhen scrunched up the handkerchief in her hands, showing her displeasure. She wanted to continue insisting, but Senior Servant Liu quickly jumped in upon seeing the situation turning bad. “Miss Pan, these clothes over here are all in the capital’s latest styles and colours. Miss Pan will surely look good in them.”

Pan Nianzhen’s hopes were left unfulfilled. In the end, she picked from the collection of winter clothes gifted from the estate. In a fit of temper, she picked out six sets of clothing from the closet, practically taking all of the winter clothes that Chu Lian had been given.

Xiyan stood to one side and watched. Although her heart ached for the clothes taken away, she couldn’t do anything to stop it as a mere servant, especially since her masters weren’t even around.

All she could do was to stand by and let Miss Pan Nianzhen take them away.

Once the group of visitors had taken a box full of clothing and left Songtao Court, the second-tier maidservant Baicha asked, “Sister Xiyan, are we going to let those people take Third Young Madam’s things away just like that? This servant thinks that that Miss Pan isn’t a good person at all.”

Xiyan turned around and shot a glare at Baicha. “We’re servants. Even if we want to protect our Third Young Madam, we can’t go over the authority of the other masters in this household. We have to keep our thoughts in our hearts and remember everything that happens. We’ll report all of these to Third Young Madam when she’s back. Third Young Madam will know what to do. Also, while it’s fine for you to say something like that in front of me, keep your lips sealed around others, or we might accidentally make new enemies for our masters. While our masters aren’t around, we servants of Songtao Court must behave ourselves.”

Baicha nodded. “Baicha will remember Sister Xiyan’s teachings.”

“Alright, don’t just hang around me now. Go and put Third Young Madam’s clothes back in order. Record everything that Miss Pan just took. We have to make sure we keep our records straight.”

After getting her orders, Baicha went off to do her work.

Xiyan watched as the young girl diligently hurried off and smiled.

Although Baicha was only twelve this year, she was good at her work. In fact, she was even more trustworthy than Jingyan and Fuyan.

When Senior Servant Liu returned to Qingxi Hall, she mulled over the issue for some time before reporting what Pan Nianzhen had done at Songtao Court to Matriarch He.

The matriarch’s first reaction was stunned amazement. Then, she sighed and said, “That child has grown up by her mother’s side all these years and hasn’t seen enough of the world. Since it’s her first time here, she’s more shallow-minded. It’s still within the realm of forgiving. Xiangyun, tell the inner court steward to add a few more headdresses and accessories for Miss Ying and her daughter. Take another two headdresses from my personal stores for them too.”

Senior Servant Liu hadn’t expected such a reaction from Matriarch He. Not only had she not increased her guard against them, but she was even pitying Eldest Madam and her daughter. While Senior Servant Liu wanted to try persuading otherwise, she knew clearly that Matriarch He wouldn’t listen to her at this time. Thus, she could only resign herself to following her orders.

Eldest Madam He Ying was in her forties this year. Her figure was slightly plump and her round face was similar to Matriarch He’s, but with fewer wrinkles. The two lines framing her mouth were rather deep, giving her a mean appearance.

After her afternoon nap, He Ying started strolling about Qingxi Hall. She inspected every corner of it. This courtyard hadn’t changed much overall since she had left, but there were a few parts that had changed a lot.

The furniture and arrangements throughout the courtyard had become even more lavish. She could tell that Qingxi Hall had gone through at least two renovations after she had left to marry in Siyang.

From the time she had stepped into the Jing’an Estate all the way till the midday meal had ended, He Ying had felt that the the past House Jing’an from twenty years ago couldn’t compare to its current state.

In these past twenty years, House Jing’an had found its footing in the capital.

The corners of her mouth curved upwards in a smile, deepening the wrinkles around her lips and making her look even harsher.

As she turned around, her gaze landed upon a half-open window.

This corridor ran parallel to Qingxi Hall’s little study.

The study was originally where Matriarch He took care of the household matters. However, after the old Count had passed away, Matriarch He had moved her own study into the old Count’s study in the outer court instead, to remember her husband, leaving the little study empty. Now it was used by the trusted servants of Qingxi Hall for their work.

Through the half-open window, she could see the matriarch’s most trusted handmaid, Muxiang, seated at a desk with an abacus.

Eldest Madam He Ying thought for a moment before walking over.

The study was quiet with only a maidservant watching the door. However, the maidservant had already dozed off in front of a brazier, so He Ying was able to sneak into the study.

Muxiang was staring at the account books, diligently at work. The clacking of the abacus beads hid the sounds of the footsteps behind her.

He Ying looked over at the account books that Muxiang was working on from a meter or two away. Her eyes widened and she sucked in a breath.

What kind of storefront was that? How was it able to earn so much money?! It was bringing in more than three thousand taels of income a month!

Her gaze quickly darted up to the start of the entries, only to see two words printed at the top: Guilin Restaurant.

Guilin Restaurant?

Wasn’t that part of her mother’s dowry?

Even at its peak, the only noteworthy thing about it was that it was one of the oldest restaurants in the capital. There hadn’t been anything special to it. How had it suddenly become a money tree?

Three thousand taels! That wasn’t a small sum. Most noble ladies wouldn’t even be given that amount in their dowries when they married. This Guilin Restaurant was bringing in three thousand taels of pure profit each month!

Back then, when Matriarch He had sent her away to Siyang, she had only been given ten thousand taels of silver.

He Ying’s eyes lit up instantly.

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