Chapter 437: Borrowing Clothes (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 437: Borrowing Clothes (2)

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In the main room of Songtao Court, a servant had just informed Xiyan, Senior Servant Gui, and the others of this matter.

Xiyan was in the middle of cataloguing all of Chu Lian’s accessories together with the other servants.

She had heard from some of the servants in the outer court that an Eldest Madam had come to the estate, but she hadn’t expected that Eldest Madam to bring her daughter over to Songtao Court.

She put down the register, and brought the servants over to welcome her.

Pan Nianzhen was politely escorted to the main room of Songtao Court, while Senior Servant Liu tactfully explained the situation to Xiyan.

With a slight smile, Xiyan said, “Since that’s the case, please follow this servant, Miss Pan.”

Pan Nianzhen carefully sized up the decor in the main room of Songtao Court. As her gaze swept the room, a book placed on the side table caught her eye.

That was the book that Xiyan had been using to catalogue Chu Lian’s accessories. Pan Nianzhen’s appearance had been so sudden that she had forgotten about the catalogue, even though she had ordered the servants to put the jewellery away. Xiyan had left it open on a little table near the hearth. It was unfortunate that it caught Pan Nianzhen’s eye.

At first, Pan Nianzhen had just glanced at it due to curiosity. However, when she read the names of the accessories recorded on the book, she was first startled before swimming in envy.

Golden hairpin with sapphire and jade inlays, Eight Treasure hairpin with pearl chains, dangling hair ornament shaped as a blooming blossom with rubies… The names of some of these accessories leaped out at first glance- they sounded like they were worth a few hundred taels at least!

In Siyang, even the provincial official’s wife didn’t own such jewellery.

Pan Nianzhen was overcome with jealousy. In her mind, Chu Lian was merely the wife of the third young master, but she had so many expensive accessories! What about the wives of the first and second sons then?!

Xiyan, Senior Servant Liu, and the others didn’t notice where Pan Nianzhen’s gaze had been directed. Xiyan continued with a smile, “Miss Pan, please follow this servant, Third Young Madam’s clothes are all in the bedroom.”

Although Chu Lian wasn’t home, Xiyan still followed their standard procedures and switched out the clothes in the closet for ones suited for winter.

Once the closet was opened, it became too dazzling for Pan Nianzhen to behold.

Her mouth was agape as she looked at the various winter clothes in disbelief. Her eyes were filled with greed.

When Xiyan looked towards the fragile-looking Miss Pan, she noticed that something was amiss with her gaze. She turned her head to check what she was looking at. When she realised that Miss Pan was eyeing the clothes in the closet, her brows knit together.

Xiyan suppressed the displeasure in her heart and tried her best to remain calm. "Miss Pan, Third Young Madam’s winter clothes are all here. These were all newly made this year and Third Young Madam hasn’t worn them yet. Please go ahead and pick a few from here.”

The clothes that Xiyan had pointed at had been made by the seamstresses in the estate and were part of the regular allowance sent to every member of the household. There were six sets in total, all made to Chu Lian’s measurements. There were high-quality dresses, fur-lined jackets, vests, and cloaks.

However, Pan Nianzhen’s eyes landed on another chest of clothes off to the side. The outfits in that chest were just too outstanding. One of the full-length dresses was even decorated with black pearls the size of rice grains. The pearls followed a winding pattern on top of the dark-coloured dress. It was the epitome of understated luxury. Pan Nianzhen couldn’t help pointing at that outfit, her eyes glistening as she said, “I’ll take that set then.”

Xiyan followed where Pan Nianzhen was pointing. The moment she saw the outfit Pan Nianzhen wanted, her expression changed and she took a deep breath. Xiyan used all her patience to explain, “Miss Pan, I truly apologize, the winter clothes in this wardrobe were all bestowed to our Third Young Madam by Princess Wei. We can’t give them to you.”

What? Bestowed by Princess Wei?

Although her hopes had been crushed, Pan Nianzhen refused to give up.

“Can’t I just borrow these and wear them for a bit?” Pan Nianzhen asked, using a slightly whiny tone as if she had been bullied.

Xiyan was stunned. She didn’t expect this Miss Pan to be stubborn to the point of ignoring what Xiyan had spelled out for her.

Princess Wei doted on Chu Lian, so she had sent a whole chest of clothes over at the end of the year. The clothes in the closet could all be lent to Miss Pan, but the outfits bestowed by Princess Wei truly couldn’t be lent to her. Their own mistress hadn’t even worn them once yet, so it would be bad if Princess Wei found out that the clothes had been lent to others.

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