Chapter 436: Borrowing Clothes (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 436: Borrowing Clothes (1)

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Although Pan Nianzhen had heard her parents talk of the riches and luxury of the capital in the past, it was nothing compared to seeing it for herself.

Setting aside the exquisite decorations, clothes, and jewellery, even a simple meal here was a hundred times better than what the wealthy in Siyang had.

If even House Jing’an was living in such luxury, one could just imagine how amazing life was in the house of a first rate noble.

Pan Nianzhen felt that she had made the right decision to come to the capital with her mother. It was no wonder that her mother missed the capital so dearly.

Once she thought of it this way, Pan Nianzhen began to envy the noble ladies who grew up here.

She stealthily glanced at Matriarch He who sat at the head of the table. Even though the capital was so rich and lavish, even though House Jing’an was obviously thriving, it wasn’t until autumn this year that her grandmother had allowed the two of them to return. Pan Nianzhen had the inklings of a grudge in her stare.

It had been a long time since Matriarch He had been this happy. She kept adding food into their bowls. Satisfaction warmed her heart as she watched them enjoy their meal.

No matter what He Ying had done in her youth, she was still Matriarch He’s very own flesh and blood. Matriarch He only had this one daughter. Now that decades had already passed, her daughter had likely undergone enough suffering and hardship in the outside world to learn her lesson. It was fine if her daughter now returned to stay and pass her days happily with her again.

As for this granddaughter of hers, Matriarch He planned to treat her well.

The six dishes should have been more than enough for the three of them, especially since the matriarch had a small appetite. There should even be leftovers. However, all of the plates were completely wiped clean. When He Ying and her daughter were done, there was no longer any food left in sight. They had even used some plain buns to soak up all the remaining gravy from the sliced pork dish.

It was only after setting down their bowls and chopsticks that the two finally noticed the discomfort from their bloated stomachs. When they looked again at the messy table, as thick-skinned as she was, even He Ying’s face flushed red.

The servants waiting on them all wore awkward expressions. Even Muxiang’s stare was filled with contempt.

The matriarch, on the other hand, had a gentle look in her eyes. She asked sympathetically, “Have you had your fill? If you want more, I’ll have the kitchen cook a few more dishes.”

He Ying quickly shook her head. “It’s fine, Mother, we’re already full.”

As they had eaten too much at lunch, He Ying and her daughter rested in a side room in Qingxi Hall for over two hours. When they woke up, Senior Servant Liu led Pan Nianzhen to Songtao Court to borrow some clothes.

Once they arrived at the entrance, Senior Servant Liu happily introduced the place to her. “Miss Pan, this is the residence of Third Young Master and Third Young Madam.”

Pan Nianzhen looked into the courtyard. Although it was winter, it didn’t seem chilly here at all. There was even some greenery left in the garden amidst the decorative mountains, and off to the side were patches of wintersweet flowers.

She looked at the place with admiration and envy. Back in Siyang, only the family elders would get to live in a courtyard as lovely as this. The junior members of the family wouldn’t get a turn at all. So this was how her older cousins had been living, having such a wonderful environment all to themselves their whole lives.

Senior Servant Liu wasn’t bothered by her silence. She just continued introducing the interesting things in the courtyard, not knowing if Pan Nianzhen was actually listening.

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