Chapter 430: The Horrible He Sanlang (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 430: The Horrible He Sanlang (1)

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Astonished, Chu Lian froze for a moment. She hadn’t expected those to be He Sanlang’s first words after seeing her again.

The way he was currently acting was exactly like a dog that had been ignored by his owner. She didn’t know how to react.

The corners of her lips twitched. Chu Lian headed over to the bedside with Wenqing trailing after her.

She sat down on the stool next to the bed and said, “Since Laiyue has gone out, I’ll be the one to help change your bandages later. It’s already the twenty-seventh, so you should take a bath at the same time. I’ll put on your ointments after you’re done.”

He Changdi turned back around and looked at Chu Lian silently.

Chu Lian remained her usual calm and easygoing self. “He Changdi, if you don’t answer me, then I’ll take it that you’ve agreed.”

After she was done, Chu Lian turned to Wenqing and told her to get the maidservants to prepare the items required for a bath.

Just as Chu Lian stood up to look for bandages and gauze, He Changdi directed his frosty gaze at the servants in the room. The maidservants trembled and retreated quietly.

A trace of satisfaction showed on He Changdi’s face.

As Chu Lian set the bandages and gauze to one side, together with the ointments that she had ordered to be brought to her, she felt that the room was strangely quiet. It was only when she turned and looked around that she realised she and He Changdi had been left alone.

She put the medicine box down and shot a confused look at He Sanlang. “Where’s everyone?”

He Changdi was calm as he replied, “I’ve sent them away.”

Ah? Chu Lian didn’t understand. What had he sent them all away for?

“Is there something important you have to tell me?” Chu Lian sat down next to He Sanlang and drew close to him, expecting some secret.

Although there was still some distance between them, He Changdi could already smell the fragrance on Chu Lian’s body. He couldn’t tell what perfume she used, but he just thought that it was very nice.

There was a faint smile in He Changdi’s eyes, though he wasn’t aware of it.

He shifted his body even closer to Chu Lian. He Changdi’s breath glided across Chu Lian’s soft cheeks.

“It’s not anything major, but I want you to help check my wounds. They were hurting a little when I woke up this morning.” He Sanlang’s tone was very cool and impersonal. Aside from his heated breathing, he had managed to hide his ‘evil’ intentions very well.

If this had been a normal situation, Chu Lian would have definitely been able to detect the white lie. However, when it came to matters concerning He Changdi’s body, Chu Lian instantly tensed up and forgot her usual calm.

With an astonished and reproachful look, Chu Lian began to admonish him. “Did it only start hurting this morning? How about during the past two days? He Changdi, are you stupid? Why didn’t you mention your wounds hurting before? Why would you just bear with the pain without saying anything!”

Once she had finished her scolding, Chu Lian quickly reached out for the blankets covering He Changdi.

Since He Changdi’s injuries had been healing well, Chu Lian had not asked the old physician to come every day, and in fact, the old physician had gone home for New Year’s the day before yesterday. Fortunately, the old physician had left behind some instructions. He Changdi’s life was no longer in any sort of danger with the few days’ worth of recuperation, and it was only a matter of time before he was fully healed.As long as his bandages were changed daily and he continued drinking his medicine, he would be able to walk in another month.

However, Chu Lian had seen the state of He Sanlang’s injuries with her own eyes. It had been an extremely frightening experience with his leg a bloody mess at the time, and that was why she reacted immediately when He Sanlang mentioned that his wounds hurt.

He Sanlang suddenly felt guilty upon seeing how panicked Chu Lian was over him. He wanted to reach out to hold her still and stop her frantic movements.

However, Chu Lian couldn’t rest easy until she inspected his wounds personally. In the modern world, there were many cases where external wounds would fester and become inflamed if they weren’t taken care of properly. If that happened to He Changdi, the result would be even worse than the original state of his injuries.

Chu Lian pushed away He Sanlang’s hand and puffed up her cheeks. She threw a glare in He Changdi’s direction with an angry huff. “Don’t you dare move, or your wounds might be affected!”

Although Chu Lian had been going for a fierce tone, her voice was naturally soft and charming. Even though she tried to harden her stance, there wasn’t a single threatening bone in her. Instead, He Changdi felt warm inside. He wanted to pull the angry little kitten in front of him into his arms for a nice round of snuggles and pets.

It was only then that He Sanlang finally realised he wasn’t going to win over his stubborn wife when she was on a roll. Thus, with a resigned smile, he laid back against the headboard and let her do as he wished.

The wound on He Changdi’s right leg was on the inner part of his thigh. Actually, it was very dangerous to have a wound there as it was close to a major artery. Any cuts could easily cause extreme blood loss and death.

Lucky for He Sanlang, he had somehow escaped that fate- the wound hadn’t gotten close to his artery. Right now, he was only dressed in a pair of really short pants to make it easier to change the bandages every day. The pants were so short that they only covered the most important parts of his lower body.

Once Chu Lian had gotten the blanket out of the way, she was met with the sight of He Sanlang’s muscled thigh all covered in bandages.

She glanced at him and said, “Bear with it for a while, I’m going to remove the bandages and check on your wound.”

Before He Sanlang could give his assent, she had already started to untie the bandages.

The corners of He Changdi’s lips twitched. How were her movements so fast?

He watched Chu Lian’s serious expression as she went about her task. Although his features were still locked in their usual cool mien, there was warmth welling up from deep inside his heart.

It had been a long time since he had experienced being cared for like this.

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