Chapter 43: Just Starve to Death (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 43: Just Starve to Death (3)

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Xiyan happily took the leftovers to the kitchen.

When she passed by the entrance of the study she spotted Laiyue staring at her with bright eyes, “Sister Xiyan, do you still have any more food?”

Xiyan furrowed her brows and hid the boxes of food behind her. She raised her chin as she said guardedly, “What are you asking that for?! Don’t tell me that you’re not getting fed while serving Third Young Master. He got two whole boxes of food!”

Since she had been snubbed by Laiyue before, she couldn’t help sounding a little mocking as she talked.

“That had nothing to do with me.” Laiyue pointed towards the study behind him. “It was all Third Young Master’s orders. I haven’t eaten anything since afternoon, I’m so hungry that my front is probably stuck to my back right now.”

When he finished speaking, Laiyue’s stomach grumbled.

Xiyan gave him a good look, as if trying to tell if he was lying.

“Miss Xiyan, we’re all servants, you can’t possibly not know! No servant eats together with their master!” Laiyue was good at talking, and he managed to find Xiyan’s weak spot.

“Are you sure you really didn’t eat?”

“I really haven’t eaten! See, my stomach’s even growling! You heard that, right?”

Xiyan pursed her lips and placed the boxes of food down on a stone table nearby. She took out some leftover rice and dishes from inside. “There’s not much left anyway. There’s only a few pieces of braised meat, soup and a bowl of rice. Just take it to hold off your hunger for now!”

Laiyue swallowed visibly, “It’s good enough as long as it’s edible. I’m not too picky!”

Xiyan glared at him and poured the soup and pieces of meat onto the bowl of rice. It looked exactly like the modern meal, braised meat with rice.

She pushed the bowl to Laiyue, “Here, take it! Remember to give the bowl and chopsticks to the old servant in the kitchen to wash when you’re done!”

Laiyue nodded furiously. Xiyan felt annoyed by his happy expression, so she took the boxes of food and quickly walked away.

Those who have eaten braised meat would know that the gravy alone was delicious when poured over white rice.

Laiyue’s nose twitched as he realised that the fragrance he had smelled before had come from this dish. What had Xiyan called it just now? That’s right, braised meat!

Laiyue was really hungry by now. He squatted right at the entrance of the study with the bowl of food and gulped down the rice like a peasant farmer, with completely no dignity to speak of.

Even so, he had never eaten such a comfortable meal before. For some reason, he just found this dish unbelievably tasty!

He picked up a piece of braised meat with his chopsticks and watched it wobble before he stuffed it into his mouth. That amazing flavour spread on his tastebuds; it was a hundred times tastier than venison!

Unfortunately, there was just too little braised meat left over. He finished it all in a few bites, it wasn’t enough for him at all.

Those darned maidservants were too greedy, they ate so much and left so little for him.

Laiyue kept thinking about the food. If there was a whole plate of braised meat in front of him right now, he would definitely be able to finish it all by himself. Furthermore, it would definitely be sparkling clean once he was done.

After having another two mouthfuls of rice soaked in the gravy from the braised meat, Laiyue’s eyes closed in bliss as he savoured the taste of the rice in his mouth before swallowing.

He finished half of the large bowl of gravy-covered rice very quickly.

Meanwhile, the hardworking He Sanlang in the study was being tortured by the faint fragrance of the braised meat. In the end, he couldn’t bear with it any longer. He threw down the book in his hands and walked out of the study. The moment he opened the door, he saw his personal manservant squatting at the entrance like a beggar, wolfing down a bowl of rice.

Most importantly, the fragrance emanating from the bowl in his hands was the one that was torturing him in the study.

He Changdi narrowed his eyes and stared at Laiyue with the corners of his lips curled up.

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