Chapter 421: Treatment (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 421: Treatment (2)

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The pants leg was covered in numerous cuts, and blood from the wound had caused more than half of the cloth to be stuck to his leg. There were also parts that were stuck directly to his wounds. Chu Lian clenched her teeth and mustered up the courage to pull it off in one go.

The unconscious He Sanlang was covered in cold sweat. There was an unnatural flush on his cheeks, and his lips were pale and cracked. These were the signs of a high fever.

Wenlan ordered a servant to bring in a few more braziers, then placed a towel soaked with cold water on He Changdi’s forehead.

Chu Lian pursed her lips tightly, holding back her tears with everything she had.

After cutting for approximately five minutes, she finally managed to cut off the clothing stuck to his wounds, revealing his entire right leg.

His right leg was badly mangled from thigh to calf,. She couldn’t even see a single patch of clean skin- everything was covered in blood.

Chu Lian had gone through special training for emergency first aid in the wilderness before. Although she couldn’t match the treatment a medical professional might provide, she could still patch up his wounds before a doctor arrived.

She asked Wenqing and Wenlan to search for some supplies before she began tending to He Changdi’s thigh. Before long, the condition of his thigh and calf was stabilised.

Those who remained in the room were all Chu Lian’s trusted servants, so nobody questioned Chu Lian’s decisions. Even though Mo Chenggui had tried to object, his objection had already been quelled by Manager Qin.

By the time Chu Lian finished, an old physician with a snow-white beard was helped in by two guards.

Chu Lian quickly welcomed him in. This physician was a familiar face. He had been the one to see to the wound on Chu Lian’s ankle, and he was an experienced old physician who was skillful with external wounds.

“Sir, please take a look at my husband’s wounds,” Chu Lian said as she supported the physician to the bed.

When the old physician saw that the wounds on the patient’s right thigh had already been cleaned, he seemed astonished. “Who tended to these wounds?”

The question from the unknowing physician lit a fire in Mo Chenggui’s heart. He thought that the physician meant that Chu Lian had made the condition of He Changdi’s wounds even worse. He immediately stood up to face Chu Lian with a fierce glare.

Chu Lian completely disregarded his angry look. Instead, she focused on suppressing her own anxiety and remaining calm. “Sir, it was me.”

The old physician raised his head to glance at Chu Lian. He nodded with approval. “Madam, you’ve done very well. You must have studied a little about medicine before. I didn’t bring any of my assistants in my rush to come here, so I’ll need to trouble you in a bit.”

Chu Lian quickly nodded and took off her loose outer robe, which would only get in the way. She changed into a more flexible tunic.

Mo Chenggui was stupefied. It was completely out of his expectations that a young lady like Third Young Madam would actually have some medical knowledge at the tender age of sixteen. However, since the old physician had said so, he believed it.

For a moment, he felt rather guilty.

Manager Qin glanced at him with contempt. For some reason, Manager Qin just couldn’t get along with Leader Mo.

He just couldn’t see eye to eye with this old ruffian no matter how much he tried.

The old physician didn’t like how crowded the room was, so he only allowed Chu Lian and Wenqing to stay while everybody else was chased out of the room.

After a whole two hours, the old physician finally exited the room with the support of Wenqing, while the weary Chu Lian came out right behind them.

The moment the door was opened, Mo Chenggui and Manager Qin anxiously went up to them.

Mo Chenggui asked apprehensively, “Doctor, how is Third Young Master?”

The old physician looked him up and down. When he saw that the middle-aged man also seemed to be covered in wounds, he rattled out a list of complaints. “Were you involved with bringing the patient back here? You, don’t you know how to take care of someone? If that young man in there had stayed on horseback for just half a day longer, you can forget about keeping his right leg! Luckily, your madam arrived just in time to take care of those wounds. Otherwise, even if I were Hua Tuo reborn, I wouldn’t have been able to keep that leg! A fine young man would have been crippled just like that!”

TL Note: Hua Tuo is a historical figure who was famous for his skill in medicine, so the doctor is just trying to say that Sanlang's leg would have been past the point of saving if his wounds had been left untreated for half a day more.

Hua Tuo is a very interesting person and there's a Wikipedia article that summarises most of his life story (which also involves Cao Cao of Three Kingdoms fame): 

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