Chapter 410: Protecting His Wife (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 410: Protecting His Wife (1)

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Although it was a very common phrase, it sounded a little strange to He Changdi when it finally filtered into his mind. He felt like there was a double meaning to the word 'care', especially after he had experienced more intimate contact with his wife...

Thus, the tips of He Sanlang's ears started turning a little red.

Captain Guo and the others didn't notice this little detail. At most, they just thought that He Sanlang's expression seemed slightly awkward.

However, they weren't bothered about such minute changes amongst brothers.

The men sat down in the center of the tent.

As He Changdi removed his sword from his waist, Zhang Mai glanced at him and asked, "Have you found the culprit behind this?"

He Sanlang looked at his brothers and said a single name.

"Xiao Bojian."

Although He Sanlang’s tone hadn't changed, Captain Guo was able to sense the deep-rooted hatred that he had for the man.

Zhang Mai furrowed his brows. His surprise showed in his voice as he asked, "I've never heard of that name before; how is he involved in this?"

Captain Guo's home was in the capital, and he regularly exchanged letters with his wife and children. He knew a little more about the capital’s latest news compared to Zhang Mai. Captain Guo frowned as well and said, "That person is this year's top scholar for the imperial examinations. His good name has spread across the whole city. He's Old Duke Ying's disciple."

When the mention of Duke Ying came up, Captain Guo shot a meaningful look at He Changdi as his expression turned a little strange.

Xiao Hongyu was lying on his bed. One of the corners of his mouth pulled down. "That old man Duke Ying must be really blind. He's raised a feral wolf by his side without knowing."

The young Xiao Hongyu had somehow stumbled upon the truth of it.

He Sanlang sat down and poured himself a cup of tea. After taking a small sip, his brows drew together and he set the cup down. It was clear he didn't like the mixed taste of sencha. He licked his lips and realised that Chu Lian's sickly sweet honey water was actually better than sencha.

"Although House Ying is linked to me in marriage, we're not close to House Ying."

He Sanlang had put it nicely. Not only were they not close to House Ying, Chu Lian probably would never want to go back.

He Changdi brought his fingers together and touched the green Hetian jade ring on his right thumb before continuing, "Xiao Bojian is currently the secretary of the northwestern army encamped in Su City."

This time, Captain Guo and Zhang Mai's expressions both changed.

Surprise and bewilderment showed on their faces. They had never expected a newly minted top scholar to have climbed his way up the court ranks so quickly!

When Captain Guo noticed the darkness swirling in He Changdi's eyes, he startled a little and held down Sanlang's shoulder. "We have to think about this in the long term. Don’t be rash."

He Sanlang looked helplessly at his two older brothers and said, "Brother Guo, Brother Zhang, don't worry about me. I'm not an impulsive person."

In his past life, he had already suffered enough torture under the hands of that adulterous couple. How would he fall for their tricks once again? Once bitten, twice shy, but he had already been bitten more than just once!

Although He Changdi was young, even Great General Qian placed the utmost trust in him, let alone his band of brothers.

Zhang Mai patted He Changdi's shoulder in comfort. However, he didn’t end the conversation there. "There's one more thing,” added Zhang Mai.

He Sanlang looked up at Zhang Mai in slight confusion.

Zhang Mai's expression was grave, as were his words. "You probably don't know this yet since you just came back, but the traitor in our camp has been caught. It was Gao Zhangwei."

Although Gao Zhangwei didn't get along with their Right Wing Army and constantly went against them in the northern border troops, conflict within an army was one thing and selling out their country was another.

Even if they fought within the army ranks, there wouldn't be any grudges left once one side won. However, if they betrayed the entire army by colluding with the enemy, the entire army would look down on them.

Who could have expected Gao Zhangwei to have done such a thing?!

Great General Qian was also both shocked and angry. He immediately decided to have Gao Zhangwei executed under the flagpoles of the border camp.

He Changdi was a little startled. He remembered that Gao Zhangwei's collusion with the enemy hadn't been discovered in his past life. Not only that, but Gao Zhangwei had even earned a lot of merit from this war and later, he had been personally titled General Changping by the Emperor himself. He had also been awarded a noble rank with the title.

Thoughts swirled in He Sanlang's eyes. Although Gao Zhangwei was narrow-minded, he didn't have much courage to do anything. If he had really sent secret military information to the Tuhuns, then there had to be a mastermind behind it.

"The execution will be held tomorrow. In order to send a warning to the whole army, the general will be doing the execution himself in front of the two wings and the female army. We have to be present as well."

On this night, everyone was able to set aside the worries in their hearts to have a good night's rest. Even the burdened He Sanlang was no exception.

Since the Tuhun army had already been defeated, it wasn't too appropriate for Chu Lian to continue staying in the camp. The next morning, He Changdi escorted her back to Liangzhou City's He Estate, along with his subordinates and House Jing'an's private soldiers.

He Changdi didn't sit in the warm pen together with Chu Lian this time, and stayed on horseback next to the snowboat instead.

Mo Chenggui was following right behind him, his old face wrinkled up. He stared at He Changdi for a long time, lips parted and with a conflicted expression. In the end, he wasn't able to say a single word.

He Changdi cast a neutral glance at him before saying, "Uncle Mo, if you think that you shouldn't speak up, then don't speak at all. Keep your words to yourself forever."

Mo Chenggui was startled by the frankness and hurriedly chased up to He Changdi on his horse. He looked around them first before asking He Sanlang in a low tone, "Third Young Master, when Third Young Madam was taken away..."

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