Chapter 408: Take Good Care of Your Wife (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 408: Take Good Care of Your Wife (1)

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He Sanlang felt a thin thread of anxiety needle its way into his heart, and just like that, the heat in his belly instantly cooled. He subconsciously hugged the warm, soft woman in his arms tighter, as that seemed to be the only way he could reassure himself.

Urihan and her sons were fine. After eating some food and resting for the whole night in a warm pen, their spirits were better than ever.

By the time Chu Lian woke up again, she realised that it was already the afternoon of the next day.

She curled up a little and rubbed at her sleepy eyes. The natural furnace that had been keeping her warm was already gone. In the chill left by its absence, her body shivered into wakefulness.

Just as Chu Lian was about to sit up and call for someone, the curtain covering the entrance shifted. He Changdi used only one arm to push himself into the warm pen.

The first thing he did was set a little indigo package off to one side. When he looked up and accidentally met her gaze, He Changdi immediately looked away.

Chu Lian noticed that his expression seemed a little weird. Even the tips of his ears were slightly red. Her brows drew together in confusion and she looked downwards at herself. It was then that all was made clear, and her own face flushed red.

It seemed her inner clothes had fallen loose in her sleep. Since the string holding the two front panels of her top together had been broken by a certain someone, her clothes were wide open, showing the light yellow halter top she wore inside. However, the halter top had also shifted in her sleep and was now exposing a great amount of her fair skin. There were obvious red marks all over her chest, the remaining evidence of He Sanlang's 'indulgence' last night.

Chu Lian glared at him and quickly pulled her top closed. She angrily barked, "Turn around!"

This time, He Sanlang was strangely obedient. He turned around without any retort. Once Chu Lian was sure that he couldn't see her, she quickly adjusted her own clothes.

However, when she found out that the tie keeping her top closed had been broken, she could no longer suppress her vexation and cried, "He Changdi, this is all your fault!"

He Sanlang had already forgotten about that small detail. When his wife started shouting at him out of the blue, he felt rather aggrieved.

He pressed his lips together, but he still kept his back to her just like she ordered.

"Can I turn back now?"

"Turn back here!" Chu Lian fumed.

When He Changdi turned around and looked at Chu Lian, he finally understood what she was angry about.

A furious blush flared to life on his cheeks as he recalled exactly how he had broken that cloth string last night. His right hand twitched in remembrance as well. Even the cool and collected He Sanlang couldn't quite summon up the courage to speak in the face of his wife's admonishment.

"Do you have any clothes? Get me some."

She could only make do by holding her inner clothes closed for now. The fox fur cloak she had been wearing yesterday was now completely covered in horse blood and was stinking to high heaven. She couldn't put that on anymore.

He Changdi coughed awkwardly and reached out towards a small cabinet built into the wall of the warm pen. He dug around in it and found a set of clothes.

"We don't have any female clothing here; you’ll have to make do with mine first."

This was the snowboat that He Changdi had taken to Su City, so there were a few sets of his clothes in here.

Since they were still stuck in the vast snowy plains, Chu Lian had no choice but to wear He Sanlang's clothes for now.

He had given her a thick, long black robe embroidered with green bamboo patterns. It seemed like any other piece of clothing at first, but once she pulled it on, she immediately felt the difference between her and Sanlang.

He Sanlang's figure was tall and lanky. After training for almost half a year in the north, his body had become much more sturdy as compared to before.

Conversely, Chu Lian's figure was small and slim. When the two of them stood together, she only reached his chest. Now that she had He Sanlang's robe on her, she looked as if she was wearing some long-sleeved stage costume...

After she finished doing up the round little buttons on the top, the robe still felt loose around her.

Chu Lian sighed. She really didn't have any other options. She couldn't just keep wearing a single layer of inner clothing with the tie broken. Even if she didn't have to meet anyone in that state, she would surely freeze to death.

She climbed up from her nest of blankets and dug out her waistband, using it to cinch the huge robe around her.

Then, Chu Lian rolled the sleeves up high until she could finally see her hands. It was only then that she heaved a sigh of relief. Now she could sit down in peace.

He Sanlang was watching her with his slightly slanted eyes the whole time.

Actually, the robe was made to be worn by itself, and he usually didn't need a waistband to tie it up. However, in order to hold the loose robe in place, Chu Lian had needed to make use of her inner clothes’ waistband. Unexpectedly, the secured robe only emphasised her natural curves. Without his bidding, He Changdi’s mind drifted back to the sensation of his hands on her chest last night.

Furthermore, Chu Lian was wearing his clothes right now. Any man would feel a sense of domination and satisfaction upon seeing the woman he liked in his clothes.

Chu Lian didn't know that her simple actions had somehow managed to satisfy a hidden desire of Sanlang's. She sat down and turned her gaze to the package that He Sanlang had brought with him.

She gulped. Her stomach audibly rumbled just in time.

He Sanlang was pulled back to the present by the sound. However, he didn't seem disagreeable at all. Instead, he seemed to understand what she wanted and passed the cloth bag in his hands to Chu Lian.

"Eat something first to fill your belly. We'll reach the main camp by evening."

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