Chapter 405: Together in the Pen (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 405: Together in the Pen (2)

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Deep in her slumber, Chu Lian had began to feel herself grow warmer again. However, at some point in time, her chest had started feeling somewhat uncomfortable. She had been able to bear with the pressure at first, but later on, it had gotten stronger and stronger until she just wanted to escape from that overbearing feeling.

Chu Lian's almond-shaped eyes blearily blinked awake, having been woken up from the pain of having her chest groped so hard. Who could have thought that she would be met with such an awkward scene the moment her vision cleared up?

She was shocked frozen for a second before a boiling rage overtook her. The slender leg that had been thrown over He Sanlang's body immediately retracted and delivered a swift and merciless kick.

Chu Lian had used every bit of strength she could summon for that one blow.

Even a strong man like He Sanlang was pushed away by the force of Chu Lian's kick... he rolled out of the blanket, a wretched sight to behold.

He Sanlang was abruptly woken from his fit of euphoria. A crack appeared in his cool expression as he directed a disbelieving look at Chu Lian.

After getting kicked at by Chu Lian, his arousal had faded away... Little Brother He likely wouldn't be able to get up to any mischief for the moment...

His left hand was still curled up like it was cradling something, so anyone could tell that he had been up to no good.

Chu Lian looked down, only to see that half of her chest was exposed! A furious blush lit up her cheeks. She finally understood what must’ve happened, and exactly what He Sanlang had been doing to her while she was unconscious!

Anger swelled up in her heart. She quickly pulled up her clothes, covering up the little bun that was slightly reddened from all the groping.

Chu Lian was bursting with fury, and she unleashed it in an enraged roar. "He Changdi, when did you become so shameless?!" He had actually taken advantage of her while she was unconscious! He had even touched her... there... and it had been so painful that there were likely marks left on her skin!

Was this still the same cold and stoic lunatic He Sanlang?!

In the midst of her rage, tears had welled up in Chu Lian's wide eyes. Despite the fiery light in them, she didn't look the slightest bit imposing while glaring at He Changdi. Instead, she looked like a bullied puppy.

He Sanlang was stunned as he stared into Chu Lian's eyes. In the next moment, he actually clambered back up expressionlessly and returned to Chu Lian's side. He lifted the fox fur cloak covering her, trying to burrow back into the pile of blankets.

This was completely out of Chu Lian's expectations. She didn't think that He Sanlang would be so shameless as to return without any sort of shame in his expression at all!

Her fury climbed to new heights. What was this lunatic He Sanlang trying to do?!

Chu Lian's brows drew together and she tried to voice an enraged shout, "He. San. Lang!"

However, Chu Lian's voice was naturally tender and pleasant to the ears. She didn't seem threatening in the least, let alone in this situation. Conversely, she was the very picture of a frazzled little kitten who had just been bullied and was trying to threaten someone by showing off her fluffy little claws. However, those tiny kitten claws probably wouldn't even leave a mark if she tried using them on someone.

He Sanlang reached out with one long arm and captured her immediately, stuffing her back into the nest of blankets in one smooth movement as if her struggles were nothing.

"The doctor said that you have to keep warm. You can't let your body get chilled again. Lie down first."

Chu Lian's chest was still hurting!

This darned He Sanlang didn't know how to control his strength!

She wanted to object to his order, but she didn't have the physical strength to do so, so she could only let him wrap her up in the warm blankets again.

"You little..."

"Do you remember where you were before?" Although there was the usual cool cast to He Sanlang's handsome features, his husky and magnetic voice had become softer. Before Chu Lian could start chewing him out, he had cut in with his question.

That one question pulled Chu Lian's thoughts away from her rage.

That's right. Chu Lian blinked. How had she woken up in this warm place with her lunatic husband next to her?

Hadn't she been hiding with Urihan in a horse's belly in the middle of the snowy plains?

She had been trembling so hard from the cold that she thought she wouldn't be able to make it.

Had He Sanlang found her?

Chu Lian's moist eyes widened in surprise. She found it hard to imagine how He Changdi had managed to find her out on that inhospitable swath of snow-covered ground. What kind of dangers had he faced in order to get to her?

She had still been in the horse's belly then!

"Do you remember now?" He Sanlang asked gently.

Chu Lian nodded, looking rather shaken.

She had been in precarious situations twice now, ever since she had come to this world. Each time, it had been He Changdi who had saved her in the nick of time while her life had been dangling on a thread. She wasn't made of stone, of course she felt something for him in return.

So He Changdi.... actually cared for her that much...

When He Sanlang saw that Chu Lian had slipped into a daze, a wave of relief swept over his heart, though his outer expression remained unchanged.

That had been way too awkward just now. It was bad enough that he had lost control over himself, but he had actually gotten caught by Chu Lian. Luckily, he had changed the topic in a quick turn of wit, otherwise the 'wicked woman' would probably have annoyed him for a long time over this matter.

He continued hugging Chu Lian and stroked her back gently, as if he were soothing a puffed up little kitten.

However, after finishing two comforting strokes, his hand couldn't help but twitch. The sensation of touching those buns still remained on his palm and had yet to fade away.

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