Chapter 404: Together in the Pen (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 404: Together in the Pen (1)

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He Changdi’s palm felt scorching hot.

The feel of Chu Lian’s smooth skin under his fingers was intoxicating. He couldn't pull away even if he wanted to.

He Sanlang gently pressed his lips to Chu Lian. His breath quickened. For some reason, he couldn’t help but think back to Xiao Hongyu’s obscene drawings, and in the process, his hands began to slowly climb towards Chu Lian’s chest...

A strange feeling washed over him when he finally reached that new uncharted land. Every fibre of his being drew taut with tension.

He swallowed hard. Despite his expression being as cool as ever, his eyes had already darkened into fathomless pools.

He Changdi had always been more aloof than most. Due to the tragedy he had experienced in his past life, his personality had become even more stoic and unfeeling.

It was hard to move the heart of someone like that. However, the moment they fell in love, they fell hard.

He Sanlang stared at Chu Lian with eyes as deep as the star-filled skies above.

He was uncomfortably tense all over, and the insides of his mouth felt parched. Finally, his hand began to move.

It was a sensation He Sanlang had never experienced before, and it pushed him right over the edge of no return.

He had never known that his wife's body was so soft to the touch. Compared to her, he was muscular and hard like a rock- definitely not as enjoyable.

Though He Changdi kept a straight face the entire time, his neck was slowly beginning to turn red. Only the heavens knew how excited and stirred up he was inside.

His long black eyelashes trembled as his eyes focused on the unconscious Chu Lian. The movement of his hand paused as well. However, he couldn't bear to part from the plush feeling of her breast beneath his palm; instead, he spread his fingers and cupped it in his hand.

After freezing for an agonising few seconds to make sure that Chu Lian was still sleeping and had no consciousness of what he was doing, He Changdi’s palm started moving again. Now that he was reassured that she hadn't woken up, he became even bolder.

He gently kneaded the area under his hand before realising that he wanted even more, and letting go of his restraint, He Sanlang slipped his entire hand inside to cover her breast. He pinched the entire handful and squeezed. Much to his delight, he found a little nub standing out from the rest of the smooth skin beneath his palm.

He Sanlang's lips were already pressed into a thin line. His palms grew sweaty. After a slight pause, he reached out with one finger and touched.

It seemed like that nub was too sensitive and couldn't withstand any sort of teasing. It began to change rapidly...

The natural reaction of Chu Lian's body acted like a catalyst, causing a strange sensation to arise within He Sanlang's own body.

In the dimly lit warm pen, the lantern hanging on the side swayed with the movement of the snowboat, casting a warm, romantic light over the two.

Even a man as aloof as He Sanlang wouldn't be able to keep an iron hold over his control when faced with the woman he liked.

Furthermore, Chu Lian was his lawfully wedded wife. It was only natural for a husband to be intimate with his wife.

Now that He Sanlang had found an excuse for his lapse of control, his movements became even bolder.

It wasn't enough for him to cope a feel with his hand alone. He wanted to see exactly what he was touching.

His eyes glanced down at Chu Lian's pale face, touched with a flush of red, and reluctantly pulled his rebellious hand out from her clothes.

He left another gentle kiss on Chu Lian's forehead before he reached towards the ties keeping her clothes together. Shifting back a little gave him more space to maneuver about, and then his hands did the rest.

Perhaps due to his nerves or the urgency of the situation, He Changdi wasn't able to untie her clothes no matter what he did. He had pulled so hard on the strings that the originally loose knot had tightened beyond repair...

The tips of He Sanlang's ears turned even redder, and his breathing came out in heavy pants. In the end, he lost all patience and used his internal energy to break the tie completely.

He Changdi's gaze landed on the sliver of fair skin exposed from the loose collar of Chu Lian's clothes, where her pretty collarbones stood out beneath her slender neck. His eyes slid lower towards the place his wandering hand had found earlier.

Chu Lian’s clothes were still keeping everything under wraps, but the pressure of lying down sideways had pushed her chest together, forming an enticing valley.

He Sanlang picked up one side of her inner robe with his fingers. His Adam's apple bobbed as he gulped hard.

The halter top that Chu Lian wore as underwear had loosened with all the movement. Despite his earlier troubles, this was enough for the usually blockheaded He Changdi to simply untie the strings at the back and gently toss it aside without further ado.

Thus, the soft, tender buns that had just been in his palm were finally in sight.

He Changdi’s gaze was now firmly affixed to Chu Lian's chest.

Looking at them was completely different from blindly holding them in his hand. The visual impact caused He Sanlang's body to wind up to its maximum. He had never thought that the two little buns on Chu Lian's chest would be so cute.

He was almost trembling with how taut he was holding his body. Although he knew he shouldn't, he couldn't restrain himself anymore. He reached out to rub one of the soft peaks.

The moment his fingers touched her smooth skin, He Sanlang lost control.

His slightly cool lips rained kisses on Chu Lian's forehead and then her nose as he headed further downwards.

He Changdi was completely immersed in enjoying the sensations overwhelming his body.

The one thing he couldn't have expected was Chu Lian waking up right this moment.

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