Chapter 403: In the Warm Pen (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 403: In the Warm Pen (2)

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Men had higher body temperatures than women in the first place. Once Chu Lian had gotten close to this heat source, she subconsciously wanted to get even closer. It was all part of her natural instincts.

In order to hug her heat source tight, one of her legs even found its way between He Sanlang's legs.

The cool-faced He Changdi looked down at Chu Lian for a moment as his body stiffened. After some time, he simply let her do as she liked.

The two of them were each down to a single layer of clothing, which was thin to begin with. He Sanlang had one arm under Chu Lian's neck while the other circled around her slender waist.

Chu Lian was exhaling warm puffs of air around He Changdi's collarbone. One of her hands had subconsciously curled around the collar of He Changdi's shirt, like she trusted and relied on him.

The couple was stuck close to each other without any gaps between them.

He Sanlang's cool mask had melted a little by now. When his arms were filled with Chu Lian, it felt as if his heart was full, too.

Hidden from Chu Lian's view, He Changdi sighed in satisfaction and shut his eyes, as if he was about to join Chu Lian in slumber.

He hadn't been able to rest for a very long time. His nerves had been tightly wound for the entire search, and he had only been able to relax once she had finally returned to his arms again, so he was rather tired.

He Sanlang’s eyelids slowly slid shut and he was just about to fall asleep when Chu Lian suddenly moved. She wriggled as if trying to burrow deeper into his embrace. It seemed like her current position wasn't too comfortable and she wanted to change into a better one.

After Chu Lian moved, He Changdi completely lost all traces of sleepiness.

He loosened his hold on her and let Chu Lian shift into a more comfortable position. Once she had fallen back into deep slumber, he slowly tightened his arms around her again, keeping her safe and secure in his embrace.

However, after all that movement, He Sanlang didn't feel like sleeping any longer.

Helpless, he sighed and stared blankly at his surroundings while keeping a tight hold of her.

After a short moment, He Changdi started to feel like something wasn't quite right.

His expression changed and his ears started to flush red.

While Chu Lian was ensconced in his arms, her mouth was very close to his Adam's apple. The warm puffs of her breath were making his mouth dry.

He had been too worried earlier to think about how intimate their actions were. Now that he had calmed down, everything that had escaped his notice earlier was standing out. It was hard for him to ignore it again.

Since the two of them were bundled so tightly together and wearing such thin clothing, he could feel the softness of her chest on his.

The palm that he had placed on Chu Lian's waist suddenly felt burning hot. He froze up, not daring to make the slightest bit of movement.

He tried to forcefully adjust his breathing, trying to make himself calm down.

He Sanlang's tall body was now tensed like a drawn bow.

A bow that was already pulled to its limit and was about to shoot at any moment now with all its stored energy.

The sleeping Chu Lian just had to start getting restless.

He Sanlang had been tense with restraint due to the overwhelmingly strange sensations he was experiencing. His arms had turned into tight bars around Chu Lian, holding her in a vice-like grip as he put all his effort into trying to repress his feelings. Chu Lian wanted to escape the uncomfortably tight hold around her, so she started to wriggle.

She rubbed her body against He Changdi's and let out an uncomfortable moan. It was only then that He Changdi finally realised that he was crushing her. Panicked, he immediately released her, a light blush dyeing his handsome face pink.

Chu Lian wriggled a few more times before realising that her uncomfortable bindings had disappeared. She smacked her lips and slipped back into peaceful slumber.

He Changdi's body remained stiff for a long time after that. It wasn't until Chu Lian stopped moving that he finally dared to move. The pen's surface area was small; there was only so much space for them to sleep on.

Afraid that she would still be affected by the cold, He Changdi could only attempt to hug Chu Lian once again, but more carefully this time.

He reached out towards her under the blanket and wrapped his arm around Chu Lian's waist. However, what his fingers touched wasn't smooth fabric- rather, it was something soft and warm.

He Changdi reverted into a statue again. This time, his whole face turned a bright lobster red. The thoughts that he had managed to suppress only a few moments ago came flooding back into his mind.

Chu Lian's earlier movements had caused her clothes to unravel a little, revealing some of the smooth skin around her waist.

He Sanlang wanted to remove his scorching hot palm from Chu Lian's bare skin, but it was like it was stuck there- he couldn't move it at all...

Although He Changdi's expression remained as cool as usual, the raging blush on his face revealed his inner turmoil. He swallowed hard, gulping a mouthful of saliva.

He Changdi looked down at the woman in his arms.

Her lips were currently formed into a pout and her hair was slightly messy. A few strands had fallen over her flushed cheeks, right under her eyes. Her cute little nose was twitching slightly.

He Sanlang's gaze couldn't help but follow the line of her nose down to Chu Lian's slightly parted red lips.

He pressed his own dry lips together.

Inch by inch, He Sanlang moved closer until he could feel the warmth of her breath on his face. At this point, he forced himself to stop.

He Changdi was fighting a massive battle in his heart. His breathing became more hurried. In the end, he could no longer hold himself back and he placed a light kiss on Chu Lian's soft lips.

The palm resting at her waist glided over her skin before moving upwards in a very natural movement.

He still remembered the heavenly softness that had been pressed against his hard chest earlier, tempting him to lose control of himself...

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