Chapter 39: Providing for Herself (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 39: Providing for Herself (1)

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Xiyan stomped her foot, feeling aggrieved. “You’re the same as Young Master! You think that our young madam is easy to bully because she is young and kind!”

After saying so, Xiyan ran off in anger.

Laiyue watched the maidservant run away and felt completely helpless. Of course he knew that Third Young Master was a little unreasonable, but he couldn’t persuade him.

Xiyan quickly returned to Chu Lian and related the story. Upon hearing it, Chu Lian was so surprised that she had to put her book down. She hadn’t expected to be proven right!

She was so speechless that she made Xiyan report everything once again.

“What? The outer court even sent ingredients over?” When she heard this, Chu Lian’s eyes lit up.

Xiyan was still feeling sad for her mistress; she didn’t expect Chu Lian to mention the fresh ingredients out of the blue like that. Her stare turned blank for a moment before she nodded and said, “That’s right! I heard that Eldest Young Madam was afraid that breakfast would be delayed in the morning, so she sent out fresh ingredients to each courtyard. They arrived alongside dinner.”

Hey! If there were ingredients, then everything would be fine. It was hard enough for her to sit through one meal at the Jing’an Estate. Since He Sanlang wanted to take it all for himself, then he could have it all. She wasn’t going to miss it one bit!

Chu Lian scrambled off the couch and tossed her book aside. She was going to the courtyard’s kitchen right now.

Xiyan couldn’t keep complaining about her mistress’ unfair treatment if she was going to do that! She rushed to stop Chu Lian from going out. “Third Young Madam, you can’t wear that outside!”

Chu Lian took one look at the thin, cool sleeping clothes she was wearing and immediately realised how inappropriate it was. “Then go and quickly find me some normal clothes to wear.”

Mingyan heard her from outside and came in to help.

With their assistance, Chu Lian quickly changed into a light yellow dress. Her hair still wasn’t dry, so she simply pinned it up with a white jade hairpin. She was dressed so simply that she resembled a magnolia, gentle and refined as it rested on its outstretched perch. However, the image was easily broken as she grew impatient to appease her growling stomach.

When Xiyan saw that she was in such a hurry, she didn’t bother adding on any other accessories and simply said, “You’re ready.” Chu Lian immediately rose and rushed out of the bedroom like a hurricane.

Xiyan and Mingyan chased after her from behind, shouting, “Third Young Madam, please go a little slower!”

Xiyan couldn’t help but watch her with sad, sorry eyes. Third Young Madam must be starving.

When Senior Servant Gui saw that Chu Lian had left, she didn’t know what was going on but followed anyway.

Chu Lian had explored the entire courtyard yesterday, so of course she remembered where the kitchen was. In just a moment, she had already reached it.

A woman in her thirties was looking after the kitchen when saw that Third Young Madam had arrived. She quickly welcomed her in. Afraid that the kitchen was too dark, the woman immediately lit up a few more candles for her.

Full of respect, the woman said, “Third Young Madam what have you come to the kitchen for?”

Chu Lian scanned her surroundings. “Where are the ingredients that were sent here earlier?”

The woman stared at her. She hadn’t expected Third Young Madam to ask that, of all things. However, she instantly recovered her wits and led Chu Lian over to the chopping board. Then she honestly replied, “Third Young Madam, they are all here!”

Xiyan and the rest had also entered the kitchen by this time. The moment they entered, they spotted their mistress squatting by two large water vats, staring into them. Xiyan hurriedly went over. She had seen a goose tied up by the vats.

Geese would be geese. Naturally, they would peck at people. Xiyan quickly pulled Chu Lian away, afraid for her mistress’ wellbeing.

However, Chu Lian didn’t notice the geese at all. She was looking at the chopping board full of ingredients, and then to the ones by the water vats, and then to the ones in the water tanks. The sight of them made her extremely excited.

Wow! Terrific! There were vegetables, eggs, and more. There was even a variety of fishes; in the water tank alone, there were two catfish, and a few snakeheads. There was also chicken and pork that had been prepared and ready to be cooked. There were even two pieces of venison! However, she hadn’t eaten venison back in the modern age, so of course she didn’t know how to cook it. She was just going to leave it be for now.

It was getting late, and although she was craving for something like boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chilli, it was troublesome to cook, as it would take some time to prepare.

After Chu Lian took stock of all the ingredients, a plan formed in her mind.

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The fish in the water tank, if you're curious~

[caption id="attachment_59032" align="alignnone" width="300"] Catfish~[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_59033" align="alignnone" width="300"] Snakehead[/caption]

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