Chapter 385: Deal (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 385: Deal (2)

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He Sanlang had foreseen that things wouldn’t go smoothly after meeting Xiao Bojian. However, he hadn’t expected Xiao Bojian to be eyeing the snowboat. Luckily, he had taken precautions before entering the northwestern army’s camp.

Otherwise, they would have really had no other choice.

He had already dragged out the discussions for two days. If he didn’t pretend to give in to their demands today, Yuan Zhong would likely have tried to take the snowboat by force instead.

The northwestern army hadn’t seen any action for a long time. Right now, the Great Wu Dynasty was slowly progressing into a golden age, so there wasn’t as much of a need for military as compared to when the dynasty had first been founded.

The northwestern army was facing imminent disarmament. The Yuan family had gotten into power due to their control over the army in the northwestern side of the country. Once the northwestern army was disbanded, the Yuan family would fall into decline.

This wasn’t just Yuan Zhong alone who was struggling, but the entire noble house of the Yuan family.

After years without any notable achievements, the northwestern army would likely be destroyed if things continued this way. So what did they need the most right now? Outstanding military achievements. If they managed to claim the feat of defeating the Tuhuns for themselves, then even the Emperor would have to think twice and wait a few more years before cutting away the northwestern army.

Xiao Bojian had most likely used this angle to form an alliance with the northwestern army!

This man was just as formidable as he had been in his past life!

The depths of He Changdi’s narrow eyes darkened. However, he was no longer the naive and trusting He Sanlang of his past life!

Xiao Bojian was having a rare break within his tent at the moment. He held a letter in his hand.

Gripped in his beautiful hand were two pieces of paper. His eyes flickered as he read quickly.

The letter had been sent by Duke Ying. It was just a normal letter asking after his well-being, but at the end of the letter, the duke had mentioned his marriage.

Xiao Bojian wasn’t considered young any longer at his age. Previously, the duke hadn’t mentioned marriage at all to him because his identity was lowly. However, now that he had managed to become the top scholar of the imperial examinations- and along with Duke Ying’s help- he was now a trusted official at court.

Duke Ying had mentioned offhandedly in the letter that he wanted to marry Fifth Miss Su to him. Since they were already teacher and student, if Xiao Bojian became his son-in-law, it would only boost the relations between them.

The old duke’s tone made it seem like the matter was already decided and that there was no need for further discussion.

An ominous glint shone in Xiao Bojian’s eyes before he snorted and threw the letter into the brazier next to him.

A tongue of flame slipped through the wire mesh on top of the brazier and consumed the two thin pieces of paper in an instant.

Xiao Bojian’s heart was filled with contempt. Hmph, that stupid old man. He was only looking to bind him with ties of marriage in order to use him to strengthen his position in court. Did that old fart think that he, Xiao Bojian, would still let him do as he wished after finally becoming successful?

Furthermore, he was trying to marry Chu Su to him? A third-rate noble miss wasn’t fit to become his wife!

Back then, Duke Ying had been one of those facilitating Chu Lian’s engagement to the He Family. As his teacher, how could Duke Ying not have known that he and Chu Lian were in love? Xiao Bojian had even hinted such to his teacher. However, compared to the chance of making a connection to the influential House Jing’an, Duke Ying hadn’t even considered his feelings and had sent Chu Lian off to be married to He Sanlang without any hesitation!

Other than Chu Lian, he would never marry any daughter of the Chu family in this lifetime!

Far away back in the capital, the city was bustling with liveliness and joy.

It was almost time to celebrate the new year again. The streets were filled with citizens buying Chinese New Year goods.

In the Ying Estate, it was more livelier than it had been in previous years, since the top scholar had been produced from their estate.

The top scholar was the famous Xiao Wujing from the imperial college and Old Duke Ying’s prized pupil.

Although he wasn’t really part of the Chu family, a disciple was still considered half a son. Thus, the sombre Ying Estate had become especially boisterous. Even the servants who went out to purchase goods all had their chins lifted high in the air, as if the feat of Mister Xiao had elevated their status somehow.

Within the inner court of the Ying Estate, the junior members of the family were greeting the patriarch and matriarch.

Old Duchess Ying felt frustrated upon looking down at all of her granddaughters. Her sons had been working hard with their concubines. There would likely be a few more young misses coming out in the new year.

The youngest of her grandchildren now was Little Chong, who had just made it through her first month. She was a child born from one of Chu Lian’s father’s concubines and was now the fifteenth young miss in her generation...

Old Duchess Ying glanced at her with disdain, grumbling in her heart, ‘Just another burden to feed!’

The concubines of the Ying Estate were producing children non-stop. It seemed like they had become even more fertile ever since Xiao Bojian had become the top scholar.

However, there weren’t many legitimate sons or daughters being birthed.

When she thought about it, the legitimate wives of the main, second, and third branches were already getting old. They were already past childbearing age. Even if they were still fertile, their husbands had most likely lost interest in them in favour of younger and prettier things. The number of concubines in the estate had been increasing of late.

The Ying Estate had never lacked for children, so the old duchess was even more blasé about these concubine-born grandchildren of hers.

Old Duchess Ying looked at the grandchildren gathered before her once before waving her hands impatiently, ordering the concubines to dismiss themselves along with their children. The only ones left behind were the legitimate wives of each of the branches, as well as the few legitimate children of the estate.

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