Chapter 384: Deal (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 384: Deal (1)

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Worried, One said, "Master, why don't you rest for a moment?"

Xiao Bojian refused to acknowledge One's suggestion. He harrumphed and continued forming a plan in his mind.

By the time He Changdi woke up, it was already morning of the next day.

Even though Su City was close to Liangzhou City, their climates were completely different. While it was still snowing heavily in Liangzhou, the residents of Su City were able to experience the occasional warm winter morning day.

When Xiao Hongyu and Zhang Mai walked out of their tent after a nice long night of rest, they felt like they had walked straight out of a prison and into the sunlight again.

Having gotten used to the bone-piercing cold winds and harsh snow of Liangzhou, the two men felt a little uncomfortable when they were only met with warm and gentle sunshine on their faces.

After they moved into He Changdi's tent, Xiao Hongyu started joking around. "What's wrong, Brother He? Why are you in such a rush to go shopping in Su City? Are you looking to buy some of their specialties for Sister-in-Law?"

Zhang Mai smiled upon hearing Xiao Hongyu's teasing.

However, He Changdi didn't show any reaction to the joke. Instead, his expression turned even more grave.

"Brother Zhang, Hongyu, I have something I have to discuss with you."

Two bright and sunny days passed in Su City before another wave of cold wind and snow came by. The city had managed to thaw for a little while, but with this, it was once again engulfed by a snowstorm.

Right now, there were only a few people in the commander's tent, but the atmosphere was tense.

Yuan Zhong was seated at the head of the table with his two trusted lieutenants by his side. To his left was the secretary of their current march, Xiao Bojian. To his right was the representative of the northern border troops who had come to request aid, He Changdi.

Xiao Bojian lifted one of the teacups arranged on the table in front of him, his feminine features set into an expression that spoke trouble for He Changdi. "Captain He, I hope that you'll understand the situation that you're in now. The great general just has one small request. If you agree to it, then our rescue army will immediately hand over the supplies once we finish preparing them."

He Changdi had turned pale with rage. He gripped the edge of the table with one hand so tightly that his veins bulged against his skin. Although he had managed to keep his expression cool and focused, anyone could tell that he was furious.

"You're trying to take advantage of us while we're in need!"

Xiao Bojian was enjoying He Changdi's little fit of temper very much. He smiled and said, "This is where you're wrong, Captain He. There's no such thing as a free lunch in this world. We're happy to provide whatever you need, but you should be able to fulfill our teeny tiny little request in return, don't you think?"

He Sanlang glanced at Yuan Zhong, but the general had his head lowered as he downed some wine. He was clearly silently agreeing with Xiao Bojian's actions.

He Changdi felt immense disappointment. If Great General Qian were to find out what Yuan Zhong had done today, he would likely be equally, if not even more, disappointed.

"Captain He, it would be wiser to acquiesce to our request. You might be able to continue waiting, but those fifty thousand soldiers in the northern border might not." Xiao Bojian was practically sneering at him.

Under these circumstances, he didn't believe that He Changdi would keep the blueprints of the snowboat in exchange for the lives of his comrades.

Dejection appeared on He Changdi's face, as if he had finally given in to Xiao Bojian's forceful threat.

"Alright. I'll give you the blueprints for the snowboat. But you have to give me half a day's time. I have to persuade the brothers who accompanied me here."

He Changdi shut his eyes. His handsome features were marred with shame and helplessness. Seeing such a pained expression on his rival, a wave of satisfaction flooded into Xiao Bojian's heart.

"Good. At least you've managed to think it through, Captain He. I'll have someone escort you back. I hope you won't make us wait too long."

He Sanlang left with an air of defeat. However, the moment he was sure that Xiao Bojian could no longer see his face, his gaze sharpened.

Once He Changdi was gone from the tent, Yuan Zhong’s melancholy and troubled expression faded away and he suddenly lit up with energy. He walked over to Xiao Bojian’s side and patted his shoulder, praising him. “Your idea worked, Wujing! As long as we get those blueprints and make even more of those snowboats, then the achievements of the northern border troops will be ours!”

Xiao Bojian played along and praised the general as well. After getting complimented, Yuan Zhong felt even better.

Zhang Mai and Xiao Hongyu quickly welcomed He Sanlang once he returned to the tent.

“Brother He, how did it go?”

He Changdi sat down by the table and shook his head with his brows tightly furrowed. “It looks like they won’t give in unless we hand over the snowboat.”

“Then did you agree to it?”

He Sanlang clenched his fists and nodded. “I agreed to give them the blueprints before night falls.”

Xiao Hongyu’s eyes widened in shock after hearing that. Full of disbelief, he exclaimed, “Brother He, you actually agreed to it?! What if they refuse to give us the supplies after you give them the blueprints? Does this mean that our fifty thousand troops can’t do anything but wait for death?”

Zhang Mai hurriedly stopped Xiao Hongyu once he noticed how agitated he was getting. “What nonsense are you saying? Would your Brother He be so stupid?”

After he finished scolding Xiao Hongyu, Zhang Mai turned to He Changdi and said, “Zixiang, tell me honestly. Do you have a backup plan?”

He Changdi looked at the two men with his lips pressed together and a resolute glint in his eyes. There was no hint of the desolation he had shown back in the commander’s tent. “It’s not time yet, so I can’t tell you guys. But as long as you trust me, I won’t disappoint you!”

“Good! Since you’ve said so, this old brother will trust you!” Zhang Mai’s gaze showed the same determination. He didn’t forget to pat Xiao Hongyu’s shoulder and say, “Brat, did you hear that?”

Xiao Hongyu took a deep breath, but it was obvious that he still had unvoiced objections. He sat by the bed silently, unlike his normal boisterous self.

Zhang Mai shook his head. “That’s just how he is. Don’t mind him. He’ll be fine later on.”

He Changdi and the rest had been living together for a few months. He was even sharing a tent with Xiao Hongyu, so of course he knew the brat’s personality well.

He really didn’t mind it at all.

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