Chapter 380: Gathering Grain (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 380: Gathering Grain (1)

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The bad weather, harsh climate, and geography of the land meant that the northern border wasn't suited for planting grains. Even if they tried to plant some crops, the harvest would be dismal. That was why the disgusting Chinese olive porridge was so precious to the people here.

Since grain crops couldn't survive in the northern border, fruit trees were a mere dream.

This was also winter. Even in the capital, the types of fruit available in the middle of winter were just some frozen pears or tangerines.

Even Chu Lian, who seemed to have prepared an entire larder for herself, hadn't brought any fresh fruits with her. When she was craving for some fruit, the most she could do was have some candied kumquats.

Thus, when Sima Hui served up this juicy and sweet sugarcane, she was overwhelmed by the luxurious treat.

Chu Lian knew perfectly well what the soldiers in the camp were going through right now.

When Xiaoju saw how Honoured Lady Jinyi was staring at the white porcelain dish full of sugarcane, she smiled and explained, "The general brought these over from Su City. Since the weather hasn't been very good, some of the sugarcane was spoiled by the frost. The only ones we have left are here."

When Chu Lian heard that, she didn't feel like eating it any longer. She pushed the dish towards Sima Hui. "It wasn't easy to have kept this sugarcane for so long. Sister Hui, you should have it instead."

Sima Hui smiled gently and said, "I don't like to eat sweet things. Lian'er, go ahead and eat it. The only reason I even have these is because Su City had an abundant harvest of sugarcane. I bought them while passing by with my subordinates. If you feel bad, then you can make some salty snacks for me."

Chu Lian did have a sweet tooth, as could be seen from how she always drank honey water without any hint of getting tired of it.

Since Sima Hui had already explained her reasons, it would be impolite for Chu Lian to refuse. Her lips curled into a smile and she said, "Since Sister Hui has already offered it to me, I won't stand on ceremony."

Chu Lian used the toothpicks placed next to the dish to pick up a piece and put it in her mouth. The sugarcane had been kept well and it was still very juicy. She chewed it forcefully, bringing out the sweet juice within and filling her mouth with its unique taste. This taste was completely different from eating candied kumquats.

Chu Lian quickly crunched her way through five pieces. Although her actions weren't as elegant as those of noble-born ladies, the way she ate made anyone watching her turn hungry, too! When Sima Hui saw how happily she was eating, she picked up a piece of sugarcane and ate it as well, even though she normally didn't like sweet things.

Thus, the scene that greeted He Changdi when he entered the tent was his dear wife sitting at the table and happily gnawing away on sugarcane!

Of course, the scene wasn't complete without Sima Hui staring at Chu Lian with a warm and gentle gaze.

There was a small plate on the table where Chu Lian had spat out the remains of the sugarcane after chewing on them. The amount of mush there was like a thorn in He Changdi's eye.

Now the bag of sugarcane he was carrying on his back had become hard to give away.

When Laiyue followed his young master into the tent and was met with the same scene, he was filled with regret.

Why was Third Young Madam having sugarcane here in General Sima's tent? If only he had brought back some fruits instead! Why did he have to bring back sugarcane?

He Sanlang had come in rather abruptly. He had charged right in without waiting for the guard outside. It was only after he had entered that the female guard came in to report her lapse, trembling all the while. Sima Hui waved her hand and sent the guard back out without any punishment.

Chu Lian's cheeks were slightly puffed up since she hadn't finished chewing on the piece of sugarcane in her mouth.

At the sight of He Changdi, she blinked and stared at him. The food in her mouth muffled her words, so what came out sounded like: "He Jangdi, why are you here?"

He Sanlang turned around and threw the bag in his hands to Laiyue before turning back to Chu Lian. Rather rudely, he said, "What? Can't I come over to take a look at my wife?"

Chu Lian frowned and spat out the sugarcane bits in her mouth. She was extremely vexed. What was wrong with her lunatic husband now?

He Changdi's eyes shifted towards the table not too far away from him. He noticed that there were a few types of fine-looking confections displayed there, and of those confections, he realised that he hadn't eaten any of them before. He didn't even have to think to know that those had definitely been made by Chu Lian or one of her maidservants. As her husband, even he hadn’t had the opportunity to try any of them- and yet Chu Lian brought them out now to suck up to Sima Hui!

As the anger within him grew, his expression turned even frostier. He Changdi suppressed the frustration in his heart and said, "Since you're clearly eating and drinking well, I'll take my leave now!"

He Sanlang left as hurriedly as he had come. Before Chu Lian could even say a word, he had already swept past the tent flap and left...

The short exchange between the couple left Sima Hui gaping in shock. The corner of her lips tugged downwards in sympathy as she turned to Chu Lian and said, "Lian'er, um, do you have to chase after him?"

Chu Lian rolled her eyes. What should she chase him for? Had Sima Hui gotten their roles in reverse somehow? Why did she, as a woman, have to chase after her unreasonable husband?

"There's no need to. He's always been like that."

Laiyue was still in the tent. When he heard his young madam's reply, the corner of his mouth twitched. He didn't want to see his master's efforts go to waste, so he purposely let one side of the bag slip, revealing the sugarcane within. Then, he turned to Third Young Madam with a troubled expression and began to say, "Third Young Madam, this..."

Chu Lian wasn't blind. Laiyue had been too obvious in his actions, so she had definitely seen what was inside the bag. Her lips tugged downwards and she seemed a little helpless as she said, "Just make your own way back first. I'll visit him later on."

After getting Chu Lian's promise, Laiyue let out a silly, bright smile. He bowed respectfully to her before turning and leaving.

TL Note: I usually drink sugarcane juice and I've never chewed on them like CL's doing, but sugarcane does taste really nice! It's also where most of our processed sugar comes from. :3

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