Chapter 377: It's Hard to Say Sorry (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 377: It's Hard to Say Sorry (2)

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He Changdi had used up every bit of courage in his body to say those words, but he found that he had only become even more nervous because of them. His gaze subconsciously landed on Chu Lian's face.

There was no good way to describe what Chu Lian's expression looked like. The closest approximation was 'like she had stepped in dog poop'.

Sigh... This lunatic He Sanlang... When had she ever not tried to get along with him?

She had focused on cooking good food to raise her standard of living, respected her elders, and even earnestly started a business to earn money. She was living perfectly well!

She wasn't the one throwing fits of lunacy since their wedding night!

Chu Lian fought the urge to smile out of overwhelming anger. Wasn't it lucky for him that she was the He Family's Third Young Madam? If he had said that to any other noble lady, wouldn't they have expired on the spot from frustration?

When He Changdi noticed the mocking expression on Chu Lian's face, he froze. His lips pursed together, forming a thin line as his expression turned colder and colder. The hands hidden under his sleeves slowly tensed into fists.

He wanted to speak, but he found that he couldn't say a word when faced with the sort of expression on Chu Lian's face.

Chu Lian tilted her head to the side and started examining the tall He Sanlang the Fair, who would still tower over her by half a head even when seated.

At this moment, He Sanlang's fine features were contorted with tension. There was an aura of self-restraint around him, as if he was a dog trying to suppress the sadness of having been abandoned by his master.

Chu Lian smiled. "He Changdi, what's with that pitiful act? It's not like I abandoned you!"

He Sanlang's current expression was extremely entertaining. He stared at Chu Lian with wide eyes. Her reply had been completely out of his expectations.

Before he could gather his wits to summon a reply, Chu Lian continued into a full-blown tirade. "Haven't you realised it yet? I've always been trying to get along with you! Otherwise, why would I have come all the way out to this poor and desolate place? Why else would I be sitting right next to you now? Are you taking me for a fool?"

The fog covering He Sanlang's eyes seemed to have lifted in an instant.

Shame and guilt flashed through his eyes. Chu Lian's mocking words felt like a slap to his face. Although it didn't hurt, he was still upset.

That's right! Hadn't he been the one determined not to get along with her?

Although he hadn't caused any physical or fatal harm to Chu Lian's body, ever since their wedding day, all of his actions had been damaging to Chu Lian's reputation and self-respect.

How hilarious. How could he have had the guts to ask Chu Lian to 'get along well' with him? He deserved every word of ridicule from her.

He Sanlang pressed his lips together and parted them, yet he just couldn't let a single sound out.

The smile on Chu Lian's face slowly faded away. She looked up at that handsome face with her almond-shaped eyes. "He Changdi, is it so hard to say that you're sorry?"

Chu Lian no longer wanted to wait for his apology. She stood up, but as she did so, she realised that her legs were numb from kneeling for too long. Her body refused to listen to her commands and wavered. He Changdi was about to reach out to support her, but Chu Lian recovered her balance and stabilised herself before he could do so.

He Changdi's outstretched arms looked pitifully lonely and useless. He lowered them in desolation.

Chu Lian watched all this happen, but her heart was set.

"He Changdi, it's getting late. Lieutenant Xiao must be suffering in the cold wind outside. You have a mission to carry out tomorrow as well, so I'll stop bothering you."

And with that, Chu Lian turned and quickly left. Although her figure seemed slender and weak, she moved faster than expected. She was already long gone by the time He Changdi thought to chase after her.

When Chu Lian stepped out of the tent, the cold northern winds were like a slap to her face, instantly calming down her tumultuous emotions. Chu Lian took in a deep breath, but her expression didn't improve.

The tent had muffled all the sounds from inside, so Xiao Hongyu, Wenqing, and Wenlan didn't know what the couple had discussed. However, judging from Chu Lian's expression, all of them could tell that the couple had fought.

Wenlan quickly hurried forward to wrap a cloak around Chu Lian. Xiaoju stepped up to welcome her. "Honoured Lady, our general has charged this subordinate with the duty of leading Honoured Lady to a place to sleep."

Captain Guo had been intending to send Chu Lian over to the women's camp for the night anyway. It was even better that Sima Hui had sent one of her most trusted adjutants over to lead Chu Lian there personally.

Chu Lian smiled at Xiaoju. She wasn't an unreasonable person. "Then I'll be troubling your general. I'll head over right now."

Although it was Xiaoju's first time interacting with Chu Lian, she felt that it was easy to interact with the baby-faced Honoured Lady Jinyi. Her personality was also straightforward, unlike most of the noble ladies in the capital.

Xiaoju was already used to living in the army with her mistress, so she hated the way that noble ladies would talk in circles with hidden meanings. It was better to be honest and direct in everything.

Chu Lian followed Xiaoju to Sima Hui's tent with Wenqing and Wenlan behind her.

When He Sanlang came out of his tent, all that he caught was Chu Lian's slender back walking into the flurry of snow.

Noticing that He Changdi's expression was very gloomy, Xiao Hongyu acted appropriately for once and said, "Brother He, Sister-in-Law has gone over to General Sima's camp. Don't worry, Brother Guo has already made a proper request to General Sima; the general won't mistreat Sister-in-Law."

He Changdi didn't reply Xiao Hongyu. He simply stood at the tent entrance and watched until Chu Lian's silhouette had completely faded into the darkness of the snowy night. He finally turned around and returned to the tent. For some reason, when he heard from Xiao Hongyu that Sima Hui had sent her trusted female adjutant to welcome Chu Lian, he couldn’t help but feel slightly upset.

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