Chapter 360: Shut Out (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 360: Shut Out (1)

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Had he been hallucinating?

What had Third Young Madam said just now?

Did she say... that she had a way to help the border troops out of their dangerous situation?

Mo Chenggui stood dazed for twenty whole seconds before the haziness in his eyes cleared and he seemed to come back to life. He looked around the courtyard in a panic, but Chu Lian's figure had long since disappeared.

Agitated, he roared, "Where is Third Young Madam?!"

The old soldiers who had been carrying out Manager Qin's punishment were stricken with terror. Although they were already getting on in age, their hearing was still working fine. They had heard Third Young Madam's words just now. Manager Qin had gone out to find these planks of fir for the sake of saving the fifty thousand border troops. However, they had not only blamed him unjustly for his actions, but they had also almost beaten him to death...

When the soldiers thought of what they had almost wrought, cold sweat ran down their backs, regardless of the fact that it was the middle of a cold winter day. The soldiers stared at Mo Chenggui with condemning gazes and said, "Brother Mo, Third Young Madam is already gone..."

Mo Chenggui ran after her without thinking. Although he didn't quite dare to trust her yet, since Chu Lian had spoken, that meant that there was hope- even if he had no idea how fir wood, of all things, would be able to save the troops.

The people of the Great Wu Dynasty placed great emphasis on keeping to one's word. This wasn't the modern era where even the most binding contracts could be broken. This was an era where a promise was worth a thousand taels of gold. All families, no matter their size or influence, would keep the promises made by their ancestors for generations upon generations.

Thus, when Chu Lian made her outrageous claim in front of Mo Chenggui, he didn't have an ounce of suspicion that she was spinning up a story. Since she had said it was so, then there was definitely hope!

It was indeed so. The old carpenter had already finished building Chu Lian's idea. It was just a matter of time before they were able to put it to use.

At this moment, Mo Chenggui had instantly forgotten all the disdain he had for Chu Lian. He chased right after her without any shame at all.

When the old soldiers saw their Leader Mo acting so shamelessly, they wanted to turn their cheeks and pretend they didn't know him.

This was entirely different from what they had imagined would happen!

O Great Leader, shouldn't you be scolding her right back with anger and arrogance?

Mo Chenggui ran off quickly, leaving a huge mess behind him!

Manager Qin and the manservants were still tied up, and there was still a pile of fir wood at the side.

One of the old soldiers hurriedly ran off to ask about what they were supposed to do. Mo Chenggui then ordered them to untie Manager Qin and help send the fir to Chu Lian's courtyard.

Tang Yan stood at the entrance of the side courtyard with his guards. When he heard what was going on, he shook his head. Even he had been frightened by Chu Lian's words just now. He had thought to come out to mediate at first, but who knew that the whole scene would come to such a dramatic end?

Honoured Lady Jinyi was really full of surprises.

"Sir, will you step in to this matter?" One of the guards next to Tang Yan inquired.

Tang Yan shook his head with a smile. "This matter has already been settled. Didn't you hear? Honoured Lady has already found a solution. Come on, let's go and take a look."

Tang Yan turned and started walking towards Chu Lian's courtyard as well.

When he reached the entrance, he was met with the sight of Mo Chenggui being blocked from entering the courtyard. When he saw the old soldier pacing back and forth at the entrance without care for the feather-sized snow falling from the sky, Tang Yan hesitated before going up to him.

"Leader Mo, why are you standing out here? Why don't you go in and take a look?"

Leader Mo hated literary officials like Tang Yan the most. After glaring at him, he continued pacing with his hands behind his back.

Tang Yan didn't mind the frosty reception. He turned towards the entrance and was about to stride right in when Li Xing used a sword to block his path.

"Sir Tang, please stop right there. Honoured Lady has given us instructions to prevent anyone from entering, with the exception of the people who work in this courtyard."

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