Chapter 36: Petty (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 36: Petty (2)

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Chu Lian was already completely used to He Sanlang’s abnormal reactions by now. Although she could feel that he absolutely despised her, except for the sudden strangling on their wedding night, he didn’t seem like a threat, even though he had always given her a cold shoulder.

She wasn’t the original Chu Lian, who was entirely too greedy. She also didn’t care too much for Xiao Bojian. The current Chu Lian was someone who just wanted an easy life. Even though she didn’t know why He Sanlang didn’t like her, as long as he didn’t obstruct her days of comfort, she would leave him alone.

Since she had mysteriously come to this Great Wu Dynasty and had become a young madam of a noble family, then she would happily live her layabout life in bliss.

As for He Changdi, she would leave him to his strange temper. What meaning would there be in getting angry at a little ‘kid’ throwing a tantrum?

“As you wished, the main kitchen has been burned down, but I bet you didn’t expect that Eldest Sister-in-Law would be fine. I’m afraid your plans have been foiled. Oh… I forgot to mention, I’m afraid that Cook Zhou won’t make it. Seems like you won’t be able to eat the Jing’an Household’s signature sweets ever again!” He Sanlang said mockingly.

Back at Qingxi Hall, he had thought that Madam Zou had claimed that Chu Lian had saved her life in order to reassure Grandmother. He would have never believed that the culprit behind the fire would save his Sister-in-Law unless he saw it with his own two eyes!

Chu Lian shook her head slightly. She really didn’t know what was going on in this guy’s head. Geez, was he paranoid or what?

She didn’t even have the time to cook up some real good food. How would she have the time to plot and carry out a sinister scheme?

Not to mention, this huge Jing’an Estate had so many businesses under it. How could managing all of that be fun?

She had no desire whatsoever to hold such a tiring post. Rather, she would leave that ‘honour’ to Sister-in-Law.

She had worked her pants off in her previous life. Now that she had gotten such a once-in-a-lifetime chance, she was just going to laze her days away.

She didn’t have to worry about hunting for a promotion, or paying mortgage. Even if she did nothing but cook scrumptious food and admire the scenery all day, she would still get a salary here. The salary was pretty hefty as well. Where else was she going to find such a perfect ‘job’?

Chu Lian didn’t speak and rose from the chair, tidying up her slightly messy hair.

Her head was slightly lowered and she was in poor light. Her face was cast in shadows, so her expression wasn’t clear.

He Sanlang thought that he had finally gotten one over her, and she was only hiding her frustration. Unfortunately for her, He Sanlang saw right through it and felt invariably smug. He would be happy as long as this wicked woman’s plans didn’t come to fruition.

“Hmph, Chu Lian, I advise you to quit scheming while you still can. This isn’t the Jing’an Household of before! Your foxtail is showing—you had better keep it tucked in, or else!” He Changdi felt like he had gotten his point across, so he tossed his sleeves and walked away.

Chu Lian stood up and watched him leave with her head tilted to one side. When she could no longer see his figure, she muttered to herself, “That loony!”

Since when had she had a foxtail?[1] She only wanted to pass her days in peace, make good food, and raise her standard of living. That was it. But here he was, threatening her for no good reason!

Was he even human?

That was just a waste of his godly looks!

How petty!

He Changdi coldly walked out of the bedroom, scaring Senior Servant Gui, who was waiting by the door. She hurriedly greeted him, but he didn’t even glance at her as he left for the study.

He had just entered the corridor when he saw his servant, Laiyue, leading two maidservants into the courtyard.

He Sanlang stopped and asked, “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Upon hearing his Master’s tone, Laiyue knew that he wasn’t in a very good mood. He didn’t dare to dally and rushed to explain. “The Matriarch sent these maidservants over with dinner.” After saying so, Laiyue moved aside, revealing the two maidservants, each holding an exquisitely decorated box of food.

The mention of dinner made He Sanlang remember how Chu Lian’s had immediately asked for food upon first waking up. His expression turned sour.

“Send it all to my study!” He Changdi coldly ordered.

Laiyue gaped before asking in a whisper, “Ah? Young Master, you’re not going to eat in the parlour? The… the study isn’t a place for eating...”

After Laiyue had finished speaking, he felt a sinisterly cold gaze land on his head. Thus, he hurriedly turned and instructed the maidservants behind him. “Didn’t you hear Young Master? Hurry up and go to the study!”

The two maidservants lowered their heads and exchanged looks. They couldn’t understand what Third Young Master was trying to do, but they were just servants, so all they could do was obey.

The two of them trembled in trepidation as they sent the food over to the study.

Laiyue moved closer to He Changdi’s side. “Young Master, there are also some fresh ingredients here. Where should we put them? Eldest Young Madam said that they would be a little busy tomorrow morning, and the food might be sent a bit later than usual. She sent each courtyard a package of ingredients just in case.”

  1. Accusing Chu Lian of having a foxtail - He Sanlang is warning her that her evil intentions are showing, like a fox demoness whose tail reveals her identity~

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