Chapter 359: Chu Lian Loses Her Temper (4)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 359: Chu Lian Loses Her Temper (4)

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Mo Chenggui's disdain for her only grew. He stood ramrod straight, chest puffed and chin raised as he said, "Third Young Madam, are you joking with me?! An idea!? I really do have to ask for your pardon, Third Young Madam. I'm just a simple boor without any magic powers."

The mockery in his tone was so thick and infuriating that Wenqing and Wenlan lost their patience. They glared at Mo Chenggui with anger. If not for Chu Lian holding them back, the two ladies would have started fighting with Mo Chenggui on the spot.

Mo Chenggui snorted at the sight. "Hmph! Third Young Madam's subordinates are really united, huh? Did you bribe them with your food?"

Chu Lian really didn't understand how this fellow's mind worked. He couldn't think of a solution on his own, so he had decided that everyone else was just as stupid as he was. Who knew if it was due to his unwarranted self-confidence or because he thought too highly of himself? If all the soldiers in the army shared the same level of wit as this guy, then the Great Wu Dynasty should just throw down their weapons and admit defeat!

While Chu Lian normally looked like a young, soft, warm and gentle lady, anyone who assumed that she was an easy target to bully would be the first to face defeat.

She wasn't the kind to leave grudges to fester overnight. That was because she would take revenge on the spot the moment anyone dared to bully her!

Mo Chenggui had already crossed the line. Chu Lian had neither patience nor tolerance left for him.

As Wenqing and Wenlan stood behind their Third Young Madam, they noticed that her eyes were shining brightly and her pink lips were drawn up into a smirk despite her grave expression. Although their mistress clearly looked even more vibrant and livelier than normal, the two maidservants shivered in unison.

Mo Chenggui was doomed. Third Young Madam was really angry this time!

Wenqing and Wenlan exchanged looks with a minor twitch of their eyes. They must have been brain dead just now to think that Third Young Madam could be bullied. It would be considered a good day if Third Young Madam didn't bully someone herself!

"Mo. Cheng. Gui! I really don't know what Grandfather saw in you to make you one of House Jing'an's family soldiers! You're so blinded by your own presumptuous self-conceit; why haven't you ascended yet?"

She no longer called him 'Uncle Mo' out of respect for his age and changed to calling his full name directly.

Chu Lian had been holding down her discontent for so long that she felt refreshed upon letting loose her tirade.

However, Mo Chenggui and the others in the courtyard were all stiff with shock. They directed similar expressions of disbelief at Chu Lian and gulped in unorchestrated unison. As they trembled, they couldn’t help but think, 'Third... Third Young Madam is scolding Leader Mo?'

Although Third Young Madam was so young, her daring knew no bounds!

Even the heir's wife wouldn't dare to scold Leader Mo right to his face like that...

For some reason, although they knew that Third Young Madam's bold approach wasn't right either, they still felt a mysterious sense of satisfaction!

Everyone silently stood by without moving, hiding their intention to watch the drama unfold.

Mo Chenggui had clearly been dealt a blow by Chu Lian's words. He opened his eyes wide and glared right back at her. Although he had never heard the word 'ascended' being used to scold someone, he could tell that it didn't mean anything good from her tone.

Mo Chenggui was just a boorish man to the core. He was the best at using his fists, not his tongue.

Before he was able to retort, Chu Lian continued her tirade. "Mo Chenggui, let me tell you this now! Anything that is impossible to you becomes a real possibility in my hands! Don't use that narrow-minded gaze of yours to judge others! Just because you can't do it doesn't mean that others can't either! I'll reveal a little more to you; these useless pieces of fir wood might not even be worth a wheat pancake to you, but they're going to do what you couldn't and save those fifty thousand soldiers!"

Leaving behind her words, Chu Lian turned and left. Tang Yan, who had been standing right outside the courtyard for some time, had heard her. She trusted that he would be able to take care of the rest.

Actually, Mo Chenggui wasn't as bad as Chu Lian made him out to be. He was just too stubborn and didn't know how to adapt to new changes. She believed that her words would be enough to wake him up and prevent him from becoming an obstacle on their northern journey.

Chu Lian left as quickly as she came, disappearing just like a breeze.

However, this wasn't the average gentle, refreshing breeze; it was a fearsome hurricane that had completely bowled over everyone present in the courtyard.

Mo Chenggui was so stunned by the chain of events that all the nerves in his body seemed to be frozen. He couldn't move at all.

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