Chapter 356: Chu Lian Loses Her Temper (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 356: Chu Lian Loses Her Temper (1)

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The old soldier shook his head awkwardly. It was hard for him to admit he hadn't been able to find out what Chu Lian was up to. That small courtyard of hers was now bustling with activity, and there were people hauling wooden planks in and out all the time.

Ultimately, the old soldier was unable to come up with anything to report. Mo Chenggui saw right through his silence and understood what hadn’t been said. He had already been simmering with anger towards Chu Lian before this. Now, this strange new activity of hers was the last bit of fuel needed to blow his temper sky-high!

Mo Chenggui slammed his palm on the table, making the porcelain teacups clatter from the force. "Is Third Young Madam completely ignoring our presence?!"

Back then, he hadn't been very approving of the matriarch sending Third Young Madam here to the north. She was just a little girl, barely come of age, who was probably used to being spoiled all day and night. What would she be able to achieve out here?

Just look at what she had done on the way here.

She had been sent here to help Third Young Master, but her actions said otherwise. She had clearly come out to sightsee on a personal leisure trip- only at public expense!

The moment she arrived at the northern border, she had already caused trouble for Third Young Master, and he had been punished by martial law.

Previously, Mo Chenggui had been held back by He Changdi's orders. Even though he was extremely unhappy with Chu Lian, he had suppressed his anger towards her and hadn't done anything. They had each minded their own business.

However, this sudden snow storm was like the last piece of straw that broke the camel's back. All of the negative emotions within Mo Chenggui had accumulated to a point where he could no longer suppress them. Right now, he felt like a volcano about to explode.

For Chu Lian, the first thing that she did every morning for the past two days after waking up was to visit the old carpenter in the storehouse and check on the progress of her project.

Although the old carpenter was a little too shrewd, he was an utmost professional and skilled at his craft. After making a promise to Chu Lian, he had devoted his heart to his work. Now Chu Lian's project was almost complete after two days and two nights of working with his sons and grandsons.

The old carpenter had started working before the sun had even risen. When he heard the door opening, he knew that it was Chu Lian who had come to visit. Every day at this hour, the esteemed madam would personally come over and take a look at his progress.

The old carpenter set down the woodworking plane in his hands and hurried over to welcome her. "This old man gives greetings to Esteemed Madam."

Chu Lian waved her hand and asked, "Old Master, will you be able to finish your work today?"

When it came to the topic of woodworking, the old carpenter's originally bent back immediately straightened up with pride.

He turned to gaze at the object in the center of the storehouse as if he were looking at his very own child. "Esteemed Madam, please don't worry. This old man is as good as his word. This old man will be able to finish this before night falls."

Chu Lian moved a little closer to the object. The old carpenter was right; it looked exactly like the object she had drawn out in her blueprints.

She glanced at the rest of the storehouse and noticed that the old carpenter's sons and grandsons were standing respectfully to one side. Chu Lian found it strange and said, "You don't have to care about my presence here, please be at ease and continue your work!"

The old carpenter let out an unabashed bark of laughter that was as honest as the man it had come from. "Esteemed Madam, these kids aren't purposely standing around because of you. We've used up all the wood we had, so Master Qin went out early in the morning to buy more. This old man's just waiting for the materials. Once Master Qin returns, we'll be able to finish our work in just one hour."

Although Chu Lian knew what the rough design should be, she wasn't very sure about the kind of materials she should use for it since it was her first time making something like this. After discussing with the old carpenter, she had decided on using fir wood, which was harder and more robust.

After testing their first prototype, they wouldn't have to be so rigid with the choice of materials later on.

Chu Lian nodded and left the storehouse. Once she reached the entrance, she ordered Wenlan to send the old carpenter and his helpers something nice to eat.

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