Chapter 350: Perfect Match (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 350: Perfect Match (1)

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Although He Sanlang wasn't surprised, he still felt ambivalent.

Xiao Hongyu, on the other hand, didn't have heavy thoughts brewing in his head like He Changdi. Instead, his curiosity was like a million cat claws scratching at the walls of his heart. He couldn't sit still any longer and tried to urge He Changdi on. "Brother He, what are you in a daze for? Quick, open it and see what's inside."

With such a nice box, surely it wouldn't turn out to be jewellery? He really couldn't think of an accessory that a man would wear.

For He Changdi, it was impossible to think with such a noisy guy right next to him. Thus, he abandoned his train of thought and turned his focus to the box. It couldn’t be opened straightforwardly. He Changdi located the hidden mechanism and pressed down, releasing the lock. The exquisitely fragrant rosewood box popped open with a clack.

Nestled within the dark red silk-lined box was a dark green piece of jade in the shape of a thumb ring. Its vibrant colour and glossy surface were a testament to its quality; it even seemed to glow in the light.

Although Xiao Hongyu didn't understand the finer points of jade quality, he could tell with one glance that something of this colour and texture was definitely high-quality. Furthermore, as a military man, Xiao Hongyu could immediately tell what the item was.

"A thumb ring!"

The lowest ranked foot soldiers of the Great Wu Dynasty were given bows and arrows. Thus, thumb rings were something that almost every soldier would use.

Some of the standard thumb rings would have grooves to help with holding the bow string. The most common type of thumb rings were made of elk horn and were rather cheap in the Great Wu Dynasty.

Xiao Hongyu was a little jealous upon seeing He Changdi's gift. The thumb ring he was wearing now was only made of elk horn; he certainly didn’t own any made out of jade. How nice it was to have a wife!

"Brother He, quick, put it on and see if it fits!"

He Changdi stared at the green jade thumb ring for a moment, but instead of putting it on, he closed the lid and didn’t say a word.

Xiao Hongyu immediately grew anxious. "Brother He, aren't you going to try it on?" When that didn’t work, Xiao Hongyu smiled and then began to cajol, "Brother He, if you're not going to use it, then why don't you lend it to me? The one I'm using is just made of elk horn. It's not really good and it usually rubs against my skin. See, I'm getting a blister on my thumb from it!"

He Changdi gripped the wooden box in his hands and cast a cool look at the shameless Xiao Hongyu. "Who said I'm not going to wear it?"

After saying so, he took out the green Hetian jade thumb ring and put it onto his right thumb.

Although He Sanlang regularly practised martial arts, resulting in some calluses on his hands, his fingers were long and slender. His hand was so slim that his finger bones could be counted from the back of his hand. When he pushed the dark green Hetian jade ring onto his thumb, it made his whole hand seem even more elegant and good-looking. It looked even better than when Xiao Bojian had worn it.

When Xiao Hongyu saw that the thumb ring was now on He Changdi's hand, he shook his head in pity and lamented, "Sister-in-Law really has a good eye for things."

He had no choice but to admit that this Hetian jade ring was perfect for He Changdi, as if it had been tailor made for him.

Even He Changdi himself lost track of his surroundings and stared at the ring for two entire seconds.

After Xiao Hongyu turned and crawled back into his own bed, He Changdi threw another wooden box at him. "You can use this from now on."

Xiao Hongyu's expression turned to joy after he opened the box. Inside it was the white jade thumb ring that He Changdi had been using. He hugged the wooden box and broke out into a wide, foolish smile. "Brother He, at least you have some conscience left in you!"

The Hetian jade ring was warm to the touch, a constant reminder of that wicked woman's existence.

A little uncomfortable, He Changdi rubbed at the thumb ring.

Finally, he set his gaze on the other items in the package. Xiao Hongyu was playing with the white jade ring that He Changdi had given him, so he was being very quiet.

There wasn't much else in the package. Just some sets of clothes that he usually wore. It was just enough to replace the two sets that he had ordered to be thrown away today. They were all inner clothing meant to be under armour.

One of them was grey and the other was indigo.

He Sanlang stroked the cloth with his slender fingers. He suddenly paused and looked closely at the indigo set of clothes.

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