Chapter 347: He Sanlang Doesn’t Know How to Placate His Wife (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 347: He Sanlang Doesn’t Know How to Placate His Wife (2)

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He Changdi had been standing at the entrance with his hands behind his back for quite some time by now. When he caught sight of Wenqing from the corner of his eyes, the hopes that he had been secretly harbouring in his heart were dashed.

By the time Wenqing finished bobbing in greeting to her young master, all that greeted her in return was her young master's icy voice. "What have you come here for?"

Wenqing was afraid that Third Young Master would mistake her intentions, so she quickly explained, "Third Young Master, this servant has come under Third Young Madam's orders."

He Sanlang's stiff expression relaxed a little upon hearing this. He shifted awkwardly on the spot before giving his best shot at feigning a casual reply. "What did she say?"

Although Wenqing wanted to laugh, how could she possibly dare to do so?

She presented the package to He Changdi with both hands and said, "Third Young Master, Third Young Madam asks for you to return to camp quickly. These are some things that she had this servant prepare for you. Third Young Madam was afraid that you wouldn't have enough clothes to wear since you gave away your clothes today, so she had these two sets of new clothes prepared."

As He Changdi took the package from Wenqing, his expression grew a little warmer. He hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he couldn't resist asking, "Is your young madam still angry with me?"

When Wenqing heard her master actually asking something like this, she took the chance to say, "Third Young Master, this servant has been serving by Third Young Madam's side for some time now, so this servant understands Third Young Madam's personality a little. Third Young Madam has always been friendly and easygoing, even with us lowly servants. She always meets everyone with a smile on her face. This servant has seen how much Third Young Madam has suffered on the way here to the northern border, so this servant hopes that Third Young Master might try to understand Third Young Madam's plight."

Wenqing's words made the regret in He Sanlang's heart grow even deeper. He pressed his lips together without speaking for a long moment. Then, he finally said, "Go back and take good care of your young madam. Although her ankle is almost healed, she can't be careless with it."

Even though He Changdi's voice was still the same, his tone had become much warmer and gentler. Wenqing knew that her persuasion had worked. Now with a lighter heart, she agreed and said, "Please don't worry, Third Young Master. This servant will take good care of Third Young Madam."

He Sanlang hooked his arm through the handle of the package and slung it onto his back. He mounted his horse and led his subordinates away from the He Estate back to camp.

If Chu Lian were to find out how Wenqing had explained the situation to He Sanlang, she would have surely awarded her maidservant with a huge eyeroll.

To be honest, on the whole journey here to the north, she really hadn't suffered much at all, excluding that sneak attack by the barbarians and Tuhuns. Her preparations had been thorough enough, and Tang Yan was a capable man. They hadn't lacked for anything on the way here. Although they had travelled as fast as they could, it couldn't be compared to the harsh pace the army reinforcements had to travel at.

She even had the free time to order Wenqing and Wenlan to cook something appetising each time they stopped for a break. All she had done on the journey here was eat and look at the pretty scenery. It was much better than some budget backpacking trips back in the modern world.

After urging his horse on with his whip, He Changdi finally managed to return to the main camp before the sun set.

Once he reached his tent, he saw that a bunch of his good friends were all waiting for him within.

Zhang Mai was met with He Changdi's terrible expression the moment he entered the tent. The corner of Zhang Mai’s lips curled at the sight and he tsked. "Ay, we single bastards just don't get the same level of treatment as these happily married fools."

He slapped Xiao Hongyu's shoulder as the poor lad was still searching around He Changdi's bed. "Alright, that's enough. What are you still searching for? Those lewd drawings of yours are probably ash in the brazier by now."

Xiao Hongyu immediately let out an anguished wail and collapsed onto He Changdi's soft bed. "Brother He, Sister-in-Law couldn't have possibly found that book, right?!"

He Sanlang had completely lost all of his dignity as a man in front of Chu Lian today. When Xiao Hongyu fearlessly reminded him of the incident, he sneered sinisterly.

Author’s Note:

Snow Mountain Mists: Sanlang, you can't go on like this! Come here, mommy will teach you how to make your wife happy!

He Sanlang (with a terrible expression): Heh heh!

Snow Mountain Mists: You brat, you have to work harder. You're still a virgin even now! ε(┬┬﹏┬┬)3

He Sanlang: ...... (draws sword)

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