Chapter 346: He Sanlang Doesn’t Know How to Placate His Wife (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 346: He Sanlang Doesn’t Know How to Placate His Wife (1)

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Not long after Chu Lian's carriage had left the camp, He Changdi came chasing after her on a horse with two of his subordinates in tow.

There was a brazier burning within the carriage, but it was still cold and breezy. In the northern border, it was so cold that spit would turn into ice the moment it hit the ground. The fleece rug and blankets that had originally been placed inside the carriage had been used to replace He Changdi's bedding, so all that was left were bare wooden boards. Chu Lian wasn't used to the cold and hard interior yet.

Wenqing heard the sound of hurried hoofbeats outside the carriage, so she lifted the curtain to peek outside. Her face lit up with happiness at the sight, and she immediately turned to Chu Lian. Wenqing began to adjust the large fur cloak on her mistress as she said, "Third Young Madam, Third Young Master has come to send you off."

Chu Lian was still angry at that lunatic husband of hers and had no desire to see him at this point. All she did was harrumph.

Wenqing started getting anxious when she saw Third Young Madam's reaction. However, there was nothing she could do.

Chu Lian was intent on stewing in her anger inside the carriage. Meanwhile, He Sanlang had never been a man who was good at placating his wife; considering how his previous life went, reincarnating did little to help matters. The thought of shamelessly begging his wife for forgiveness had never even crossed his mind. Thus, he kept his face cold and continued following Chu Lian's carriage on his horse, escorting her silently all the way back to the He Estate in Liangzhou City.

When they arrived, He Sanlang dismounted from his horse and stood by the carriage. It wasn't until he finally saw Chu Lian being helped down from the carriage by Wenlan that his deep, dark gaze finally lit up with some life. He Sanlang moved forward with the intention to help her, but when that only caused him to be on the receiving end of his wife’s fierce glare, he pulled his hand back.

As he was right now, He Sanlang looked like a poor dog who had been abandoned by his master...

After Chu Lian glared at him, she walked straight into the He Estate without Wenqing and Wenlan's support, treating He Changdi as if he was thin air.

He Sanlang stood silently by the entrance of the estate as the cold winter winds blew past.

The two subordinates who had followed after him lowered their heads with scared looks on their faces, afraid that their captain would turn around to take his anger out on them instead.

Damn it, which brat had told them that there would be good food to eat if they accompanied the captain to the He Estate!? They were going to kill him when they got back to camp!

He Changdi continued staring in the direction that Chu Lian had left in, his thin lips pressed tightly together. His hands curled into fists at his side. The small trace of warmth in his eyes disappeared and his expression turned cold and dark.

Just like this, he stood by the entrance of the estate without entering or leaving, as if the howling icy winds would be able to calm the swirling emotions in his heart.

After fifteen minutes, Chu Lian could no longer sit still. She wasn't the kind of girl to play cold wars anyway. She had only given the cold shoulder to He Changdi because that fool deserved it!

When Wenqing noticed that Third Young Madam seemed a little distracted, she quickly took the chance to ask, "Third Young Madam, we haven't heard any sound of hoofbeats. It's still snowing outside, wouldn't it be unbearable to stand out there in the cold? Third Young Master might be sent back out to the frontlines to fight our enemies, too..."

Before Wenqing could finish speaking, Chu Lian had already interrupted her.

"Go out and give him some stuff!"

Seeing that Third Young Madam had finally given in, Wenqing's face brightened up with joy. She quickly called Wenlan to follow her out to prepare a package. Just as they were about to leave, Chu Lian quickly added on, "Don't tell him that it was my order! I'm still angry here! And I haven't forgiven him! It's just... for the sake of his efforts on the frontlines."

Wenqing resisted the urge to smile and respectfully agreed.

As Wenqing rushed towards the estate entrance with a package in hand, she spotted Manager Qin standing to one side awkwardly. When Manager Qin noticed her arrival, he reacted as if he had seen his saviour.

"Is Young Master still standing at the entrance?" Wenqing asked in a whisper.

Manager Qin nodded with a troubled expression. "Miss Wenqing, please try to convince Third Young Master to return. Those two soldiers standing behind Third Young Master look like they're about to freeze."

Wenqing told him to return to the estate first, while she hurried towards the entrance.

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