Chapter 342: Getting Angry (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 342: Getting Angry (1)

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Chu Lian had always been picky with her food. Although she managed to force herself to eat at least a little of each dish, she knew she was approaching her limits and sensibly set down her chopsticks after a few bites.

He Sanlang didn't say anything upon noticing her actions. He simply took her leftover wheat pancake and finished it.

Chu Lian blinked and watched as He Changdi ate all of her leftovers with a cold, handsome face. She felt both embarrassed and guilty at the same time.

In order to ease the awkwardness, Chu Lian tried to start up a conversation. "So this is what all the officers in camp eat every day?"

He Changdi finished drinking all the warm water left in the bowl and wiped his mouth with a handkerchief that Wenlan passed over. He then turned to look at the young, weak woman before of him.

The wicked woman's doe-like eyes were shining brightly, like a little creature filled with curiosity.

He Sanlang shifted his gaze away as casually as he could before carefully replying, "Mm, even the great general is no exception."

Chu Lian wailed in her heart at the bleakness of his answer. However, she also found it strange. She knew from history that even the unpaid volunteer forces that were formed to fight against sudden rebellions- like the Hunan Army, for example- weren’t this worse off. With no grains and only bean paste to eat, this was a truly dire situation.

While He Sanlang's position wasn't very high, he was still a captain. Chu Lian had come today with an imperial decree to bring them supplies, so Great General Qian had specially invited her to stay for a meal. They wouldn't normally welcome their guests with such poor fare, what more an Honoured Lady representing the Empress Dowager.

However, the only thing the army kitchen’s staff had sent over were these dishes...

At least there was salted meat and wheat pancakes, but at the same time, there was only salted meat and wheat pancakes. If this was what they were given, what about the lowest ranked soldiers?

Chu Lian's eyes widened into huge circles. She gulped and sped over to He Changdi's side.

When Wenqing and Wenlan noticed their young madam's sudden action, they were momentarily stunned. A red flush overcame their cheeks, and then they were both making a hasty retreat out of the tent.

Absence really did make the heart grow fonder. Third Young Madam hadn't gotten enough alone time with Third Young Master.

When Chu Lian sat down next to He Changdi, she even squeezed closer to him, as if they weren't already close enough.

All He Changdi could smell right now was Chu Lian's uniquely refreshing, sweet scent. His entire body froze as he tried to figure out what Chu Lian was trying to do.

He wanted to push the wicked woman away, but his hands just refused to listen to him.

Her familiar scent drew him back to the memories of that wonderful kiss from before.

The tips of He Sanlang's ears turned red and he gulped unconsciously, causing his Adam's apple to bob.

The depths of his pupils seemed to turn even darker as his eyes darted towards Chu Lian's tender, pink lips. However, Chu Lian's next words made him drop his wayward thoughts completely.

"He Sanlang, tell me honestly, is the border army running out of food?"

He Changdi's body froze like a statue. His eyes narrowed and he grabbed Chu Lian's arm with his large hand. In a deep, chilling tone, he questioned, "How do you know that?!"

Chu Lian hadn't noticed his strange mood yet; she was too occupied by her shock. Her eyes grew wide. So it was true!

"Didn't your manservant Laiyue follow you here to the northern border? How come I haven't seen him these past few days?" Laiyue definitely wasn't in the camp. Otherwise, he should have come out to welcome her in He Changdi's stead by now. However, he wasn't at Liangzhou's He Estate either... Chu Lian's eyes lit up.

"You've sent him out to secure supplies?" Chu Lian's bright, sparkling eyes were filled with certainty as she looked up at He Changdi.

However, the sight that met her eyes was enough to make her tremble in fright.

The look in He Sanlang's eyes was cold. He looked exactly like the day they had first met, as if he wanted to chew her up and spit out her blood. Back on their wedding night, when he had almost strangled her to death...

Chu Lian could feel the hairs on her head stand on end. She subconsciously took a step back, trying to distance herself from the danger before her.

However, He Changdi maintained his tight hold on her upper arm and refused to let her move. His dangerous gaze was locked onto Chu Lian's eyes, as if he was trying to see into her heart and thoughts with his eyes alone!

He asked again, "How. Do. You. Know. That!" His tone was even more sinister than the first time.

He Changdi had been able to make preparations in advance because he had experienced it in his previous life, but how had Chu Lian been able to find out about the lack of supplies?

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