Chapter 339: First Kiss (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 339: First Kiss (2)

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Chu Lian hadn't detected the change in his mood, so she openly admitted her doings. "Mm, I flipped through it."

He Changdi's eyes instantly opened wide. His face was still flushed as he pointed at Chu Lian with a trembling hand, "You... Chu Lian, you loose woman...!"


It was Chu Lian's turn to open her eyes wide. Just looking at some lewd drawings was enough to condemn her as a loose woman? They were such lousy drawings, too.

A corner of her lips tugged downwards. Or should she say that this lunatic husband of hers was just too inexperienced?

Chu Lian didn't care about He Sanlang's reprimand at all. She simply rolled her eyes and said, "Isn't your book too low quality?" Even with such poor quality, He Sanlang was still squirreling it away like it was some treasure.

He Changdi almost exploded on the spot. His frustration was stuck in his chest with nowhere to go. That chattering mouth of hers was really annoying as well. His pupils contracted; he finally lost control of his emotions and grabbed her shoulders before sweeping her up in a fierce kiss.

Chu Lian had just been in the middle of enjoying He Sanlang's blushing a second ago. In the next instant, her mind went completely blank.

She could feel the pressure of something soft and slightly cool on her lips. She blinked once, then twice, before she finally came to her senses.

He Sanlang was kissing her by force!

She immediately put her hands on He Changdi's chest and instinctively struggled as she tried to push him away.

However, He Changdi's palms were so strong that they seemed to be made of steel. They held onto her slender shoulders so that she couldn't move.

Chu Lian didn't understand what kind of fit he was having now.

The fires of He Sanlang's rage were still burning brightly. If he were to let go of her mouth and let her continue speaking, who knew what new ways she would find to infuriate him? Thus, he simply kept her mouth occupied.

He still hadn't realised that his heart was beating tremendously fast while he was kissing Chu Lian.

He Changdi was still a virgin after all. He didn't even know how to kiss, let alone act out the scenes shown in that naughty little book. When he realised that Chu Lian was struggling, his only reaction was to press his lips even more forcefully onto hers, as if he could subdue her by doing so. How naive.

Although the mouth that was always filled with words meant to provoke him was annoying, it tasted rather good. He wondered what Chu Lian had just eaten. There was an addictively sweet taste on her soft, supple lips that drew him back time and time again for more.

Chu Lian made muffled sounds of complaint. Their teeth were grinding against each other, so she was feeling very uncomfortable. However, He Sanlang was like a bull locked on his target, he just tried going forward without turning back.

As she cried out in her heart, Chu Lian had no choice but to part her lips slightly so she could catch He Changdi's upper lip between her own, giving herself a chance to breathe.

He Sanlang reacted as if he had just been struck by lightning. His body stiffened as he finally managed to reach enlightenment, almost like it had been sent straight from the heavens.

It was easy for men to grasp what to do in these kinds of situations without any prior experience. Chu Lian's simple action had somehow opened a gateway in his mind; He Changdi managed to gain insight into the art of kissing in the span of a mere instant.

He mounted a counterattack, causing Chu Lian to lose her advantageous position and face a pending defeat.

By the time He Changdi finally let go of her, Chu Lian's lips had already turned red and swollen...

Chu Lian was a little annoyed. She covered her lips and glared fiercely at He Sanlang. "He Changdi! Would it kill you to be gentle?"

It was He Sanlang's first time experiencing something so wonderful. He was still panting for breath as he immersed himself in the recollection of the sweet taste on his lips. Chu Lian's complaint snapped him back to reality and caused his expression to darken, as if his pride as a man had been questioned.

However, he did feel a little guilty, since he hadn't known how to kiss at all to begin with. It was only later on that he had discovered the true technique of kissing, so he held back his retort. After struggling for a moment, he finally managed to reply with a subdued, "I'll be gentler next time..."

Chu Lian rolled her eyes.

She muttered to herself, "There won't be a next time!"

Although it was just a kiss, it felt like she had almost been completely eaten up by him. That feeling was just too scary.

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