Chapter 338: The First Kiss (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 338: The First Kiss (1)

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Although the changes in He Sanlang's expression weren't obvious, Chu Lian had been watching him this entire time; she noticed when the glint in his eyes changed. When she followed He Sanlang's line of sight, the crude naughty book that she had casually thrown onto the side table came into view.

Chu Lian blinked as curiosity welled up inside her.

He Changdi normally seemed like a cool, aloof type of guy. She had never seen him smiling out in the open, even in front of Matriarch He. Would a man as icy and reserved as He Sanlang really read that kind of book?

Of course, Chu Lian didn't intend to judge him. He was a man after all, and it was pretty common for them to watch a few 'movies' here and there. In the modern world, they might even have an entire hard disk's worth of 'movies' featuring their idols!

She was simply curious. Chu Lian was definitely not going to admit that this was one of her stranger interests.

He Changdi's body stiffened slightly. He shifted his gaze away from that blue leather-bound book, and then, he abruptly stood up and walked over to Chu Lian's other side before sitting down again.

With his height and the armour he was wearing, as long as he bent his body forward slightly, he could block Chu Lian's view of the blue book on the table.

Chu Lian gave him a weird look. "Why did you shift to the other side so suddenly?"

He Changdi cast a quick glance over and met Chu Lian's perplexed gaze. It was only then that he pretended to be calm and collected as he replied, "I'm more used to sitting on this side."

Chu Lian muttered to herself, "What a weird habit. Aren't you still sitting on the same bed?"

When He Sanlang saw that Chu Lian hadn't mentioned the little blue book at all, he inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. However, since he was leaning his body a little sideways, his current pose seemed rather strange.

Chu Lian hadn't realised why He Sanlang had moved at first. It was only when she turned her gaze in the direction of the side table that she realised what had happened.

Her first reaction was to immediately start laughing- inside her mind, of course. This lunatic husband of hers was trying to bury his head in the sand and ignore his book?

He Sanlang hadn't even fully relaxed when Chu Lian's uniquely soft tone asked, "So you like looking at lewd drawings?"

He Changdi's cool and handsome face instantly exploded into a furious blush that covered his entire face. His skin was the type that tended towards lighter tones, so the flush of red was extremely obvious.

Chu Lian watched the changes on He Sanlang's face in surprise. She finally understood what the phrase 'ripe as a peach' meant.

He Changdi's deep, serious eyes were now filled with embarrassment.

His lips pressed so tightly together that they formed a thin line, and his face got redder and redder by the second. After a moment of struggle, he managed to spit out a single sentence: "That book's not mine."

Chu Lian was already rolling on the floor with laughter inside her head. It took all of her might to hold onto the last vestiges of her calm facade. She hadn't expected He Changdi to be so cute when embarrassed; how could she have resisted the urge to tease him?

"I found that book under your bed, so who else could it belong to? Who would put a book like that under someone else's bed?"

He just knew that this would happen! It was in this wicked woman's nature to be utterly infuriating!

He had clearly been telling the truth, yet she refused to believe a single word of it.

Frustration built up within He Sanlang's chest. However, there was no way for him to let it out. His current expression was extremely entertaining.

Chu Lian just couldn't resist throwing in another jab. "There aren't any women in most military camps, so it's normal to look at these kinds of books. But there's nothing much to this one."

There were just some normal positions shown in that book. They didn't even change the backgrounds of the drawings; it was too primitive.

Upon hearing Chu Lian's statement, a dangerous glint started shining in He Changdi's eyes.

He finally managed to get a word in edgewise. In a sinister voice, he asked, "So you looked inside?"

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