Chapter 336: Getting Along in the Tent (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 336: Getting Along in the Tent (1)

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Chu Lian had been standing behind the tent flap, not a hint of an expression on her face. When she heard He Changdi’s words, the corners of her lips curled up, and only then did she finally lift up the tent flap to peer outside.

As soon as she did so, Chu Lian was immediately met with the black pools of He Changdi's eyes, causing her to cough awkwardly.

Although her lunatic husband was usually rather disagreeable, it seemed like he was able to see through deception when the time called for it. He hadn't failed her expectations at all.

Chu Lian didn't realise that her eyes had turned bright and sparkly. If she turned these eyes on anyone in the world right now, they would be able to tell that she was in an extremely good mood.

When Chu Lian's smile casted its bright rays upon He Sanlang, it drove away all the gloomy clouds that had been gathering in his heart, just like a miniature sun.

She seemed to exude a natural charisma, attracting his gaze to her without him even realising.

When Chu Lian looked down and noticed that a soldier was about to follow He Changdi's orders and throw away the clothes that Xiaoyan and the other female soldiers had been washing, she frowned and spoke up. "Don't throw those away. Let them dry and give them to any soldiers who need more clothes for winter."

The soldier hadn't expected Chu Lian to give him such an order. Although he had thought that it was a pity to throw away these perfectly good clothes, these were the captain's, so they didn't have any right to do anything else to them. The soldier turned to his superior officer with a questioning look.

He Changdi's brows drew together, and his lips formed a thin line. "Do as Honoured Lady says."

When the soldier heard that, he took away the basin of clothes with a happy smile.

Xiaoyan and the others were standing in a hidden corner some distance away, watching the scene in front of He Changdi's tent. When Xiaoyan saw that the soldier was taking away the wet clothes and giving them to other soldiers in need, her face contorted into an ugly expression.

She wasn't stupid. She knew that He Sanlang had done that out of disdain for them.

However, they weren’t just any soldiers around camp- they were Sima Hui's subordinates. Didn’t this act show He Changdi’s contempt for Sima Hui as well?

An indignant expression covered Xiaoyan's face.

Chu Lian's eyes were their own upturned smiles as she looked up at the travel-worn He Sanlang. He was still wearing his cloak and helmet; it was clear that he had rushed straight over from the battlefield.

"Come in, it's too windy outside."

He Sanlang paused before entering. He seemed to be struggling to keep his usual cold expression. Unbeknownst to him, just as he passed beneath the raised tent flap, the warm air of the tent caused the tips of his ears to turn red.

That cute, pink flush didn't match his cool, handsome face at all.

Inside, He Changdi took a couple glances towards Chu Lian’s ankle. Following that, he took off his cloak, helmet, and scabbard and passed them to the waiting Wenqing and Wenlan.

Although his voice sounded the same and his tone seemed as icy as usual, anyone would be able to tell that there was a shred of concern in his question as he asked, "Has your wound recovered?"

Chu Lian's almond-shaped eyes were smiling as she stared at the tall He Sanlang. She had been feeling a little awkward earlier, but now she was feeling as thick-skinned as could be.

"I can walk now, just not too quickly."

Long legs carried He Changdi over to Chu Lian's side in just three strides. He pushed aside the long hem of his robe and sat down next to Chu Lian.

The originally stiff, hard bed had suddenly turned warm and soft with cushiony bedding. The difference in expectation made He Changdi freeze for a second. An instance of panic flashed across his normally calm and collected face.

However, He Changdi quickly concealed his flustered emotions. His seemingly casual gaze brushed over Chu Lian for a moment, as if checking whether she had detected his moment of abnormality.

His thin lips pressed together as he bent over, preparing to lift up Chu Lian's skirt.

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