Chapter 333: Naughty Book (4)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 333: Naughty Book (4)

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Chu Lian casually tossed the obscene drawings aside and continued cleaning out the dry layers of grass on the bed.

Wenqing and Wenlan wore twin curious expressions as they asked, "Third Young Madam, what kind of book is that?"

Chu Lian cast a sideways glance at the book in question. Rather indifferent, she said, "See for yourselves."

Wenlan was the more active of the pair. Her curiosity was already burning like an unscratchable itch. Third Young Madam had spent quite a bit of time looking through that book! She had even been holding back her laughter as she flipped through the pages. That just made Wenlan even more curious.

Wenlan glanced at her older sister before taking the book in hand. Wenqing also drew closer to her.

However, after flipping through the first two pages, the two girls screamed and the book dropped to the ground.

Chu Lian found their actions weird, so she asked, "What's wrong?"

Wenqing and Wenlan's faces were completely flushed. They stared at Chu Lian with rebuking eyes. "Third Young Madam, those are lewd drawings!"

Chu Lian almost tilted her head in confusion. "I know that."

How are you so calm and indifferent since you know that... Wenqing and Wenlan were speechless.

Chu Lian's lips crooked up. It was just a roughly drawn book of lewd drawings, and they weren’t even that explicit. Young guys and girls wouldn't even give it another glance back in the modern world.

Wenlan picked up the book and quickly put it on the side table next to her as if it was a hot potato. The moment she set it down, she quickly drew her hand back. Her cheeks were glowing red.

Chu Lian wanted to put her face in her hands. Weren't these girls too innocent?

She ordered Wenqing and Wenlan to change He Sanlang's bedding into the more comfortable, thicker set she had brought. She then layered it with a fleece blanket on top. This way, it would be much warmer than before, and indeed she was proven right when she sat on top of the bed again.

After she tested the thickness of the bedding, Chu Lian nodded in satisfaction. She ordered Wenqing and Wenlan to patch up the areas where the seams of the fleece blanket had come apart.

When they were done, Wenlan looked outside and realised that it was almost 11am.

Captain Guo's adjutant came in to report that they would soon be having their midday meal. The soldiers of the Left Wing Army would be returning from the frontlines momentarily, so they would be eating together.

Joy showed on Wenqing and Wenlan's faces. Third Young Master was back!

The three girls washing clothes outside the tent also heard this piece of news. Xiaoyan and the other girls suddenly perked up.

Xiaoyan's eyes darted about in thought before she said, "Let's wash a little slower."

"Ah? Sister Xiaoyan, we're almost done with all these. Why don't we finish up and head back to rest earlier?"

Xiaoyan's expression turned cold as she drew out her reddened hands from the icy cold water. She said fiercely, "Our general is about to return. I want to show her how much we've been bullied by that woman while she wasn't around!"

The other two female soldiers' moods lifted upon hearing that. That's right, their general was back. No one would dare to bully them now!

Thus, the three girls purposely left their hands a little longer in the cold water until they were almost purple. This way, they would look more pitiful later.

Chu Lian didn't care at all about whatever the three girls outside were thinking. Once she heard the report, she simply nodded and had Wenlan go off to boil a kettle of hot water.

He Changdi knew that Chu Lian would come to visit the camp today. Thus, upon receiving the order to return to camp, he quickly led his subordinates and rushed back.

With a whip in her hands, Sima Hui led the army and followed He Changdi. The red tassel on her helmet danced in the icy winds. As she stared at He Changdi's heroic figure, she frowned and asked, "Why is Captain He in such a rush today?"

Although He Changdi was young and had an absolutely stunning face, he normally kept a cold expression. In the army, he was known to be quick and resolute in his actions, as well as very skilled in martial arts- so much so that he had never once lost in the army’s martial arts competitions before. All these details made him out to be a steady and introverted person. Even during that sneak attack by the Tuhuns a month ago, He Changdi had been able to remain calm and decisive. Thus, it was a rare surprise to see him this hurried and flustered.

The military officer accompanying Sima Hui on the way back burst out into laughter.

"That damn brat, he's just rushing back to our camp to meet his wife!" The military officer spoke a little crudely, but there was a hint of affection in his voice. It was clear that he was close to He Sanlang and maybe even held admiration for his steady and experienced junior officer.

Sima Hui was a little stunned for a moment. A bitter feeling passed through her heart, making her unable to speak.

The military officer thought that Sima Hui wasn't in the know, so he kindly explained things to her. "That brat is House Jing'an's third son. He came out here to this godforsaken northern border in a fit of stupidity. If he were my son, I would have broken his legs! But that brat's pretty lucky. He married a good wife. His wife got a decree from the Empress Dowager to come to the northern border with some supplies. The young couple must not have met for quite some time; just look at how rushed that brat is."

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