Chapter 331: Naughty Book (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 331: Naughty Book (2)

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Chu Lian smiled without answering. He Changdi’s status was different from Sima Hui’s, after all. He had just entered the army and was a man. Furthermore, Great General Qian was known for being strict with his troops. He Changdi was already pretty lucky to get a two-man tent like this, and in such a short period of time, too. Otherwise, he would have had to squeeze into the barracks.

Chu Lian was right. If not for how she had helped Old Duke Zheng, and had Old Duke Zheng not sent the letter to Great General Qian, He Changdi wouldn’t have been able to rise in the ranks so quickly, nor would he be getting this sort of treatment.

Wenqing pointed at the bed that was further in. “Third Young Madam, that one should be Third Young Master’s bed. Look, there’s the fleece mattress we brought from our estate. Why don’t you sit there?”

Chu Lian walked up to the bed and pulled her hand from her sleeve. She gently touched the slightly flattened, worn mattress before holding her hand up to her nose and taking a sniff. Then, she shook her head and sat on the other bed instead. “This one is Husband’s bed.”

Ah? Wenqing found it strange so she looked at the two beds again. She didn’t understand how Third Young Madam had been able to differentiate them.

The mattress on the other bed was clearly from the Jing’an Estate though?

Without waiting for Wenqing to ask, Chu Lian began to explain. “Look at the boots next to the bed.”

He Changdi was tall and his legs were long. Of course his feet were bigger. Xiao Hongyu was shorter, so his feet tended towards a smaller size.

Furthermore, Chu Lian had been the one to send this pair of boots to He Changdi. She had changed them a little, adding a layer of leather on the inside of the boots. The insides wouldn’t get wet even when it rained. She had also made a small decorative mark on an unassuming corner of the boots that only the maidservants of Songtao Court would recognise.

Fleece bedding and blankets could be given away, but everyone’s shoes were differently sized. He Changdi and Xiao Hongyu’s feet were so different that they couldn’t possibly share their socks and boots.

Wenqing and Wenlan looked down at the very different boots. Both of them understood.

They looked up at Chu Lian with shining eyes. Wenlan couldn’t hold back the smirk tugging up the corners of her lips.

Hmph! Who would dare to cast doubts on Third Young Master and Third Young Madam’s relationship now? Third Young Madam had discerned Third Young Master’s bed at one glance!

Chu Lian had only given them a very simple reason. Actually, she hadn’t used the shoes to determine which of the beds was He Changdi’s.

He Sanlang was rather fussy, even bordering a little on the obsessive-compulsive side. He was also a clean freak, although it wasn’t too serious.

She had discovered this the last time he had taken a shower at Liangzhou’s He Estate.

The first time she saw him enter, He Sanlang had been covered in dirt. His expression had been ugly as well, clearly hating his state of uncleanliness. Later on, he had taken a whole hour to bathe. When Wenqing had gone to clean up the dirty clothes in the bathroom, she had discovered that He Sanlang had actually folded up all the dirty clothes and placed them neatly on the side table next to the bathtub. The soap bar had also been covered back up, and the towel had been folded up right next to the soap box.

The corner of Chu Lian’s mouth twitched as she glanced down at He Changdi’s bed.

Although it was simple, the blankets on it had been neatly made. The pillow was placed right at the head of the bed, and not a single wrinkle could be seen on the blankets. As for the other bed, although it couldn’t be considered messy, it was a whole different story when compared to He Changdi’s.

There was one more point that Chu Lian was too embarrassed to reveal. Although He Changdi was a man, he always carried a clean, nice-smelling scent. Meanwhile, that fleece blanket had stunk of sweat…

If Xiao Hongyu were to find out that he had been slighted by Sister-in-Law in this way, he would have definitely rolled around on the floor like a child, demanding snacks to recover from this mental blow.

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