Chapter 330: Naughty Book (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 330: Naughty Book (1)

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The moment Wenlan let the tent flap fall, she couldn’t resist any longer and let out a snort of laughter. Wenqing glared at her.

Wenlan ran up to Chu Lian and whispered, “Third Young Madam, that felt so good.”

Wenqing was also proud of her master. She knew that her master wasn’t someone who would allow others to bully her. If someone provoked her, Chu Lian would always return an eye for an eye. If she didn’t, then that meant she didn’t care about the insult and would let it slide. Chu Lian was the type of person who kept her frustrations inside her; her expression wouldn’t change even as her annoyance grew. Taking retribution was a way of venting her anger- if there wasn’t any anger, then naturally, there wouldn’t be any reason to vent.

When Chu Lian saw how happy Wenlan was, she replied a little helplessly, “They’re just little girls. Let them go back once they’re done washing everything.”

After hearing Chu Lian’s words, Wenqing and Wenlan calmed down, although their worry still showed on their faces.

Wenqing thought for a bit before saying, “Third Young Madam, don’t think too much of it. Third Young Master isn’t that sort of person. That was just some groundless gossip.”

Chu Lian turned around to smile at Wenqing, her almond-shaped eyes turning into upturned crescents. Under the heat of that stare, Wenqing felt a little awkward. She quickly explained, “Third Young Madam, this servant isn’t trying to speak for Third Young Master…”

“Okay, okay, I’m not blaming you.”

Chu Lian didn’t express any of her thoughts on the relationship between He Changdi and General Sima. In her view, things weren’t certain yet. All they had heard were a few rumours, which couldn’t be considered substantial evidence that there was something going on between the two. Furthermore, even if He Sanlang and General Sima had some sort of dalliance, she could discuss things with He Sanlang and find a way to allow General Sima to take her place.

As long as she remained an Honoured Lady, she could live happily by herself. She would even be free of those troublesome social engagements back in the capital. Wouldn’t that be a win-win situation? She could find a man she liked and settle into a peaceful, happy life.

He Sanlang, who was fighting for his life on the frontlines, had no idea that his wicked wife was thinking about how to get away from him. They hadn’t even consummated their marriage yet and she was already considering divorce...

If He Sanlang ever found out, it was highly possible he’d puke blood.

Wenqing and Wenlan had been serving Chu Lian for a while now, and they understood a little of her personality. They knew that Third Young Madam didn’t want to discuss General Sima’s matters anymore, so they all kept quiet.

A soldier from outside sent in a brazier. Wenqing shifted it closer to keep Chu Lian warm.

He Sanlang’s tent couldn’t be compared to General Sima’s.

The tent wasn’t very big. Inside, there were only two narrow beds with a simple screen dividing the space in two. There were no carpets placed on the floor, either; it was just some black dirt stripped bare of its surface layer of turf.

Snow had been falling for quite a few days here, so the tent entrance was already a muddy mess. Thanks to the low temperatures, the mud had frozen over. The tent felt extremely moist and wasn’t very comfortable.

There wasn’t much inside besides that, other than a small table next to the bed on the left. A few tactic books were stacked in a neat pile on top alongside a basic set of ink, brush, and paper.

There was also a wooden box placed beside both beds, most likely for the soldiers to store their clothes and other items.

Chu Lian knew that He Sanlang wasn’t staying in this tent alone, but was sharing with Xiao Hongyu.

Of these two beds, only one was He Sanlang’s.

Wenqing and Wenlan were also taking in the arrangements. Of the two, Wenlan was the first to speak. Her cheeks puffed up as she said, “That General Sima’s living arrangements are so nice; how is it that our Third Young Master’s are so terrible in comparison?” This tent was cold and dark. Without a charcoal brazier burning, it would be practically inhospitable.

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