Chapter 33: High Evaluation (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 33: High Evaluation (1)

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Chu Lian was about to call out to him, but before she could, He Sanlang had already turned around, his face contorted into an angry mask. With quickened footsteps, he rounded the corner and disappeared.

Senior Servant Gui sighed when she saw this. "Third Young Madam, let's head back to our courtyard first. Eldest Young Madam is here, so everything will be settled just fine. And after he saw the situation, Third Young Master must have gone to the outer court for additional help as well. We should head back."

Chu Lian puffed up her cheeks and frowned in the direction that He Changdi had disappeared in. She felt that He Sanlang had left in far too much of a hurry. Besides, it didn't seem like he had gone to ask for more help at all. Wasn't he heading in the direction of Matriarch He's Qingxi Hall?

Never mind, she had already done her part here, and had indeed suffered quite a shock just now It was probably better to go back and rest.

On the other hand, with the speed he was going, He Changdi had quickly reached Qingxi Hall.

The news of the fire hadn't reached Qingxi Hall yet. Currently, Senior Servant Liu was instructing two maidservants as they trimmed a few flower branches. When she saw He Changdi rush in like his pants had been set on fire, she hurriedly walked up to welcome him. "Third Young Master, what's going on?"

"Where's Grandmother!?" He Changdi sounded extremely anxious.

"The matriarch is resting in her bedroom! Third Young Master, if your matter isn't too urgent, why don't you wait in the parlour for a moment?"

He Sanlang couldn't care less for niceties. He charged right into Matriarch He's bedroom.

The moment he entered, he started shouting, "Grandmother, quick, send someone to the palace with your token and request for an imperial physician!"

Matriarch He slept lightly in her old age. The moment He Changdi had intruded into her bedroom, she had already awakened. With the help of one of her personal maidservants, she sat up and leaned against the headboard to glare at this third grandson of hers. "You're already a grown man; why are you still running around like a little brat? Who in our household has fallen sick? So sick that they need a token to summon an imperial physician? Is it your wife?"

It was clear that Matriarch He was in a good mood. Despite the rude wake up call, she freely teased He Sanlang in her own gentle manner.

By the time the maidservant helped Matriarch He put on a sleeveless outer coat, He Sanlang had already walked up to her in a few big strides, his brows locked together.

When Matriarch He noticed the expression her grandson was wearing, she immediately turned serious. Something big must have happened.

"Sanlang, what happened to turn you into such a state?"

He Changdi sat by Matriarch He's side and gripped one of her hands in his. "Grandmother, the main kitchen in the inner court caught on fire. Eldest Sister-in-Law was injured. You have to send someone to request for an imperial physician, and we should ask for the best doctor there, Head Physician Liu."

"What!" Matriarch He hadn't imagined that the matter would be so serious. She hurriedly called for Senior Servant Liu to retrieve the jade token, an item that signified her status as a ranked madam. With it, they would be able to send someone to the imperial hospital and ask for assistance.

Matriarch He was so anxious that she wanted to get up. Her panic showed as she urged the maidservant by her side to bring her some clothes. "Quickly, help me dress. I want to see how Eldest Young Madam is."

At this moment, He Changdi had finally calmed down. "Grandmother, don't be too worried. When I passed by the kitchen, I already left someone in charge of the matter. It does no good even if you panic now; you might even hurt your body instead. Why don't you get up now, but wait here? Laiyue will come and report in a bit."

Matriarch He had experienced many trials in her life before. She had only panicked due to her emotions going out of control. Upon hearing her grandson's reasoning, she slowly started to calm down as well.

"Sanlang, you've done well this time. You're finally able to take more responsibility on your shoulders."

He Changdi was thinking of the sequence of events in his past life and hadn't heard Matriarch He's words at all.

By this time, Matriarch He had already put on some more layers of clothes and was sitting at the head of the parlour. He Changdi sat by his grandmother, his eyes darkening as he thought of how to approach this topic.

Matriarch He rubbed the prayer beads in her hand. Her eyes kept darting to the entrance, waiting with poorly veiled impatience for someone to come and give them news.

Suddenly, He Changdi spoke up.

"Grandmother, I have something to request of you."

Matriarch He turned to look at her youngest grandson, a little curious. Her grandson had been born with good looks, and had been raised in a noble family. Although he was smart, he lacked experience. But now it seemed like her grandson had grown up right after he had gotten married; he was a little more reserved, a bit more adult-like than before.

"When has my dear Sanlang started thinking about making requests of others? Hadn’t it always been us pleading for you to do things in the past?"

Matriarch He spoke benevolently; anyone who heard her would know how much she spoiled this grandson of hers. Otherwise, she wouldn't have specially entered the palace just to ask the empress dowager for a fertile Chu Family bride for him.

However, He Sanlang had a severe expression on his face. "Grandmother, if anything happens to Sister-in-Law, please don't let Chu Lian take her place in managing the household."

Upon hearing He Sanlang's request, Matriarch He was confused.

She frowned, finding this very strange. "What has happened to you, my dear child? Although your wife has just married into our He Family, she seems to have a good temperament. If your Eldest Sister-in-Law has suffered some injury, she's the only healthy madam in our He Family. Although she's young, Grandmother is still here to guide her! With my guidance, and if she's willing to work hard, then what's wrong with letting her manage the household?"

He Sanlang could sense the protective stance his grandmother had over Chu Lian in her tone. Anger filled him in an instant, and he inwardly scolded Chu Lian for being so slick. She had just entered the He Family, but she had already won the favour of all the senior members.

However, he couldn't go along with his grandmother this time.

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