Chapter 328: Rumours (7)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 328: Rumours (7)

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As Xiaoyan stood behind Chu Lian obediently, the corner of her mouth curled up.

Wenlan’s eyes widened. She bit her lip as she tried to control her anger.

The atmosphere turned awkward in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, Chu Lian smiled. In a carefree manner, she said, “What are you standing around all dazed for? Let’s go!”

The adjutant quickly added, “Yes, let’s go. It’s cold outside, and it looks like it’s about to start snowing hard. We should return to the tents to warm up.”

As if they hadn’t noticed the party over there at all, the female soldiers in front of the tent continued busying themselves with their chores. While washing the clothes, they even happily chatted amongst each other, occasionally bursting into peals of laughter.

The male adjutant’s rank wasn’t very high. These female soldiers were also General Sima’s subordinates. Even if they bumped into each other on normal days, both the Left Wing and the Right Wing would have to give way to them. He didn’t have any authority to chase those female soldiers away.

Since Honoured Lady Jinyi hadn’t said anything, he couldn't do anything about the female soldiers now, either.

The adjutant glanced at the female soldiers from time to time before looking at Chu Lian. His expression turned more and more pained. He had thought that this would be an easy task; who could have known that something like this would happen?

He had to ask for some extra compensation from Captain He later.

As the party drew closer to the tent, they could hear every word of the female soldiers’ conversation.

Wenqing’s expression turned cold. She was about to go up and reprimand them, but Chu Lian held her back with one raised hand.

"Our general treats Captain He really well!"

"Isn't that so? Captain He risked his life to save our general the last time they were on the frontlines. It’s only right that our general treats him well."

"And I couldn't tell before, but Captain He is so skilled!"

"If you ask me, Captain He and our general are the most perfect match for each other. They were both born in military families. Our general can even assist Captain He in the future."

"But I heard Captain He is already married?"

"Hmph, Captain He's current wife is just some poor noble. How could she compare to our general?"

"That's true. Our general and Captain He are getting along so well. When our general left for the frontlines yesterday, Captain He followed along because he couldn't stop worrying. When the war in the north ends, we might even be able to attend our general's wedding banquet!"

"Stop daydreaming and hurry up. We have to finish washing these clothes or the general will punish us when she returns!"


Chu Lian's brows drew together in a slight frown. It was only after she had finished listening to their conversation that she started walking again and continued heading towards the tent.

She sneered in her heart. Who could have thought that her lunatic husband was so attractive to others?

Even General Sima had taken a liking to him.

Chu Lian cast a sideways glance at the female adjutant slowly following behind them.

It wasn't until they had gotten close enough to see the two female soldiers in front of the tent that the female adjutant seemed to finally 'realise' that they were part of her general's troops. She hurriedly rushed forward to reprimand them.

"What are you doing here? Why aren't you at training? You know very well what our rules say, so why haven't you admitted your wrongs yet!"

The two female soldiers knelt on the ground and trembled after getting scolded by the female adjutant. "This servant is in the wrong! Sister Xiaoyan, we are willing to bear the penalty."

"Go back to our camp now. It'll be ten smacks of the rod for each of you!" Xiaoyan coldly ordered.

The female soldiers acknowledged the orders while trembling. However, they continued kneeling on the ground and refused to get up.

Xiaoyan's face turned even more grave. "Why are you still here?"

The female soldiers exchanged looks before finally gathering up the courage to speak and said, "This servant has committed a wrong and is willing to receive punishment, but Captain He's clothes haven't been washed clean yet. If General finds out, we'll be punished even more."

Chu Lian blinked as she watched from the side. Had these ladies gotten addicted to acting?

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