Chapter 327: Rumours (6)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 327: Rumours (6)

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Tang Yan wanted to take a look at the training grounds, so he bid farewell to Captain Guo and Chu Lian before leaving with another officer.

Although Chu Lian wanted to to look at the training grounds too, the grounds were likely filled with strong, young men, so it wasn't appropriate for her to watch them. She could only follow Captain Guo to the campgrounds of the Right Wing Army and see exactly what kind of environment He Sanlang lived in.

More than half of the Right Wing Army had gone to the frontlines to act as reinforcements, so there were only little more than half of the men left here. Most of the men remaining had gone to the training grounds, so there were even fewer people milling about. However, it was more convenient for Chu Lian that way.

Captain Guo did have some business at hand and he was the only officer left in the Right Wing Army now, so he had to do everything himself. Once their party reached the camp grounds, a soldier rushed over to report that one of the squad leaders had twisted his leg on the training grounds, and had even started fighting with another squad leader from the Left Wing Army.

Captain Guo's expression turned icy.

When Chu Lian noticed that Captain Guo seemed put on the spot, she said, "Brother Guo, if you have something urgent to settle, please feel free to go ahead. I just need someone else to bring me around."

Captain Guo hesitated for two seconds, but there was nothing else he could do. "Then please sit in Zixiang's tent for a while, Sister-in-Law. Once I've settled my business, I'll come back immediately and accompany Sister-in-Law for the midday meal."

Captain Guo instructed his adjutant to lead Chu Lian over to He Sanlang's tent before he left with the soldier who had given the report.

Wenqing watched as Captain Guo's back disappeared into the distance. For some reason, she felt that the chain of events had been too much of a coincidence.

However, she couldn't say anything with strangers present. Wenqing could only helplessly worry and keep an eye on her carefree master.

Captain Guo's adjutant was a slightly short and plump young man with a squarish face. When he smiled, his eyes would pinch up and become two tiny, upturned smiles of their own. He looked like someone who was very easy to get along with.

This adjutant took the lead and pointed at the right side of the camp. "Honoured Lady, please follow this subordinate this way. Captain He's tent is in the second to last row."

Chu Lian nodded and allowed Wenlan to support her as they walked. Her leg hadn't recovered completely yet, so she was a little slow while walking. The adjutant specially slowed down to accommodate her.

Little flakes of snow were drifting in the sky, so Wenlan put a warm hat on Chu Lian's head. He Sanlang's tent wasn't too far, but due to Chu Lian's snail-like pace, they used more than twice the normal amount of time it might take.

Once they reached the tent that the adjutant had mentioned, it didn't look too different from any of the other tents around- except for the two female soldiers standing in front of the tent!

Chu Lian paused in her steps and her almond-shaped eyes narrowed. The hands she had stuffed into her rabbit fur sleeve clenched unconsciously.

The adjutant's eyes widened in shock. He rubbed the back of his head as he tried to think of an explanation.

In the entire army, no one but General Sima had command of the female soldiers. So, why were General Sima's female soldiers standing in front of Captain He's tent?

In front of the tent, there was a wooden basin filled with water and a few shirts. It clearly announced for all to see what the female soldiers were doing for He Changdi.

As for who could have given orders to the prideful female soldiers... there was only one possible culprit...

When had that He Sanlang gotten such good treatment?

The adjutant was a little jealous. However, when he turned to look at the pretty little Honoured Lady Jinyi next to him, his expression changed. As he thought of the terrible situation that the poor He Sanlang was about to be embroiled in, he felt that he would rather be an old bachelor who washed his own clothes by himself...

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