Chapter 323: Rumours (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 323: Rumours (2)

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The female adjutant explained all the details behind the He Family's situation. Sima Hui shook her head helplessly. Although she had taken a liking to He Changdi, since he had already taken a wife, she wasn't going to break up his marriage. She had her own pride and dignity.

She could only lament that she hadn't met He Changdi earlier.

The female adjutant had been serving Sima Hui since they were children and was her close confidant and handmaid. She had been raised in Old General Sima's estate like an adopted daughter at a young age and had accompanied Sima Hui all this while.

She was extremely loyal to Old General Sima, as well as Sima Hui. When Old General Sima had died in battle, the female adjutant treated Sima Hui as her only remaining master.

She carefully asked, "Miss, do you like He Sanlang?"

Sima Hui was normally a very direct woman. Furthermore, there was nothing she couldn't say in front of a handmaid who had grown up with her like a sister. Thus, she admitted her liking for He Sanlang.

The female adjutant's eyes darted about in thought. Sima Hui had followed Old General Sima to the army ever since she could walk. In Old General Sima's estate, she had been raised like a son. When it came to relationships, she wasn't very reserved, but she had never admitted to liking a man so readily before.

Ever since Old General Sima had passed away, the female adjutant had worried her little heart away for her young miss' marriage.

Now that she heard that Sima Hui had a man she liked, she racked her brains in thought.

"Miss, this servant heard that He Sanlang's wife hasn't gotten pregnant yet."

Sima Hui nodded and replied a little absentmindedly. She was feeling down, so she didn’t think before she said, "They've just gotten married. How would she get pregnant so fast? However, they'll surely have a child sooner or later."

The female adjutant seemed to disagree with Sima Hui's reply.

"Miss, you might not know this, but House Ying's Sixth Miss was only able to marry He Sanlang because of that reputation the ladies of House Ying have. Matriarch He must have been at her wits' end to try a method like that. If this servant's guess is correct, He Sanlang must have come to the northern border just a few days after getting married. He Sanlang probably isn't too happy with that newlywed wife of his..."

Sima Hui's brows furrowed. "Xiaoyan, you're not allowed to gossip about others like that. We've never met any of the He Family before. Those are just wild guesses."

After getting a warning from Sima Hui, the female adjutant, Xiaoyan, immediately pressed her lips together and bowed her head in apology. "It's this servant's fault for making wild guesses about others. This servant will accept any punishment, Miss."

Sima Hui couldn't bear to see her like this, so she took Xiaoyan's hands into hers and reassured her. "Alright, Xiaoyan. I know you're just trying to help me, but I've already missed out on my chance. Unless we get reborn again, it's just not possible between He Sanlang and I. It's getting late, so why don't you return to your tent and rest early? Let Xiaoya take the night shift tonight."

The female adjutant could only agree with her master. She helped Sima Hui prepare for bed before leaving the tent.

Xiaoyan stood in the shadows by the tent for a long while. Her eyes shone with a bright light as she stared up at the dark sky.

My good young miss. You still don't understand. You have to fight for what you want. If you don't fight for it, you'll only end up with the same fate as the old general!

However, as long as she, Xiaoyan, was around, her miss wouldn't need to fight. She would naturally prepare everything for her young miss.

On the fifth day that Chu Lian had settled into the He Estate at Liangzhou City, a second wave of snow started falling.

The snowstorm continued for three days and grew even larger as time passed, covering the whole of Liangzhou City in a blanket of white.

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