Chapter 322: Rumours (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 322: Rumours (1)

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Gao Zhangwei had been standing next to Sima Hui the entire time, his face hidden in the shadows, causing his expression to look a little contorted. His sinister gaze landed on He Changdi's back. His heart was full of dissatisfaction. That handsome young man had really turned out to be that beardy Captain He!

He Changdi followed Captain Guo and the rest back to camp. The moment they reached their tent, Xiao Hongyu could no longer hold back his curiosity. He stood right in front of He Changdi and stared dead on at He Changdi's face. Then, he chuckled boorishly and said, "Brother He, I finally realised why you like to keep your face covered with that beard."

Off to the side, Zhang Mai picked up a cup of tea and took a sip with an understanding smile.

He Changdi cast a cold glance at Xiao Hongyu. He had zero desire to hear whatever Xiao Hongyu had to say next.

"Ahhhh! Even though our Brother He was so cold to her, that lady was still throwing herself into his arms! Brother He, how did you grow to look like that? Aunt He really knows how to make 'em! Why couldn't my old mom do the same?"

Captain Guo snorted in laughter. "Brat, looking like that, you should be content that your mom even brought you into this world!"

Xiao Hongyu cried out in anguish and continued staring at He Changdi's face.

He Sanlang shot a sideways look at him. "What are you staring at me for?"

"To see if I can grow a face like that."

Zhang Mai smiled. "Brat, it's time to stop daydreaming!"

Xiao Hongyu thumped his chest and stomped his foot. However, after just two seconds, his eyes began to shine like a thief's again. "Hey! Brother Guo, Brother Zhang, did you see just now? General Sima was looking at Brother He differently. Brother He has got some luck with women!"

Captain Guo harrumphed. He gave a friendly reminder, "Zixiang, I heard that your wife has already settled down in Liangzhou City."

He Changdi nodded.

It was only then that Xiao Hongyu realised he had put his foot in his mouth again. He shrunk back and tried to make up for his wrongs with flattery. "Brother He, I saw Sister-in-Law with my own two eyes back then! Sister-in-Law is a hundred times prettier than General Sima! Look at how tomboyish that General Sima looks. How could she compare to even a single strand of Sister-in-Law’s hair? Brother He, don't act rashly!"

Zhang Mai slapped Xiao Hongyu's head. "Brat! What are you saying all that nonsense for? After eating all that food, when are you going to grow some brains?"

Great. Xiao Hongyu thought that it was better if he just kept his head down and stopped talking. He was running out of common ground with these three loyal wife-loving big brothers. If he had time at night, he could just secretly look at some obscene drawings to scratch his itches...

Captain Guo's expression abruptly turned serious as he asked He Changdi, "Zixiang, did you find anything in your investigations today?"


Even though it was close to midnight, the lights in Sima Hui's tent were still on.

Under the flickering of candle light, Sima Hui's handsome face looked softer and more like a woman's. She was frowning; her expression didn't look too good. "What did you say? He Sanlang is already married?"

The female adjutant next to her nodded. She was lamenting the fact inwardly as well. He Changdi had been born into a military official family. His father was also a border general that her young miss admired greatly. She had heard that the He Family was upright and that the men would only take concubines if they didn't have any heirs by the time they turned thirty. Her young miss's marriage had been delayed due to Old General Sima's passing. Now she was already twenty, and she happened to be the same age as He Sanlang. If He Sanlang wasn't married, he would indeed be the best candidate for her young miss' hand.

"He Sanlang married before he came and joined the army. The He Family's Third Young Madam is House Ying's Sixth Miss."

"Why did the He Family take a bride from House Ying?" Although Sima Hui hadn't returned to the capital for a long time, she still had some understanding of the complicated relations between the nobles in the capital. If not for Old Duke Ying still holding up House Ying, it would probably have fallen to a third-rate noble house.

Going by common sense, a noble house in imperial favour like the He Family wouldn't choose to marry a bride from House Ying.

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