Chapter 318: Shaving His Beard (3)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 318: Shaving His Beard (3)

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He Sanlang didn't continue bathing for much longer. He changed into the new underclothes and cloak that Chu Lian had instructed the servants to prepare. As for his armour, he would put that  on right before leaving for camp.

He Changdi haphazardly dried his hair with a cloth before using a wooden hairpin to tie it up. Then, he carefully removed all the facial hair on his face, returning to his neat and clean appearance from before.

He Sanlang was just twenty years old this year. After staying in the northern border for a few months, he had managed to grow even taller. His features had also become more mature and outstanding. The narrow shape of his eyes, shaded by his long eyelashes, accentuated the deep pools within.

He Sanlang rubbed his clean chin. He felt a little uncomfortable suddenly, as if he had taken off a mask that he had been wearing for a long time. However, he quickly calmed back down and took a moment at the door to straighten out his slightly rumpled clothes. Only then did he push open the door and re-enter.

At the moment He Changdi entered the room, Chu Lian was still drinking her medicine. The medicinal soup was very bitter. When it touched her tongue, her face wrinkled up in distaste. He Changdi watched from the entrance as she drank the whole bowl of medicine down with difficulty.

Although Chu Lian hated drinking these Chinese medicines, she knew they were necessary and never rejected them. However, that didn’t mean she had to like them. She would always eat a few candied dates to wash away their bitter aftertaste.

A glint flashed across He Changdi's eyes. He watched as Chu Lian finished her medicine and then proceeded to begin eating a few preserved fruits from a small dish- all without noticing him. When He Changdi felt that he would continue to go unseen, he coughed twice on purpose.

Thanks to those coughs, He Sanlang successfully drew Chu Lian's attention. He Changdi saw those wide, almond-shaped eyes of hers turn his way, and then, she spoke.

"Has Husband caught a cold? Wenlan, tell the kitchen to prepare a bowl of ginger soup. The more ginger the better."

He Changdi saw that her moist eyes seemed cool without any hint of admiration, unlike the way she had looked at Tang Yan. A trace of disappointment flashed through his eyes. When he heard her order the servants to boil a bowl of ginger soup for him next, He Changdi choked.

His originally cold face contorted as the hands resting by his side twitched. He walked over to Chu Lian's side and sat down heavily.

Frustration bloomed in He Changdi's heart. How could she not know that he didn't like to eat ginger!

She actually told the servants to cook ginger soup for him! That wicked woman must have done it on purpose.

Although He Sanlang was angry inside, he found that he just couldn't muster up any fire when he sat next to Chu Lian like this.

"There's no need for that, I'm perfectly fine!"

Chu Lian didn't even bother looking at him and even turned away, showing her back to him as she leaned on the hearth.

He Changdi's handsome face turned gloomy. The hand he had placed on the table curled up into a fist. He had just bathed and his mouth was dry; in his frustration, he didn't think carefully and picked up a teacup filled with water from the small table at the side. He immediately gulped it down, and in the next moment, his mouth was flooded with a sweet, fragrant flavour.

It was only then that He Sanlang realised this was most likely Chu Lian's teacup. That darned wicked woman. She normally loved drinking honey water.

He Changdi didn't like sweet things. He didn't eat anything that had the slightest bit of sweetness in them. However, at this moment, he actually thought that this sweet honey water was rather delicious. His eyes fell upon Chu Lian's soft, luscious lips without his conscious bidding…

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