Chapter 317: Shaving His Beard (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 317: Shaving His Beard (2)

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Chu Lian was so stunned by the scene before her that she forgot to speak. In the next second, He Changdi's bone-piercingly cold voice resounded throughout the small room. "Put down the item and leave!"

He Changdi hadn't even turned around. He was still standing there in the bathtub. Even though there hadn't been any malice in his voice, Chu Lian still felt like someone had just dumped a basin of ice water over her head. She quickly regained her wits.

Frustrated at herself for her loss of composure just now, Chu Lian quickly set down the razor on a table next to the screen and turned around. She hobbled as quickly as she could with one injured foot and left the room.

Perhaps due to the provocation from He Changdi's icy words, she didn't feel any of the pain coming from her injured ankle as she strode away.

It wasn't until He Sanlang had heard those unique hobbling footsteps that he finally realised who had just come in.

He froze up, then slapped the bath water in frustration, scattering water all over the floor.

He Sanlang let his body slide back into the bathtub and leaned against the side as he covered his face with a hand.

He had just been in the middle of deep thought. When he had heard those light footsteps, he had assumed that it must have been some rude servant who had come in without saying anything. His temper had flared up on the spot. Who could have thought that it was Chu Lian, that lame wicked woman!

When had that wicked woman become so reserved? Would she die if she didn't say something when entering the room?

Wenlan heard the sound of footsteps and quickly went to the door to support Chu Lian, but when she arrived, she was met with a pair of puffed up cheeks and an angry expression. Wenlan got a sinking feeling at the sight. Still, she asked, "Third Young Madam, what happened?"

Chu Lian dropped back onto her seat by the hearth and harrumphed. "I've been feeling rather hungry these few days. There aren’t enough snacks to eat, even for just myself. Don't give any of them to your Third Young Master later!"

The sheer amount of spite in Chu Lian’s order was enough evidence for Wenlan to have a good guess of what had happened. It must’ve had something to do with Third Young Master. Wenlan felt a little grudgeful towards He Changdi in her heart.

Third Young Madam was a girl. She had been captured by the Tuhuns and suffered much while lost in the forest. The wound on her leg hadn't even healed properly yet. In this situation, Third Young Master as her husband should be trying to pamper her a little, or at least accommodate for her injury and mental state and be a little nicer! Instead, he had gone and made her angry!

Even though Wenlan was taking Chu Lian's side on this matter, she and Wenqing had served He Sanlang ever since they were children. She still wasn't willing to let her master suffer back at camp.

Thus, she attempted to persuade Chu Lian into rescinding her command. "Third Young Madam, how could you possibly finish all of those snacks by yourself..."

Before Wenlan could finish, she noticed that Chu Lian had redirected her gaze towards her and was now sizing her up.

Wenlan suffered a fright and quickly looked down, not daring to continue.

"Wenlan, if you continue your sentence, you can eat in the main kitchen from now on."

The corner of Wenlan's mouth twitched. She was already used to Chu Lian's higher standards for food, how could she possibly withstand eating normal fare instead? She meekly replied in agreement.

Third Young Master, this servant has tried her best. The rest is up to you!

As compared to fulfilling He Changdi's wants, it was more important to satisfy her own appetite first. Having a good meal to eat was of the highest priority. Wenlan sent a silent apology to He Changdi.

After Chu Lian took a seat, she realised that the wounds on her ankle had started bleeding again due to the force she had exerted while walking away just now. When Wenlan discovered this, she suffered another fright and quickly ran off to find some ointments to wrap up her madam's ankle again.

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