Chapter 305: Military Law (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 305: Military Law (1)

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When Chu Lian saw He Sanlang just stand there, she became a little discouraged and down. She began to sulk, and in a low voice, she said, "You can't blame me for that. You're like a totally different person once you grow a beard. Grandmother probably wouldn't even be able to recognise you, let alone me!"

He Sanlang was skilled in martial arts and had excellent physical abilities to boot. His five senses were also stronger than most people, and that included hearing. Even the tiniest mumble from Chu Lian would reach his ears.

He Sanlang chuckled lowly. Chu Lian couldn't tell if his laughter was out of joy or mocking her.

She heard him say, "By saying so, you think you're justified even though you didn't recognise your own husband?"

Chu Lian couldn't help but ridicule him in her head. This crazy bastard had such a sharp tongue. She had already set down her pride to apologise to him first. She could ignore how he hadn't forgiven her, but now he was actually mocking her instead.

The pool of calm that she had managed to recover was almost completely drained by that bastard He Changdi. Chu Lian sucked in a deep breath and let the cold air help her calm down again.

"He Sanlang, must you always pick a fight with me?"

After he suffered a jolt from her words, He Changdi pressed his lips together and sunk into silence.

Chu Lian rolled her eyes. What was going on? The He Changdi in the novel had clearly been a handsome, caring nice guy. How had he turned into such a frustrating tsundere? He was just like a cold piece of rock!

Were the heavens trying to make a fool of her?

Chu Lian didn't want to stay on this topic any longer.

Yet when she remembered how he looked back in the cave, poisoned and running a high fever throughout the night, Chu Lian couldn't set down her worry for him.

Her leg was still injured, so she couldn't stand. She could only tilt her head back and strain her neck as she asked him, "Has the poison been completely cleared out of your system? When I checked your body, I found a wound on the side of your neck. That poison probably came from the arrows of the Tuhun."

He Sanlang's lips moved slightly, but he paused before replying, "It's fine now. It's just a common poison; it won't leave behind any side-effects."

Hearing him explain so, the burden of worry in Chu Lian's heart was finally set loose.

No matter what, He Changdi had gotten poisoned while saving her. If anything happened to him, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life.

"It's already so late. Why don't you invite your brothers-in-arms to stay back and eat dinner with us?"

He Changdi cast a glance at the woman who was finally acting a little more like a matriarch of the He Family. His heart warmed, but the cold expression on his face didn't budge a single bit.

"No need. My brothers and I will set off for the camp immediately."

"Ah? You're going back right now? It's already dark outside!" In her surprise, Chu Lian blurted out her thoughts directly.

This action stunned both of them for a moment. He Changdi recovered first. In a slightly softer voice, he said, "You want to keep me back?"

Chu Lian looked downwards, her neck flushed.

She quickly said, "Since you're so anxious to go, it must be due to military orders. You should leave earlier then! I'll get Wenlan to pack some food for you to bring on the way back."

When He Changdi heard her reply, he felt a sliver of disappointment. "Take good care of yourself, then. I can't always be around to save you just in time."

On that parting note, He Changdi turned and left without looking back.

Chu Lian raised her fist and shook it at He Sanlang's departing figure. That guy just had to make her mad, even when he was leaving! As expected of a lunatic!

Ooh, she was so mad!

When Wenqing and Wenlan saw that He Changdi had left, they quickly ran back in.

Chu Lian let them look at the wound on her ankle. She thought for a moment before giving them some orders. "Wenqing, go and prepare two sets of inner clothes for Third Young Master. Add some jerky and wine as well. And that pair of thick deerskin leather boots! Ah, right, don't forget to pack those detoxifying creams and medicinal ointments too!"

He Changdi had torn his inner clothes to bandage her wound. Who knew if he still had enough to wear back at camp?

Wenqing and Wenlan noted down all of Chu Lian's instructions and nodded. As they left the room, they exchanged sly, happy smiles.

It seemed like their Third Young Madam was getting along well with their Third Young Master.

Just look at how worried she was. She was practically shoving everything she brought to Third Young Master.

He Changdi entered the sitting room and exchanged some words with Manager Qin before leading Xiao Hongyu and the others away, preparing to set off on an overnight journey back to camp.

He didn't expect Mo Chenggui to lead the family's private soldiers out and mount their steeds along with them, clearly intent on following He Sanlang back.

He Changdi frowned and gripped his reins. He turned to Mo Chenggui and said, "Uncle Mo, stay here with your men and take care of Third Young Madam. You're not to follow me back to camp this time."

Although He Sanlang's tone was calm, there was a hidden trace of unhappiness within. How could Mo Chenggui not detect that?

"Third Young Master, that won't do. This old man has been ordered by the matriarch to help Third Young Master!"

He Changdi looked him right in the eye. Although his young master had just come of age, Mo Chenggui could feel a domineering aura from within their cold depths. He found he was unable to meet his master’s gaze directly. It was as if the old count himself was standing right before him.

"Uncle Mo, helping me take care of Chu Lian is the best way you can help me right now!"

Although Mo Chenggui wasn't very willing, since Third Young Master had already given his orders, he couldn't keep rejecting them.

"Yes, Third Young Master. This old servant will obey your command."

Mo Chenggui waved his hand, ordering the family soldiers to dismount. He Changdi picked up the package that Chu Lian had prepared for him and led his men on the long journey back to camp.

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