Chapter 302: The Virgin He Sanlang (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 302: The Virgin He Sanlang (2)

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It didn’t take too long for their visitors to arrive. Two strange figures appeared at the cave entrance.

Now that He Sanlang could make out the faces of the newcomers, his tightly wound nerves relaxed completely.

"Brother He!"


Two shouts full of surprised joy jolted Chu Lian awake.

He Sanlang set down the dagger in his hands and went over to welcome them. The people who had come were Lieutenant Xiao Hongyu and another good soldier under He Changdi's command, Zhao Liang.

It seemed like the signal he had sent out earlier had worked.

Xiao Hongyu, who was younger than He Changdi by just a year, hugged him tightly in happiness. He then pounded He Changdi on the back forcefully. "Brother He, you scared us to death. Are you okay? When Zhao Liang and I found the signal and came looking, we bumped into a Tuhun scout. We've already settled him."

Zhao Liang, standing off to one side, nodded in agreement.

He Sanlang patted both of them on the shoulders. "Good work, you two."

While standing behind He Sanlang, Chu Lian was completely dazed. She stared at Xiao Hongyu first, then Zhao Liang, with her big, innocent eyes. For some reason, the way they addressed the beardy seemed a little strange to her... 'Brother He'?

This beardy's surname was He and he was also a captain... Surely it wasn't just a coincidence!

Chu Lian finally set her gaze on her saviour's tall and muscled back. His bearded face came up in her mind...

She shook her head. No matter how she tried, she just couldn't reconcile He Changdi's handsome good looks to the gruff, bearded face of her saviour.

Chu Lian huffed in relief and reassured herself that it was only a coincidence. There were tens of thousands of men in the northern border troops. It wouldn't be weird for there to be another Captain He, right?

However, despite thinking that, there was a sense of unease in her heart.

As Xiao Hongyu was chatting with He Sanlang, he happened to take a glance behind him. A look of startled envy flitted across his eyes and he gaped like an idiot. Xiao Hongyu immediately blurted out, "Brother He, is this Sister-in-Law?"

He Sanlang hadn't expected Xiao Hongyu to blurt out a question like that. He didn't reply to Xiao Hongyu immediately and simply turned back to cast a calm look at Chu Lian. He wanted to know what kind of expression that wicked woman was going to make.

Chu Lian's almond-shaped eyes widened into huge circles. Her body froze up completely as she looked at the grinning Xiao Hongyu before turning back to the beardy.

Heh! What kind of joke was that?

Chu Lian did her best to recover from her extreme stupefaction. When she didn't hear any response from the beardy after a few seconds, the heart that had just about beat out of her chest settled down again. It must be a misunderstanding after all. Perhaps this beardy had also come to pick up his wife and happened to rescue Chu Lian along the way in a bout of coincidence. That might be why she had been mistaken for his wife.

That's right, that must be it.

Even though Chu Lian knew just how poor that reasoning was in the depths of her heart, she would rather believe that the beardy she had spent two days and nights with wasn't He Changdi. Thinking back to all the silly things she had done, she just wanted to dig a hole in the ground and burrow into it.

Not recognising her own husband... Scolding him as if he were some other man... And even getting a little intimate with him while under the assumption that he was some other man...

Chu Lian couldn't bear to continue thinking along those lines. She just hoped that the heavens would bless her with a bit of luck and help her out, just this once.

He Changdi moved his gaze away from Chu Lian, a corner of his lips raising as he mocked her in his heart.

Even the dense Xiao Hongyu had realised that something wasn't right between the couple. His smile faded away and he quickly bumped He Sanlang with his shoulder. In a low voice, he asked, "Brother He, what happened? Did you make Sister-in-Law unhappy?"

He Sanlang glared at him coldy, warning him to keep his mouth shut.

Xiao Hongyu was naturally a person who didn't like silence. His eyes darted around the cave before he moved closer to He Sanlang and continued his questioning at an even lower volume.

"Brother He, since you spent two nights outside with Sister-in-Law, could it be that Sister-in-Law is angry because you didn't give her enough 'goods'? If that’s the case, you have to explain things properly to her! We don't even have any women in camp to comfort us since the laws in our camp are more strict."

When Xiao Hongyu finished speaking in a boorish tone, he sent a meaningful look in the direction of He Sanlang's third leg.

The people in the camp were all men. When they gathered together to chat at night, it was hard to avoid the topic of women. In the course of time, even the virgin Xiao Hongyu had been infected by their coarse talk.

Furthermore, He Changdi and Chu Lian hadn't even been married for half a year. He Changdi had also left the capital soon after marriage. Since the young couple’s relationship was still new at the time of his departure, they obviously hadn’t had enough quality time together. It was normal to assume they had done the horizontal dance while trapped together for the past couple days.

He Changdi hadn't expected that his younger army comrade would make a joke like this right in front of him. His handsome, bearded face froze up, turning darker and darker.

To Xiao Hongyu, He Changdi roared, "What nonsense are you saying!"

Luckily, He Sanlang's hair hid his flushed ears. Otherwise, if the mischievous Xiao Hongyu caught sight of them, he would definitely get smug and tease him for being shy.

Actually, even though He Sanlang looked calm and wise on the outside, what with his normally cool expression, he was still a virgin- in both this life and the past one.

If Xiao Hongyu ever found out about this fact, he would probably point at He Sanlang and laugh for three days straight. He had such a beautiful wife by his side, yet he hadn't touched her at all. Could he even be considered a man? His tall and vigorous Brother He couldn't possibly be impotent, right?

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