Chapter 301: The Virgin He Sanlang (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 301: The Virgin He Sanlang (1)

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Chu Lian was shocked by the sudden shout. She yanked back her hand and stared at the man with wide eyes, but his own eyes still stayed shut.

When she realised that he had only been sleep talking, she patted her chest in relief and calmed down.

That had really scared her.

The beardy's mouth moved again as he mumbled something. However, he spoke too softly and quickly; Chu Lian couldn't catch what he was saying at all.

Chu Lian crept over again, too curious to deny herself. She leaned her ear closer to see if she could catch anything. She wanted to know what he was saying.

Even though she was as close to him as she could get, Chu Lian could only make out a few words.

After a moment, Chu Lian straightened up. Her brows furrowed as she thought about his odd ramblings.

"Hah! You wicked woman! Are you regretting your betrayal now? He turned out to be a bad guy in the end! He even betrayed you! Are you sad? Are you hurt? Let me tell you, the pain I feel is a hundred times more than yours!"

Chu Lian: ......

The corner of her mouth twitched as she looked at the man before her. Had this guy suffered some sort of heartbreak previously?

Just as Chu Lian was thinking about listening to more of his juicy ramblings, the man quieted down and stopped talking.

Shortly after, his temperature began to rise again. Chu Lian had no choice but to continue wiping him down with a cloth to help him lower his temperature.

Finally, Chu Lian leaned against the cave wall and let the beardy use her lap as a pillow. This way, if his condition changed, she could wake up from her sleep and check if he was still burning up.

Near the end of the night, Chu Lian was just too tired. She fell asleep leaning against the wall.

In her dreams, she felt something tighten around her waist. However, she was just way too tired to react. She didn't even have the energy to open her eyes to see what it was.

Trapped in his nightmares, He Sanlang's brows were tightly knitted together. Right as he was being tortured both mentally and physically, in his most troubled time, it felt like his body had suddenly been immersed in some place warm and comfortable.

He caught a hint of a familiar, comforting scent and quickly calmed down. His entire head seemed to be ensconced in that sweet smell, helping to quiet his chaotic thoughts.

The high fever slowly subsided along with them.

At some point, He Sanlang's arms had reached out to wrap around Chu Lian's slender waist. That soft and cosy feeling comforted him in the midst of his deep slumber.

He Sanlang took in deep breaths, subconsciously wanting to keep this sweet smell and feeling to himself.

The hold of his arms tightened along with his thoughts. It wasn't until Chu Lian wriggled a little due to the uncomfortable embrace that the comatose He Sanlang finally awoke.

He opened his eyes slowly. When he noticed what he was hugging in his arms, his entire body stiffened instantly.

The remnants of his terrible dreams replayed in his mind. When he looked up only to see the same face of the woman that haunted his nightmares, He Changdi felt extremely disgusted, as if he had just swallowed a big fat fly.

He quickly let go of Chu Lian's waist and sat up. He even shifted back a few steps to put some distance between them.

Luckily, that wicked woman was sleeping like the dead. His sudden movements hadn't caused her to wake up at all.

He Changdi rubbed his temples. His head was hurting beyond belief.

The moment he had woken up and seen Chu Lian, he had thought that his past and present lives had overlapped.

However, as his mind slowly returned to consciousness, the Chu Lian in his mind slowly started to split apart and turned into two polar opposites.

He Changdi turned to Chu Lian with an unreadable expression. She was still in the same pose as earlier, leaning stiffly against the uneven cave wall with her legs straight. One of her limp hands was holding onto a damp cloth. The small gourd filled with water had been flipped over, leaving a small puddle of water on the ground that was slowly icing over.

With his intellect, it wasn't hard for He Changdi to guess at what Chu Lian had done for him. However, it also threw his heart into even more chaos.

He kept his eyes fixed on the sleeping woman just a few steps away from him. In his mind, two different figures were flashing one after another.

Which one was the real Chu Lian?

Should he trust her again?

Just as He Sanlang was absorbed in his painful thoughts, his sharp ears caught the soft sound of footsteps from outside the cave. He tensed and immediately leaped up, moving over to Chu Lian's side and shaking her awake.

Chu Lian was shaken awake. While she was still in a sleepy daze, she heard the beardy say with a grave expression, "Shh... Someone's coming."

The remaining sleepiness in her mind was instantly pushed away by her fear.

He Sanlang tossed aside his complicated thoughts and subconsciously placed himself in front of Chu Lian, shielding her behind him. He took out a dagger from his waistband. His deep eyes were focused on the cave's entrance like an eagle on the hunt.

They didn't have time to hide now. Someone had clearly discovered their presence in the cave.

He Changdi's sharp brows were locked together. He only hoped that the intruders weren't Tuhuns. He didn't have any weapons at hand and his body wasn't at peak condition. Furthermore, he had a weak woman by his side to protect. He wouldn't be a match for the elite warriors of the Tuhun right now.

Chu Lian's gaze was also fixed on the entrance of the cave, her eyes filled with extreme caution. She felt in one of the purses hung at her waist and took out a bottle of chilli powder. If it really came down to a fight, she was going to fling this powder right in her opponent's face!

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