Chapter 30: An Awkward Misunderstanding (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 30: An Awkward Misunderstanding (2)

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Chu Lian slept especially well while lying on He Sanlang’s thigh.

After about an hour, as they were about to reach the entrance of the Jing'an Estate, He Sanlang suddenly felt something wet on his thigh.

He lowered his gaze to look and found that it was actually Chu Lian's drool!

He Sanlang: ...

Although he tried to suppress the building rage within his chest, he couldn't hold back any longer. He Sanlang pushed Chu Lian away with enough force to make the sleeping Chu Lian almost fall onto the carpet of the carriage.

This time, Chu Lian jolted awake. She looked around in confusion before realising that she was still in the carriage.

There was some suspicious wetness at the corner of her mouth... Chu Lian blushed deeply before taking out a handkerchief and quickly wiping it off.

Next, she noticed that He Changdi was looking at her with anger, and maybe even the slight hint of a grudge. She faintly recalled that she had been sleeping on He Changdi's thigh, and she had been drooling. Her eyes couldn't resist drifting in the direction of He Changdi's thigh.

It was close to summer now, and the weather was turning warm, so they were all wearing cool spring clothes.

He Changdi was wearing a thin, light-blue robe with embroidered flowers. It looked both low key and luxurious, matching his calm, aloof aura perfectly.

From afar, he looked like a mountain flower that no one could profane.

However, on that completely unwrinkled silk brocade robe of his, there was a wet patch about half the size of a palm near the crotch area... The position was a little... awkward, and it would be extremely easy for others to misunderstand.

If it had been a dark coloured robe, it wouldn't have been too obvious, but the wet patch stood stark against the light coloured robe.

It only took one glance for Chu Lian to realise she had caused some trouble this time!

The corner of her eye twitched. She hurriedly hid in the corner like an ostrich, moving as far away from He Changdi as she could and pretending she hadn't seen anything.

He Changdi's expression had turned completely black. He had the sudden urge to beat Chu Lian up, but he had never hit a woman before; it was part of the He Family principles to never harm a lady.

He snatched the handkerchief in Chu Lian's hands away and scrubbed at the 'suspicious' mark on his robe. However, he didn't realise that Chu Lian had already used the handkerchief to wipe her mouth, so he ended up making the wet patch even bigger...

He Changdi threw the handkerchief to the floor. This time, his face was so black, it could probably drip ink.

He was about to ridicule Chu Lian when he heard Laiyue announce from outside the carriage, "Third Young Master, Third Young Madam, we've reached the entrance of the estate. Senior Servant Liu and Eldest Young Madam are waiting to welcome us at the entrance!"

Following that, the carriage came to a stop.

Since Eldest Sister-in-Law had personally come out to welcome the couple back home, it would be rude if they didn't get out of the carriage to meet her. He Changdi's hopes of ordering Laiyue to drive the carriage all the way back to their courtyard were dashed.

The atmosphere in the carriage was tense and strange. Chu Lian couldn't withstand the deathly look that He Sanlang was sending her, so she pushed aside the curtains of the carriage and alighted.

Madam Zou was already waiting by the side of the carriage. Matriarch He had been worried that He Sanlang might have drunk too much at the Ying Estate, so she had sent her eldest granddaughter-in-law and Senior Servant Liu out to receive them.

When Madam Zou saw Xiyan helping Chu Lian out of the carriage, she was stunned for a moment.

Following that, a blush spread on her face. Senior Servant Liu coughed twice, a smile shining in her eyes.

Chu Lian didn't know why they seemed to be trying but failing to hold back their smiles upon seeing her.

The attentive Xiyan had also flushed red. She hurriedly tidied up Chu Lian's clothes and adjusted the accessories on her head.

By this time, He Sanlang had finally alighted from the carriage after dawdling as much as he could. After noticing Chu Lian's disorderly appearance, Madam Zou and Senior Servant Liu couldn't help but glance at He Sanlang.

When they saw the wet patch on He Sanlang's clothes, Madam Zou almost choked on air while Senior Servant Liu's eyes merely crinkled upwards. She was already an old woman, there was nothing she hadn't seen before. She reacted quickly and walked to He Sanlang's side to help block the onlookers' gazes.

He Sanlang's hands were trembling with the force of his rage. He wanted to strangle Chu Lian on the spot. It was all that wicked woman's fault! He had been completely embarrassed in front of his seniors!

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