Chapter 297: Bandage (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 297: Bandage (1)

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This time, it wasn't just Chu Lian who was shocked sillly. Even He Changdi's body stiffened a little, stunned by his own action borne out of frustration. However, he quickly recovered his usual calm. She was his wife, so giving her a little smack was well within his rights.

Although he had reasoned it out in his head, the back of his ears still turned red with embarrassment underneath his hair. The hand he had used to smack her bottom with dangled loosely at his sides. He Changdi made a grasping motion with his hand. It was almost like he could still feel the memory of that soft, plush feeling against his palm. He couldn’t help but absentmindedly wonder, 'Why was that so soft...'

Chu Lian didn't agree. When she finally regained her senses, she was about to explode.

Her previously stiff body seemed to be filled with strength now that her wits had returned. This time, she put all her energy into struggling as she shouted, "You shameless man! How could you do that?"

When He Sanlang saw that she was struggling even more than before, he began to feel the inklings of a headache coming on. However, all he could do was continue threatening her with an icy expression. "Was that one smack not enough? I won't mind being even more shameless."

Chu Lian froze. Like a deflating balloon, her body softened and she flopped obediently against He Changdi's back.

She bit her lip and stopped struggling without saying another word.

Since she was being carried on He Changdi's shoulder, he couldn't see her expression at all. The watery tears and redness in Chu Lian's almond-shaped eyes went completely unnoticed.

When he saw how effective his threat had been on her, He Sanlang relaxed and continued striding towards the cave with Chu Lian still slung over his shoulder.

He felt terrible all over, and the high fever hadn't subsided fully, either. By the time he reached the cave and set Chu Lian down, his inner layer of clothing was completely soaked in cold sweat. As he panted and tried to catch his breath, his gaze landed on Chu Lian. She had hidden in a corner and was silently hugging her knees to herself. When he looked a little closer, a sudden realisation struck him like a lightning bolt.

Chu Lian had remained silent all the rest of the way back; he hadn't expected her to be crying.

The corners of her eyes were red, along with the tip of her nose. Her almond-shaped eyes were all watery and it was clear she hadn't been able to hold back her tears.

Chu Lian turned her head away, refusing to look at him. Her eyes were fixed on a pile of dried grass in the cave.

He Sanlang had calmed down more by now. He was starting to regret his rash actions from earlier. However, even though he wanted to explain things to Chu Lian and possibly reveal his identity, she refused to look at him. It was a little discouraging.

He Changdi stood awkwardly to one side with his tall figure. The look he directed towards Chu Lian was complex. He tried opening his mouth to speak, but nothing came out- not even the spittle of a clumsy explanation. Finally, he just tossed some words at her. "Don't go anywhere, the mountain forest isn't a safe place. Rest here for a while, I'll go and look for something to eat."

With that, He Sanlang turned and left the cave.

It was only after the bearded man had finally disappeared that Chu Lian dared to look up towards the cave entrance. The beardy had just been too scary earlier.

Now that it was just her alone in the cave, Chu Lian finally calmed down.

She furiously rubbed at the tear tracks near the corners of her eyes. In her heart, she gave herself a warning. She couldn't get too close to this beardy, but she couldn't abandon him either. Her impulsive actions today had netted her a warning. Furthermore, this forest was full of hidden dangers. If she wanted to get out, she would still have to depend on that beardy.

After an hour or so had passed, Chu Lian heard the sound of footsteps coming from the direction of the cave entrance. She peeked over and caught sight of that familiar tall figure.

Chu Lian took a deep breath to remind herself to keep calm.

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