Chapter 296: Shameless Man (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 296: Shameless Man (2)

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Chu Lian wasn't the kind to give in to pressure, and she was both stubborn and proud to the bone.

As the saying went, you can change mountains and rivers, but not a person's nature. If He Sanlang talked to her nicely, she wasn't an unreasonable person. However, the more someone provoked her, the more stubborn she became.

When she looked up and saw the man standing there,  arms crossed like his word was the law, her temper flared up!

Was there really no other way to get back to the cave than let him carry her? Be carried by this arrogant man? She refused. Chu Lian just wouldn’t accept his help today.

She puffed up her cheeks and said, "I'll let the wild beasts have me, then!"

He Sanlang's eyes lit up with flames when he heard her reply.

If this was one of his subordinates back in camp, he would have kicked them by now. Unfortunately, the person stoking his rage was Chu Lian!

He had originally intended to lessen her suffering wherever he could. However, this stupid woman was scorning his kindness and choosing to suffer instead.

The depths of He Changdi's eyes darkened. The words that came out of his mouth were like daggers as he laughed mockingly. "You keep bringing up the distance that men and women should keep, but don't you think it's a little late? We've already spent the night together! Don't forget where you woke up this morning."

Chu Lian hadn't thought that this beardy would talk so brazenly in front of her. Her anger reached its peak. Without thinking twice about it, she shouted, "I thought He Sanlang was already shameless and cold enough! You... you're even more shameless than he is!"

Upon coming to her senses, Chu Lian was flooded with regret.

What was going on with her? Why was her temper flaring up so much when around this beardy? She had even spoken before thinking. Where had her calm composure gone?

They were all alone out here in the wilderness. If he had any untoward intentions, she was going to be the losing party. Furthermore, her leg was already injured. She was like a fish on a chopping block!

Buried in her upset reflection, Chu Lian didn't dare look up at the beardy's expression.

Her lips parted with the desire to apologise, but in the next second, she felt herself getting picked up and thrown across broad shoulders.

The movement was too sudden. By the time she could react, her body was already on his shoulders. She could feel a strain in her abdomen, and it was even more uncomfortable for her dangling head.

One of his arms wrapped around the back of her knees while another hand held onto her ankles. He warned her coolly, "Don't move, or I'll throw you off."

Since she was being hung upside down, Chu Lian's originally fair face was now red from all the blood rushing to her head. Even her ears were all red.

She hit his back with her fists in shame and frustration. "You... Set me down right now! You're being inappropriate! If... If my husband finds out, he'll chop off your arms and legs!"

Chu Lian's tiny punches were like tickles to the slender, sturdy He Sanlang. He snorted, "You don't have any principles, do you? Weren't you just insulting your husband for being shameless and cold?"

Chu Lian was left speechless by his words. She could only retort by struggling even more in his grasp.

He Changdi had reached the limits of his patience. This wicked woman just liked to stir up trouble. He had thrown her onto his back in a moment of impulse. However, he was still feeling rather angry. So that was what she really thought of him, was it?

Shameless? Cold? Heh! Fine! How could he compare to that warm and romantic Xiao Wujing after all?

She probably didn't know that he was the very person that she just insulted!

He Changdi was feeling extremely vexed thanks to Chu Lian's punches and kicks. The poison was still circulating in his body, so he wasn't feeling all too well, either.

Chu Lian was his wife. He could do whatever he wanted to her without impunity!

As his irritation with her increased, He Sanlang gripped her legs with one arm, freeing his other hand. A loud smack resounded as his palm landed on Chu Lian's soft, plush bottom...

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