Chapter 295: Shameless Man (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 295: Shameless Man (1)

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Chu Lian had been scared stiff thanks to the initial anger in the bearded man's shout. This time, she really did keep completely still, not daring to move a single inch. However, in the next second, Chu Lian realised that there was another layer behind the beardy’s cold words- hidden beneath the anger was a sense of concern for her wellbeing.

She blinked at him with wide, innocent eyes. Chu Lian wasn't a person who didn't appreciate kindness. Since someone else had already taken the initiative to help her, she wasn't going to reject his help. If she really rejected his help again, she wouldn't just be stupid, she would be courting death!

Right now, the two of them were so close that Chu Lian could see each individual eyelash on his eyes.

What did a man need such long and lovely eyelashes for?

Although half of his face had been obscured by his beard, she could still tell that underneath all that hair, his features were quite fine. His side profile was especially beautiful with his tall nose bridge, long and narrow eyes, and slightly pale lips.

Chu Lian's interest in seeing what he looked like under that beard was growing.

After He Sanlang had stopped Chu Lian from moving, he bent down and used both of his hands to pull open the steel trap before carefully lifting her thin ankle out of the cold metal jaws.

Without any particular expression on his face, He Sanlang asked, "So why aren't you talking about keeping a distance between men and women now?"

The tiny bit of goodwill that he had accumulated in Chu Lian's heart after handling her injured ankle so gently was completely swept away by that one question.

Chu Lian's face was flushed red with anger. However, she couldn't scold him, either, since she had been in the wrong for being too stubborn earlier. On the other hand, if this beardy hadn't provoked her with his cold words, how could she have acted so rashly?

He Changdi watched as the wicked woman's cheeks turned pink with frustration and her originally wide eyes turned watery, making her look like a little fawn that needed reassurance. She was surely hopping mad within, but she couldn't find any excuse to vent it out on him. The thought soothed the frustrations in his heart, making his icy expression warm up a little.

As He Sanlang continued looking at Chu Lian, who was squatting on a dry log, she pouted and turned her head away, intent on sulking. His eyes landed on her injured ankle once again. He hesitated for a moment before squatting down and turning his back to her.

When Chu Lian caught sight of his strange action, she immediately grew alert. "What are you doing!"

He Sanlang swept a profound gaze over her before stating, "Get on."

Get on? On what?

It was only when Chu Lian looked at his broad back that she finally realised what he wanted. Was he going to piggyback her all the way back?

The fading blush on her cheeks was reignited once again. This wasn't much back in the modern world; it would just be seen as a kind and helpful gesture. However, she was in the Great Wu Dynasty right now! The most intimate action she had shared with her husband, He Sanlang, had just been to sleep in the same bed. That had been with separate blankets, too!

How could she crawl onto a stranger's back just like that? And... and this beardy kept a gloomy expression on all day. He probably wasn't a nice guy at all. He might even be harbouring some bad intentions!

Chu Lian remained silent, intending for a soundless protest.

He Changdi's brows furrowed. Clearly unhappy, he said, "So you don't want me to carry you? Are you going to walk all the way back yourself?"

After he finished speaking, he stood up and loomed over Chu Lian with his height.

Chu Lian felt really embarrassed. Every time this beardy opened his mouth, he never failed to aggravate her! She was going to curse this stupid man to a lifetime of solitude!

Chu Lian tried to stand up by herself, but her ankle injury was too severe. She began to teeter and instantly fell back down. Chu Lian was on the verge of tears. She couldn't put any weight on her right leg.

"Do you still want to go back on your own in this condition?" He Sanlang snorted. "You have two choices. Either stay here to feed the wild beasts, or let me carry you back obediently."

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