Chapter 291: A Familiar Voice (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 291: A Familiar Voice (1)

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When Chu Lian saw that the man before her was just staring at her in complete silence, she thought that she hadn't made herself clear.

She pressed her dry lips together and put a little more thought into her words. Then, she said, "Mister, I have to be frank with you. I'm already married."

The undercurrent of her words was that, even if he had feelings towards her, he should give them up and keep his distance.

He Sanlang almost puked blood. He was so angry that he felt tendrils of pain stabbing his head. However, after hearing Chu Lian declare her marital status, he was also relieved.

At least this wicked woman still remembered her place and how important her good name and reputation were. She wasn't trying to seduce other men and make a cuckold out of him.

However, before He Sanlang even had the time to relax, Chu Lian's next words gave him the urge to strangle her.

Chu Lian had carefully observed the man's expression before continuing to speak.

She coughed gently to dispel the awkward atmosphere.

"I'm very grateful that you saved me under those circumstances. Judging by the look of your armour, you must be one of the soldiers in the Liangzhou border troops? My husband's also in the same army. He might even be your superior! And with that weird temperament of his, if he finds out that you’ve taken advantage of me, he might even decide to cut your hands off!"

He Changdi sneered inwardly and added his own line at the end. If someone really dared to touch Chu Lian, he wouldn't just stop at chopping off the adulterer's hands. His gaze turned cold when it landed on Chu Lian's own soft, white hands, which were tightly clenched in her clothes.

His half-lidded eyes concealed his cold expression from Chu Lian's notice. She thought that she had successfully reminded the man of the stakes and huffed a little in relief.

"Actually, I don't blame you at all. This cave is cold and chilly and you were both poisoned and injured yesterday. You had a high fever, too, so it's understandable that you did something like that. Since you were so kind-hearted as to save a stranger you had never met before, I'm sure your character is trustworthy. However, there aren't that many good people in the world, and mouths talk. But since we're the only ones who know about us spending the night together, as long as you don't say anything after we leave this place, then my good name will be safe.

"It's not easy to be a woman. You surely have a few sisters or a mother yourself, don’t you? Surely you can sympathise with my plight?"

When she finished speaking, Chu Lian stared at him innocently with her pair of big, almond-shaped eyes.

As if she would keep staring at him for all eternity if the man before her didn't agree.

He Sanlang's expression was already dark. He was close to choking on his anger and had the urge to discipline her. However, when she looked at him with those puppy eyes, his heart couldn't help but soften.

Even so, he did have quite a bit of anger left in him still. He had risked his life to save her, but she hadn't recognised him as her husband at all. Any other man in his position would feel the exact same way!

He Sanlang was on the verge of falling into depression. He didn't want to reveal his identity immediately. He wanted to see what other outrageous words would come out of this wife of his- and exactly how long it would take her to catch on. How long would it take for Chu Lian to realise his true identity?

A mischievous sort of anticipation bubbled up in his heart. He wondered what expression Chu Lian would have when she finally realised that strange, savage husband she was speaking of was right in front of her.

He Sanlang suppressed his resentment and managed to keep the twitching of his lips under control. He slightly nodded.

When Chu Lian saw that he had agreed to her request, she heaved a long sigh of relief. She stood up and straightened out the cloak on the floor before saying, "Of course, I won't forget the debt I owe you for saving my life. From now on, if you meet any difficulty, you can come and look for me. I'll do my best as long as it's something within my capabilities."

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