Chapter 29: An Awkward Misunderstanding (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 29: An Awkward Misunderstanding (1)

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He Changdi went completely still thanks to Chu Lian's actions. He stared at her with a dark expression on his face.

He was absolutely certain that this young, beautiful wife before him was the same Chu Lian from his previous life, because they looked exactly the same. However, why was there such a difference in their personalities?!

The wicked woman 'Chu Lian' from his previous life would never have come this close to him. If she had to choose between him and Xiao Bojian, she would have picked Xiao Bojian without any hesitation.

However, if she wasn't 'Chu Lian' from his previous life, why would she meet in secret with Xiao Bojian?

The more He Sanlang pondered, the darker the look in his eyes. Finally, he inwardly shook his head and laughed at himself. Of course she was the same wicked woman as before; she simply learned how to hide her true self better this time.

Chu Lian noticed the sudden change in He Sanlang's face, so she stopped trying to tease him and sat properly by his side.

He Changdi brushed away some non-existent dirt on his clothes. Then, intending to ridicule her, he said, "It's only been three days since we've gotten married. Who would have known that my dear wife had someone else in her thoughts this whole time?"

Chu Lian frowned as she turned to look at He Sanlang. "My dear husband, what are you talking about? I can't seem to understand you."

"Hmph. I didn't realise that you'd gotten better at acting. Chu Lian, let's see how long you'll keep this up for!"

Right after he finished speaking, He Sanlang sat in the corner with his eyes closed, clearly ignoring Chu Lian.

He treated the pretty little wife by his side as if she was made of air.

Chu Lian didn't bother herself with him. He Sanlang obviously had a huge bias against her. Trying to make nice with him now would only cause the opposite effect. Why not simply ignore him and take a break? She was pretty tired from spending the whole day making conversation with the womenfolk of House Ying, after all.

Chu Lian sunk into silence, but the rage in He Changdi's heart only grew.

He sneered in his heart. Heh! As expected, although she had been acting as if she didn't care, she was still thinking about Xiao Wujing in her heart!

Let's see how long you can keep pretending!

Sooner or later, the day will come when Xiao Wujing falls into his hands. By then, he'd like to see if Chu Lian could still remain calm!

Chu Lian wasn't thinking as deeply as he was. She had been completely tired out by the visit today. The carriage rode stably over the broad, paved roads. The gentle shaking lulled Chu Lian to sleep in no time at all.

He Sanlang had his eyes closed as he mulled over things in his head. Suddenly, something heavy fell onto his shoulder and he could feel slow, regular breaths blowing against his neck. He immediately froze. Upon opening his eyes, he cast a deep, darkened gaze downward, only to see Chu Lian sleeping defenselessly on his shoulder.

The woman by his side had a serene expression on in her sleep, her lips slightly tilted upwards. She looked like a defenseless child.

If he hadn't seen how ruthless she could be in his previous life, he might have thought that she could be a good wife to him!

As his thoughts ran back to the various events that had happened in the past, the calm and gentle expression on He Sanlang's face disappeared in a flash. He tried to shuffle away in disdain, but Chu Lian was like jelly, clinging onto him.

He Changdi couldn't bear with it any longer and reached out to push at her.

After Chu Lian's head was pushed away, she frowned in dissatisfaction and mumbled something he couldn't make out before rolling back onto He Sanlang's body. His mouth twitched and he quickly dodged her. This time, Chu Lian didn't land on his shoulder; instead, her head fell onto his thigh.

He Sanlang was completely speechless towards this woman.

She managed to sleep through all of that like a dead pig, so why couldn't she just sleep herself to death?

This time, He Sanlang was too lazy to bother with her.

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