Chapter 284: Help (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 284: Help (2)

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With the help of the men that He Changdi had brought, the daring barbarian attackers were quickly captured. It was only when the grave-looking Mo Chenggui had come over to ask Wenqing about the situation that he found out He Changdi had chased after Chu Lian alone.

Mo Chenggui quickly gathered a group of men to chase in the direction that He Sanlang had gone.

By the time he realised that he was already on horseback and racing away, He Changdi wasn't sure what he was thinking.

He was in disbelief with himself. He clearly hated that woman since she had caused his terrible fate in his past life. Now that he had reincarnated, he should be skinning her alive and torturing her for revenge. When had his feelings towards her started to change?!

As the cold winds howled in his ears, He Changdi's heart was a mess. He had just realised that he couldn't put a name to his feelings towards Chu Lian in this life. However, one thing was clear. At this extremely critical juncture, he didn't want anything to happen to her, at least not now.

When He Changdi came across the gravely injured Wenlan with a dead Tuhun next to her, his expression turned even gloomier.

He asked Wenlan about Chu Lian's whereabouts. He only had enough time to throw a bottle of wound salve to Wenlan before racing off again.

The Tuhuns!

He Changdi's eyes turned into black holes of loathing. He gritted his teeth, feeling the urge to tear apart every single Tuhun he could find!

He harrumphed in his heart. Hadn't that wicked woman been full of tricks in his past life? She would get things done by hook or by crook and her thoughts had been so orderly and refined. In his past life, she had driven him to such a terrible fate. How had she turned into such a weakling in this life? She was actually getting chased to death by the Tuhuns!

Hmph! Useless!

While He Changdi was complaining inwardly, it was only a deeply buried and undiscovered part of his psyche that realised his complaints were meant to reassure himself.

It was as if remembering how wily and vicious Chu Lian was would mean that she would turn out perfectly fine while being chased by those Tuhuns. Weren't troublemakers supposed to have an extensive lifespan? What was getting chased by two measly Tuhuns in the grand scheme of things? She was definitely going to be alright.

He Changdi gripped his reins even tighter and whipped his horse forward. Even though He Sanlang normally loved horses, in the current circumstances, he couldn't care about his own precious steed.

He followed the hoofprints left by the Tuhuns and finally caught sight of them ahead.

As he chased from behind, He Changdi saw that there was a red chestnut horse galloping wildly in front of them. A small figure was sprawled over its back.

The worries in his heart lifted the moment his eyes finally landed on Chu Lian. As expected, this wicked woman was a scourge on the earth. How could something happen to her so easily?

However, his heart jumped back into his throat as he watched one of the Tuhuns aim his bow at Chu Lian's back.

He Changdi's pupils shrank as his arms moved faster than his thoughts. He took up his red-tasselled spear and threw it like a javelin.

In the next instant, he could hear a Tuhun’s scream. He Changdi watched as the arms carrying the bow lost their strength, the bow dropping to the Tuhun’s side, the arrow falling over the horse’s side to somewhere on the ground, lost for good.

For some reason, when He Sanlang thought of how that sharp arrow could have pierced Chu Lian's slender back and draw her crimson blood, his calm facade threatened to break into pieces.

The injured Tuhun clung to his horse with the red-tasselled spear lodged into his right shoulder. The tip of the spear had gone right through, poking out from his front and dying the fur there red.

However, other than the initial cry of pain, the injured Tuhun was now silent. Even though his face was deathly pale and covered in cold sweat, he didn't make another sound. He simply laid on his horse's back, keeping tense as he turned a hate-filled gaze onto He Changdi, who had come up behind him in pursuit.

He Sanlang's brows drew together. Judging by his abnormal endurance, this Tuhun probably wasn't a normal soldier!

With this discovery, He Changdi didn't dare to be careless. He drew the sword at his waist and charged forward.

The Tuhun clearly didn't dare to underestimate He Changdi. Going by the armour he was wearing, the Tuhun had more or less guessed that he was one of the Great Wu's high-ranking military officers.

The other Tuhun also drew his longbow and shot at He Changdi.

Horsemanship and archery were the Tuhuns' forte. Their warriors were all expert marksmen who could shoot a target with perfect accuracy.

The Tuhun fired off seven or eight shots. As skilled as He Changdi was, and despite his harsh training in this lifetime as well as his daily training in the army, he couldn't dodge all the shots at such close range.

Clinking sounds marked the number of times the longsword clashed with the arrows in midair. Although not a single one of the arrows injured He Changdi gravely, his sword couldn’t quite block all of them and he couldn't avoid getting a small scratch.

The two Tuhuns hadn't expected He Changdi to be so hard to deal with. When they saw that He Changdi was getting closer and closer, the two of them exchanged glances and abandoned their chase to split up and flee.

How could He Changdi let them off so easily? With a quick tug of the reins, he started chasing after the Tuhun who had shot at him.

The horse He Changdi was riding was fast; he caught up to that Tuhun in no time. He swung his longsword once, twice, and that barbarian rolled off his horse, already dead, without any time to shout.

When he turned around to chase the Tuhun who had been pierced by his red-tasselled spear, He Changdi suddenly heard Chu Lian's shrill scream.

TL Note: Your bit of gory trivia for the day: those red tassels on He Sanlang's spear aren't just for decoration. They're meant to soak up the enemy's blood so that it doesn't run down the spear and make the spear slippery :x

And here are some pictures to illustrate the battle for you~

[caption id="attachment_86964" align="alignnone" width="344"] He Sanlang with his spear (imagined)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_86965" align="alignnone" width="350"] He Sanlang vs Tuhun warrior[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_86967" align="alignnone" width="323"] Mounted Mongolian archer with longbow[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_86966" align="alignnone" width="300"] Longsword[/caption]

The world of Chinese swords, or Dao, is also pretty fascinating. You can read up on the history of the Dao and their types on the Wikipedia article:

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